Buy Two Get One Free Amazon Deal Going Live for PS4 Games

Posted November 12th, 2013 at 8:30 am


Amazon is holding a buy two PS4 games get one free promotion from 9AM PT to 1PM PT. Anyone who had pre-ordered PlayStation 4 games prior to Sunday should have received a code already (or within the next few days if it has yet to arrive) to take advantage of the deal. However for those that are still looking to acquire games for launch this window will allow for it. Keep in mind that supply could run out quickly for some of the more popular games.

Eligible titles include Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, NBA 2K14, Need for Speed RivalsAssassins Creed IV: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, and Lego Marvel. After placing three games in your cart use code GR8TNESS at checkout.

For those who miss out on the Amazon deal Target is also offering the promotion which will run through Saturday in stores.

  • Drakub

    I ordered mine but it says NBA2K14 is out of stock. Anyone else get that?

    • Never has been clear what the deal with 2K14 is. Amazon hasn’t at any point had a concrete release date in for it.

      • Drakub

        I just hope to get it on the 15th with my PS4!

      • NinoMarley

        Yea i didn’t get that either becasue 12pm on the dot i completed my order it was out.. games i grabbed Fifa 14, NBA2k14, BF4

      • brza

        2k14 says “item will be released on November 15,” Madden out of stock. Assassin’s Creed in stock but takes longer to ship for some reason. Estimated delivery even with 2 day shipping is Nov. 18th.

      • lonnie

        just got an email from amazon saying my 2k14 will ship on dec 26..ugg! I can’t wait that long, thinking the stores will have it before than, wonder if I can cancel just that game and pick another or cancel the entire order.

      • brza

        Actually all games are out of stock or only available for pre-order now except for CoD, Knack and Just Dance. That was fast.Stuck in traffic and missed out.

      • Rick

        I’ll be honest.. if i can post a picture on here i would.. but i was @ target first thing this morning and saw the “cage” they had all of the ps4 games in. There wasn’t a huge allotment to choose from with their stock. There was at anout 5-6 games available per title. I think the most titles i saw out were of madden seems Ea sent a bout 10 of those.. even when the embargo they had killzone knack and nba 2k read to put out come friday.. 2k only had 3 games in there box .. FYI

        • Nino Marley

          i second that… amazon sent me a email saying Dec 30th for 2k… i love amazon but target was limited but i found the three i was looking for… now i await GR8TNESS! (you guys and girls have until Saturday for that target deal)

      • Drakub

        I hope at some point Amazon will do what they do with movies where if you buy the disc, you can download the movie instantly and watch it until the disc arrives. I’d buy so many games off amazon if I could get an instant rental copy while it ships!

      • Sean Patrick Sinagra

        Hey pasta I conatacted Amazon they said I will receive all my games (Knack Killzone and NBA 2k14) by Friday the 15th. They originally sent an email saying the 14th for Killzone and Knack and the 19th for NBA, but I contacted the support and they confirmed the date for all three to be between 14th and 15th guaranteed

    • jr

      Saw that with madden as well. Maybe both sold out pre orders, I have no clue

    • KMillsZ19o

      I got the same thing but it was slated to say pre-order the other games was just straight add to cart so I think the games should become available at launch

  • Steve

    Just ordered my 3 games and I’m not even getting the PS4 until sometime in mid December. Too good of a deal to pass up though.

  • lonnie

    just ordered battlefield 4 ,fifa 14 and nba 2k14 but bummed out nba214 is out of stock, hope they get it back in stock soon because that’s where ‘ll be spending most of my time. guess I can wait though, I don’t have a ps4 pre-ordered, so I will have the games before the system lol.

  • newt

    I just walked out of target with 3 games for $89. You go grab 4 $1 reserve cards in the game section. Walk up to register and pay for each one as a separate transaction. With one of them youll get a 30% off coupon which you can use with the B2F1 deal and have 3 games for $89. You’re welcome

    • Pacoheadley

      Ah, I didn’t know about the 30% thing, so I paid $120.
      I was going to do Amazon but since some of the games were out of stock I called Target and it turns out they did have 3 of the games I wanted in stock. I got BF4, KZ, and Madden from them, and 2k14 from Gamestop.

  • jr

    Thought I was gonna be able to go ahead and get live as a part of this deal. Went with lego marvel heroes, need for speed rivals and killzone. Wish drive club wasn’t delayed

  • TC

    did mine. two sets. wife ordered the other. yes sir. im ready

  • beedee22

    Is that deal with xb1also?

  • Weekend Roady

    Not too worried about when I receive the games since I’m out of the country when this thing hits stores. I went with FIFA, NBA and KZ. Tempted slightly to get Madden on false hope, but decided not to. KZ is the only non-sports retail game that really seemed to have any next-gen visual punch to it.

    NBA delivery estimate is Nov. 19, FIFA hasn’t shipped yet but still says Nov. 14 and KZ has shipped (from Washington state which is weird since I live in D.C., usually these things ship from Pennsylvania for me).

  • gamerslife

    i just got walmart to price match target ad and got killzone,nba2k14 and madden 25 buy 2 get 1 free… if only thursday night could get here…….

  • Yamaze

    Ordered mine right at the start. Says I will. Have madden and battlefield on Friday, but 2k14 by December 20. Later I got an email say delivery by November 22.