2K Sports Acknowledges NBA 2K14 Crashing Issue; Fix Coming in Future Patch

Posted December 9th, 2013 at 10:30 am


The crashing reported on earlier that is being experienced by many in the PS4 and Xbox One versions of NBA 2K14 will hopefully be fixed in the next patch. 2K Sports finally made a statement on the issue two weeks after the troubles started escalating by commenting to Kotaku and stating they are aware of the problem and are working to fix it.

Yesterday, a 2K Sports representative told Kotaku that they are “currently working to address a known issue that has been impacting MyCareer on next gen consoles. We will be certain to keep the community informed as the fix is implemented.”

Asked if there was any idea when this issue would be fixed, 2K Sports replied only that “we are aware of what’s causing the issue and the top priority is to fix that.”

This knowledge won’t immediately help all those who are currently unable to play the game they paid for – whether that be MyCareer (where the majority of crashes are occurring) or in other modes and gameplay where it has happened for some too. At least now the company is no longer simply ignoring the pleas of those being afflicted by this particular issue and a fix, though it could still be a ways off, appears to be on the horizon.

  • mcjedi

    This is why I’m waiting until next spring to go next gen….too many bugs add up to, too much frustration and not enough enjoyment. Makes no sense to pay out that kind money to have wait for a patch before they get it right. I’m certain the worst will be over come next spring.

    • MoneyMayweather

      yeah lol @ these suckers who got their console early.

      • Mike

        Oh so if you were given a console early you wouldn’t want to play it huh? seems like its more of a money issue and thats just your excuse about bugs…I haven’t had any issues with either console yet…playing killzone, nba, madden, forza and battlefield 4….and there were issues with NBA 2K games in the past on 360 and PS3 that were mid cycle for both consoles…not when they were new…so your point of it being because of Next Gen is a non factor. Its just 2k.

        • Andre’ Mert Taylor

          not a money issue for all just not going to go get something the not doing right. Had the money to pre-order me one but why get it now when my ps3 is doing fine

          • The Great Leon

            I have had no crashes but again I don’t play my career. System as caused no problems for me.

      • DReskonie

        talkin that poor jealous shit

  • Vinnete

    2K is the worst at supporting their games. They do nothing but hype to people before release and then disappear after or talk about irrelevant and pointless stuff so that they dont have to deal with the problems and backlash.

  • kaceGT

    Now to wait for Keith to come in here and say its not a problem because he hasn’t seen it and then list EA’s stock price or something else that has nothing to do with the story.

    • Keith.

      42 games into MyCareer, and not a single crash. Haven’t seen Pasta mention a single crash with his MyCareer either. But I have seen a bunch of complaining from guys (like Khadeem) who don’t even have the game or a PS4/XBone.

      There must be some problem since 2k has acknowledged it. But that doesn’t change the fact that people like to pile on in game forums — that’s just the way it is.

      • http://pastapadre.com/ pastapadre

        There are so many variables involved. For instance, I haven’t bought VC or tried to make purchases to customize my guy with gear and such. It could be related to something like that…which would explain why some people crash and others don’t.

    • IX

      I gotta say, even with a lot people praising 2k and hating on EA, the only time i had Madden crash is when i had the fast resume option beta turned on, on my xbox one, and when i had every score being recorded automatically, since turning those off madden hasnt given me any issues. I wish there were a i could get 2K14, admittedly my favorite game from last gen….to work and be stable.

  • Skopin

    Pasta do you have any info on this: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=731296

    A lot of people are saying that any VC related modes cannot be played without an internet connection. Is this true or possibly just a glitch that came with the patch?

    • http://pastapadre.com/ pastapadre

      I actually posted in that thread.

      I wrote about it shortly after release too. It’s not something new.

      • IX

        Am i just missing something, is there a way to start an offline MyGM or MyCareer that doesnt involve me disconnecting my internet completely from my next gen console. Trying the online version of both of those modes crash for me continuously, MyCareer right after being drafted and MyGm in the middle of the 1st game i play

      • Skopin

        Ah, I thought it was different. I know in 2k13 even if you started your My Career online with VC, you could continue it offline with Skill Points if you didn’t have a connection. You just couldn’t take it back online afterward.

        • Mondo

          Nope It has to be constant connection.

  • Keith (not that one)

    This isn’t a bug…this is DRM…and this is why DRM in console gaming is a bad idea 2K…let us play our game offline, you already have the money…we bought the damn thing.

  • Mike

    I’m on PS4 and haven’t experienced any crashing as of yet. I’ve been playing along in the MyCareer mode using the companion app on my iphone as well to get the extra VC….I got the disc via Amazon the day it released…very strange that only some people are experiencing the issues.

    I wish they would make it possible to save the roster file so it doesn’t have to be downloaded every time…and also my settings…as I change the pro stick to Absolute instead of relative and have to remember to do it each game.

    Other than that I’ve really been enjoying the game, too bad the same cannot be said for others…in my opinion the game is really good, but I guess i’m one of the exceptions since I’m not experiencing the issues others are.

    • Keith.

      Glad to see someone else taking advantage of the free VC from the iPhone app!

      • KMillsZ19o

        that app doesn’t work for me my crap freezes for some reason idk y

  • Dante Winder

    Its funny the people that don’t have a next gen system will say ,”this is why im not getting it”. I remember just about every 2k needing a patch of some sort for it to completely work. Sounds like your trying to make yourself feel better for not having the money or opportunity to have a next gen system. Im pretty sure if you could trade your current gen for next gen, you would in heartbeat

    • fantasyboi

      horribly incorrect. I didn’t and don’t plan on gettin 2k but most ppl (like me) tend to wait til the 4th or 5th waves of a new system because most 1st and 2nd waves of everything have big problems initially. How pissed would u be if u waited in line for hours to have ur system crash after a few or have one of ur brand new games not work? specially if u traded in ur old system, you’d b S.O.L. and might put a controller into a wall

      • Dante Winder

        I get what your saying , I just haven’t ran into as many problems as I’ve seen others have. I am however , still enjoying next gen more then I was current gen.

  • swimfunk

    2k killed the online gamer, its not happening

  • Bowinkle82

    “the park” is literally unplayable. smh

  • Al

    Most broken video game released ever, its a jk how many problems this gamr have, at least i am able to play all game modes with occassional crashes, i feel sorry for those who cant even start their mycareer

  • Nate F

    Am I the only one who hasn’t had a single issue on PS4?

  • Nate F

    I haven’t seen a single issue on PS4

    • Keith.

      Me neither.

      Take a look at the post history of the people who are complaining the most — you’ll see most if not all of them are EA fans who never had anything good to say about NBA2K in the first place.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    They updated the rosters to include the Rudy Gay trade. Which is a record for 2K.

  • rAgent23

    Anybody experiencing a bug when inbounding the ball (on the PS4 version). Once about every other game I play, there is a camera bug, basically the camera pans to the opposite side of the court when I’m trying to inbound the ball. I can stop the bug by calling a timeout or get a 5 second violation.

    • Nery

      yes! that’s happened to me many times. aint so happy about having to burn a time out. btw, you ever have problems inviting friends to play against online? i can’t seem to figure it out

  • MBird

    Well, at least they acknowledged it. For those gamers that are having problems, this acknowledgement will go a long way in at least them knowing that there is a problem that 2K has identified and is working to resolve.

    Myself personally, I have had a few errors and a few endless loading screens when trying to load MyGM, but other than that, it is still playable. I am not big into MyCareer, but i have at least gone through a couple games with no issues, and the park seems to work fine for me, but again, most of my time is spent in MyGM. Little irritants here or there, but still overall a solid game, but this is coming from someone who has a game that works, 99.9% of the time.

  • to93

    yea it still crashes and i dont see the ‘MY SHOES” option on the xbox one version where it has all of the shoes to choose from the big menu with all the jordans, lebrons, KD’s and alot of the other sneakers

  • Carlos Markic

    Forget mycareer, what a out just playong a normal exhibition match and it crashes on replays??? What the fuck 2K????

    • Dan

      Yeah thats nice that they acknowledged it and all, but what I want to know is when will the patch be ready, it’s been a week and a half already since they said this crap

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