Press Row Hangout: Day One of Xbox One

Posted November 23rd, 2013 at 1:15 pm


It’s the third Press Row Hangout in a week’s time with this episode centered on first day experiences with the Xbox One, differences between the two next-gen console versions of Madden NFL 25 and NBA 2K14, and brief thoughts on the NBA Live 14 news from Friday. Look for the audio to be offered in podcast form within the next few days as well.

As always feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments along with any suggestions on subjects to cover in future podcasts and hangouts!

  • Keith.

    Don’t think it was mentioned during the show, but Remote Play with Vita is a HUGE advantage that PS4 has over the XBone for those of us who are married who spend any kind’ve time on the couch with our wife. Being able to get some time in with NBA2k14 while my wife’s got Dr. Phil playing on the big screen is beyond awesome. Some day, married guys are going to look back and say, how did we ever live without this feature?

    • tony

      LOOOOL you actually own a vita?

      • Keith.

        I do. And by March, when The Show is released, it’s probably going to become my new best friend. No more waiting for a good time to use the TV to play PS4 Show.

        • Iown You

          Sounds like you could use a game room in your house, Keith.

  • Keith.

    If I was single, I’d probably agree with you. But using your example, having NBA2k share the same screen with Dr. Phil via Snap wouldn’t be ideal for me or for my wife. Remote Play with Vita solves that for us married guys.

  • Si1entRaider

    I agree with you Keith. I’m going to pick up a vita ASAP due to this. Snap on Xbone is nice but really splitting one screen with my wife isn’t an option. I’d use it myself for playing a game and watching football maybe ( although I’d much rather use a second screen like an ipad to out the football on)

    When the most popular screen size is 32″ splitting that thing half and half won’t go down well. At least with my wife anyway.

  • Wassupdun

    I used the snap feature this weekend to watch to game and watch TV, phenomenal! The NFL App is serious! Like having a gamecast setting attached to the TV! I’ve had a Vita for the last 2 years, and it basically collects dust if I’m not playing the Show, to be able to play NBA2K14 would be huge!

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