New Trailer for NBA Live 14

Posted October 18th, 2013 at 9:15 am


EA Sports has released an extended gameplay trailer for NBA Live 14. When the company promised 5-on-5 footage for today, and released a short video clip as a teaser, the implication was that it would be actual gameplay footage. They certainly needed to come with something fairly significant after the horrible reception that clip received. Instead they send out a flashy trailer on the heels of the competition’s far more impressive one that offers little of value considering what has already been seen.

There definitely appears to be more influence from NBA Live 10 than the previous two attempts at basketball games that got cancelled. If four years hadn’t passed and a whole new console generation arrived that would have been more encouraging to discover. Continue on to check out the trailer and leave your thoughts in the comments! 

  • BestGuest

    Man this site sux. You post anything real, or question Pasta Madres thinking.. and your comment never shows up.. This site was cool, ive come here for years for latest Sports games news.. and Pasta USED to stay neutral.. But now ol Keith called him on staying neutral and now has to side with LOUD CROWD.. Cant beat em.. Join Em Eh??? You deliver news.. not fan comment fights.. Turd

    • No comments have been deleted today, so I’m not sure what you’re referring to.

      • Real Talk

        That is true, I will give you credit that you allow free flow of debate and derision on this site, even when it is directed at YOU. However what best guest is referring to, if I may BEST GUEST, is that you were once a purveyor and distributor of all that was sports gaming news. You offered us a place where we could get consolidated information about the games we liked, honest and thoughtful analysis by yourself and spirited debate amongst your readership. What we have now is but a shell of its former self. You have succumbed to the cesspool that is your readership and you are not the same person you once were. You come off as bitter in most of your reviews and you play to “The Loud Crowd” as Best Guest so beautifully put it. You really have lost credibility now and you just seem like you are going through the motions and collecting your revenue money. You seem disinterested when you are doing the podcasts and you rarely offer anything in way of insightful analysis. Basically Grisham has to drag your ass along each week. Don’t really know what happened to you Pasta. Maybe you are growing tired of this Bullshit and you want to pursue a real occupation. Anyways anything worth doing is worth doing well so if your heart aint in it, then perhaps you should move on. OS has got this.

        • Iown You

          What a load of horse manure, and the fact that you would consider the hellpit of OS a viable alternative speaks volumes about your lack of judgement.

          The fact that Pasta even allowed that garbage to post proves how real he is. You’re just another carnival barker who belongs at OS instead of a place like this.

  • Scott H.

    While I’ll admit 2K’s trailer looks better, this is not bad. I’m looking forward to BOTH games because I’m a basketball fan first and foremost, and I think it’s good to have two NBA games to try out this year. Give Live a chance people. Let’s see how the game plays before we crucify it.

  • Victor Sibley

    after live 95 this game has not improved at all its has gotten worse.

  • TIMtationX

    To people that keep saying graphics aren’t everything, you’re exactly right. But when your next gen game looks like it could’ve easily been on PS3 or 360, people are going to point that out. If that makes me a “graphics whore”, then so be it. NBA 2K14 should not look THAT much better than Live 14 when they are both PS4/Xbox One games, but it does…..

  • Details

    Why can’t I expect greatness? That’s the problem. The bar is set so low for Live that decent is all people expect from it smh. Well guess what? EA did it to themselves! People keep saying Live just needs to come out & be decent but that’s not good enough anymore. Maybe back in 2010 but not now. Yeah I know they haven’t put out a game in 4 years but they’ve had all that time to work on the game. To make matters worse, it’s not like they’ve had to deal with yearly cycles or work on a current gen version smh. I’m sorry but I choose to spend my hard earned money on quality. I don’t think it’s unfair to expect Live to be great on Next Gen. We shouldn’t take it easy on EA if they don’t have what it takes. To each’s own at the end of the day.

    • daley7199

      Have you ever created anything in your life Details? Perhaps in there lies the answer to your question.

      • Details

        Sure I have Daley but that’s not the point lol. I’m not a game developer nor do I claim to be. Bottom line is that EA doesn’t have what it takes to make a good playing basketball game no matter how you try to slice it. I remember you were all over different forums posting your usual nonsense about Live when Elite was supposed to drop & look how that turned out lmao. Have you ever played real basketball a day in your life Daley? I doubt it. Can you honestly look at this footage & say it looks Next Gen? If so then you’re lying to yourself only because you want Live to be good so bad that you’ll go to any extreme smh. Face it Daley you have no credibility. You’re the laughingstock of the community lol. Have fun with Live though!

    • Juukbox

      You can’t expect greatness from a product that hasn’t shown any glimpse of it. I’m not asking you to take it easy at all. Not one person took it easy on Elite 11 or Live 13. All I’m asking is that you keep an open mind about it. While 2K has a solid foundation to it, Live hasn’t been around in 4 years & doesn’t have much to go on as far as current gen. To expect greatness from them at this point would be a little unrealistic.

      • Details

        I hear what you’re saying but again I disagree. I don’t think it’s unrealistic at all. I guess we just have two different ways of looking at it. You’re saying they haven’t had a solid foundation or put a game out in years & I get that. I’m saying that they’ve had more than enough time to build a solid foundation & this is Next Gen we’re talkin about here. That stuff just isn’t gonna fly on Next Gen. It might of 5 years ago but not now. Games across the board are going to be expected to take it to the next level so therefore I expect more than just decent this time around. I expect all games to step it up not just Live & if they don’t then they won’t be getting my money. If more gamers had this attitude & quit settling for mediocre then that would force these companies to put up or shut up. So that’s why I say I expect greatness.


    To this point, every sports game they’ve shown on the gen looks terrible in actual gameplay. I’m guessing 2k is trying to hold out on showing its gameplay vid.


    I want to see how 2k looks with actual gameplay footage. It’s funny…….they haven’t showed any gameplay footage either while you 2k fan boys are tripping.

  • Dre

    In my opinion ,One thing that 2k has always had over Live is that the actual player model is larger, which makes it look less cartoony and gives it more life. Its hard to have small player models and also a broadcast camera. Its just not a good combo that live is using .

  • Nathan Shane Long

    That is all 2K can do is spend all it’s money on overwhelming and over exaggerated graphics but yet can’t fix it’s bugs and glitches that have plagued the series the past three years it’s no question which NBA game has represented the essence of basketball culture that being NBA LIVE it’s no question that 2K has sold out to the mainstream just by putting Robin Thicke Daft Punk Phil Collins on their soundtrack while Live 14 has Action Bronson Pusha T Run The Jewels real music that embodies basketball culture OH YEAH BY THE WAY PASTA YOUR 2K BIAS AND FANBOYISM THAT YOU DISPLAY IS DISGRACEFUL

    • Sokrates505

      So True !!!

  • Lucas

    It’s never too late. Times are always changing. New consumer will come and replace old ones. NBA Live used to be great, but was dethrone by 2K. In a few years, with the competitive nature of the market, that can change again. Competition is’s what best for the consumer. As a consumer it’s never good to wish the death of a competitor. That’s when things get stale, which is what I feel have happen to games like Madden and 2K.

  • cabrillo24

    2K14 without a doubt IMO will be the better game, but I believe that NBA Live has a good foundation set and hopefully the series won’t get canned, because I believe in 2-3 years they can continue to improve other aspects of the game. My personal belief is that this series will become canned because sales won’t be that great and EA will cut their losses.

    1. 2K Sports has too big of a following, has brand recognition
    2. 2K Sports has gone without a competitor in 4 years in the basketball arena
    3. Lebron James on the cover, after winning his second NBA championship after the roller coaster of an NBA finals and being the best player in the league will garner more attention than Kyrie Irving.
    4. NBA Live not being a launch day game for the PS4

  • Jay (The Truth)

    I think the biggest mistake EA made in all of this was a messaging/marketing one. Live 14 should’ve been advertised as a multi year life support project to get the franchise back. Something along the lines of a kickstarter approach (Obviously not in terms of funding) in terms of a grass roots project taking multiple years to transition to a full $60 retail product competing with 2K. Would’ve helped curb people’s expectations for what it’d be this year.

  • HeatFan441

    Wow, I didn’t know NBA Live is NBA Nickelodeon 14?

  • DaReal

    Graphics yeah 2k wins it for sure but gameplay wise? we don’t know yet as of now. Graphics is not everything, what’s important is the user is in full control with all the players movements not solely based on animations. So, we will see how this plays out. Gameplay is the most important criteria for me, in my opinion.

    • Keith.

      Usually the company that puts out the best graphics is also more than capable of putting out the best gameplay (see The Show and NBA2k).

      And in the history of sports games, when you’re talking about games with supposed great gameplay but lousy graphics, like High Heat Baseball, they don’t stick around.

  • daley7199

    There is one key FACT that most of you don’t seem to get. Its not about what the majority thinks is the best game, its about what the individual thinks about the game. Reviewing VG Chartz to see just how many copies of Live 10 that were sold back when it released. Globally it sold roughly 1 million copies. 2k13 last year globally sold about 5 million copies. You do the math. There is no question that there are more 2k fans than live fans but don’t get it twisted. Live fans are a plenty and we will be getting this game. Really don’t get why 2k fans give a shit about live any way. You weren’t getting the game then and your not getting the game now. Perhaps your worried that since EA is in fact back that your stale and unimproved 2k game engine might signal problems down the line. Perhaps 2k fans recognizes the threat EA poses upon 2k. You know it was EA that put to bed the NHL2k series. It was EA that ended NFL2k. Perhaps you see the writing on the wall. EA IS gunning for you NBA2k. Its not going to happen overnight, but we all have seen what EA can do. If I were a 2kfan I would be worried about 2k still running a canned animation game engine. Even the mighty Roman Empire fell. Unfortunately 2k can buy its way to stay alive like EA can with the Madden Series.

    • TIMtationX

      Yeah, EA didn’t end NFL 2K, the NFL did… Get the facts straight.

    • Efrem Shakur

      lol NHL? who cares? Even ESPN doesn’t care about NHL. & EA was shady and got exclusive licencing deal with NFL, so I would hope you would have more integrity of spreading the correct information. EA didn’t end NFL 2k using the free market as the way you are trying to get people to think but NBA 2k did use the free market and ended nba live for 3yrs.
      SIDE NOTE:
      Da_Czar via Twitter:@Da_Czar: If dudes is this hyped off just looking at the game. When y’all hear the features etc it’s pretty much a done deal. 10/17/13

      @Da_Czar: I have been asked a couple times. Yes the game actually looks like that while playing. Obviously on broadcast your further away. 10/18/13

      • KMillsZ19o

        I think Czar deleted that comment about the game actually looking the way it looks graphically cause I don’t see it on his twitter page

    • KMillsZ19o

      Yeah you are in-Correct Ea didn’t end the NFL2K series The NFL did. By them giving exclusive rights to EA to make football games is the reason the series was canned & doing so we see the poor results over the years the Madden franchise speaks for itself

  • daley7199

    Well if not that then what is?

  • Efrem Shakur

    Will 2k14 on next gen be 1080p 60fps?