Great Deals on MLB 13: The Show and NHL 14 for PlayStation Plus Members

Posted December 11th, 2013 at 5:30 pm


Though a relevant time of the year due to the Winter Meetings and free agency period, December is not when baseball video games sell. Events taking place now will only be reflected in the next game out and that wait will stretch until 3/4/14 with the release of MLB 14: The Show.

That makes it an effective time to offer a deal on the PS3 version of MLB 13: The Show and capitalize on some of the interest in the media right now. Sony is offering the game digitally for just $10 to PlayStation Plus members and $20 to those who aren’t.

NHL 14 is also now available for just $15 to PS+ members and $30 for non-members. That is a game that released less than three months ago making it a steal as well.

It’s a shame that there is no backwards compatibility to allow MLB 13 or NHL 14 to be played on the PS4 – with so many new PS+ members on the console they likely would have been hugely popular downloads – but for anyone with interest and a PS3 there are numerous scenarios in which it makes sense to purchase them at the reduced price. Even those with a retail copies already would actually make out well by selling theirs and buying digitally.

Another PS+ benefit for the month is getting Borderlands 2 for free. So while it’ll take a while for the benefits of PS+ to fully be realized on the PS4 (though Resogun is an amazing game to get for free) those with a PS3 can really take advantage right now.

  • Keith.

    Neck and neck with NBA2K again for Best Sports Game of the Year. Can’t wait for the new one in March!

  • vonmuff

    NHL 14 is only $15 also which, considering it’s only been out 3 months, is a good game and the hockey season isn’t too old, is a great price.

    • Thanks, I missed that earlier, I’ll note it in the post too!

  • Keith.

    I don’t really have anything against the NHL series, but if you look at vgchartz, the sales numbers have really taken a dive for this series over the last few years. NHL 11 for the 360, for example, sold 690,000 globally. NHL 12 (640,000) and 13 (560,000) both showed significant declines, and NHL 14 seems to really be slumping (220,000).

    Who knows how accurate these numbers are, but I can promise you won’t be seeing NHL 14 in the new NPD that comes out later today, given that it was missing in both the October and the November NPD.

    • Weekend Roady

      NHL 14 was definitely more of an under-the-radar release this year. I think the NHL hit a bit of an interest slump in general, especially after the strike last year. What’s funny is one can argue that it is the best game in EA’s catalog

  • GKage

    PS+ really is nice. I’ve skipped out on sports games this year outside of already getting The Show. But now that Im addicted to playing FF14 A realm reborn, i havent touched any other game since September lol

  • Gamestop is just using a placeholder because no official date has been announced. However the first Tuesday of March is traditionally the date used (MLB contract specifies that as the earliest it can release).

  • jhutch825

    Should I pick up MLB 13 or wait for 14? Can’t really beat $20, and not sure I will want to shell out $60 when 14 comes out in 3-4 months. I am on PS3 with no plans on getting a PS4