Early Deal on NBA 2K14 for 360

Posted October 7th, 2013 at 2:15 pm


As has been the case with other recent sports titles a deal has emerged just days after release of NBA 2K14. Amazon is offering the Xbox 360 version right now for $49. The quantity at this price is likely limited so take advantage ASAP if interested.

This would be of interest especially to those who plan on buying an Xbox One in November. Amazon is offering the trade-in deal of $50 on NBA 2K14 (also Madden NFL 25 and FIFA 14) that could be put towards the Xbox One version. In this scenario it essentially makes the next six weeks with the current-gen version a free rental.

[Update] After being available for $49 most of the day the price has now bounced back to $57. Its worth monitoring over the coming days.

  • jaxcy

    game is bombing like madden so not surprised theyre dropping the price already

    • hungryandrew

      Its doing ok, wouldn’t say bombing. A lot of people are waiting for next gen version.

  • J.R

    Does anyone know if those same deals are available for those that are switching consoles?

    • No, its only Xbox 360 to One. There are no promos for PS3 to PS4 for sports games or for anyone going from one manufacturer to the other.

  • jz

    So dumb you cant buy a 360 copy and upgrade to ps4. I am nt buying any NBA 2k game though until I see how this stats roster updates works. 2k sports rosters are unplayable they are so bad.

  • Jr

    Lmao where is Keith. Funny how he was the first one to post in the article about madden being $35. Lmmfao.