EA Sports Ends Relationship With Tiger Woods; First Next-Gen PGA Tour Screenshot

Posted October 28th, 2013 at 2:15 pm


EA Sports today announced that their relationship with Tiger Woods is coming to an end. The next golf game from the company, scheduled for 2015 on the Xbox One and PS4, will not carry his name or have him involved in the marketing of the product.

Accompanying that big news is the first next-gen screenshot from what may simply be called EA Sports PGA Tour 16. Check it out in full resolution here. No further details on the game or move away from Woods has been provided.

Earlier this year EA decided to take a year off from the series in an attempt to debut in a strong fashion on next-gen. Ever since the scandal with Woods broke late 2009 signs of a move apart for both parties have been numerous and it’s somewhat surprising it took this long. Sales were dramatically impacted and his slipping significance in the golf world became a factor.

  • Roger Santini

    EA Sports has never officially announced they aren’t making a golf game next year. That Kotaku report is just a report, there is no official announcement from EA SPORTS.. I think you should contact EA for an official statement or at least source EA proper when you state those things.

    • EA won’t comment…its not like no one has tried to get official word. They have no reason to confirm there will be no game next year because in their minds it could hurt the current product that is out. They announce stuff like that at their quarterly financial meetings. You can be sure if it wasn’t true though they would have shot it down immediately.

    • Keith.

      Have you been to the official EA TW forum? The devs stopped posting months ago, and even the mods have thrown up their hands at this point.


  • timschel

    It’ll be the same stale game but at least it will cost less to make.

  • Keith.

    Someone at OS posted the vgchartz link showing this series has dropped from sales of 3.3 million in 2009 to around 300,000 total this year, so no surprise Tiger’s getting cut. I am a little surprised they’re continuing with a golf game at all. I know a lot of frustrated loyal customers have been posting on EA’s TW forum that they’ll never buy another EA golf game again, after what they went through this year.

    On a related note, can’t wait to hear EA and TTWO talk sales numbers/estimates during their quarterly calls tomorrow. Fun stuff.

    • fantasyboi

      u kno Kruk has them connections!

      • Keith.

        You do realize you don’t need any “connections” to listen, don’t you?

        • fantasyboi

          stop being modest Kruk…..everyone knows u dont like to gloat bout ur 300 career avg

  • Jet

    That’s a shame I was thinking of buying my first golf game EVER.

  • Details

    Man sports games are dropping like flies these days. With the increase in development cost Next Gen I only expect it to get worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if EA cans this game too.

    • Jay (The Truth)

      FPS (CoD most notably) swallowed up the casual consumer that invested in all other game genre’s in generations prior. Has made a huge difference and cut a significant portion of the marketplace for sports games, fighting games, RPG’s etc. My hope is that this shift will force a change in business model.


    First of all, ESPN needs to call you for interviews instead of the bonehead Kris Graft. Second, this is a great example of why sports titles should come out every two or three years with roster updates in-between. EA could stagger Madden and FIFA together, both would sell well either way. And then Golf and Hockey and other misc sports games the next year. I don’t see NBA Live lasting past the next two years.

  • GolfNinja

    Haha. Slipping in significance in the golf world? You don’t golf I presume. I’ve been visiting this site for a while now and that def goes down as the dumbest thing you’ve ever said. He won five times this year and was the player of the year. Oh and guess who the #1 player in the world is?? Pretty sure this move has nothing to do with his “slip in significance”.

    • jakej

      He hasnt won a major since 2008.

  • Skihawks

    Alligators making it in the next gen game? Sweet!

    I like they are going back to PGA Tour Golf. I enjoyed TW 12 but focusing the game around one player hurts the product. Bring in more classic players.

  • Dubnation

    This will just give tiger another excuse to drop a few more F bombs. Shame he wont be miked up this time haha

  • Thrash13

    I’m just happy EA Sports has decided to do another golf game, and I’m happy they will be focusing on the next-gen systems with their next iteration in the series. I honestly didn’t know if we would get a new golf game or not, so I’m happy we got some news. It stinks Tiger won’t be in the game because he’s still the biggest draw and best player in the sport, but hopefully they will use this opportunity to get even more pros with the money they usually pay Tiger. They stated with the last game they are trying to get in as many PGA Tour events as possible, so I’m hoping they continue to move in that direction.