First Next-Gen Madden NFL 25 Patch Out Now

Posted December 20th, 2013 at 10:15 am


The first post-release patch for Madden NFL 25 arrived yesterday on the Xbox One and PS4. While EA Sports decided not to go into detail on what the patch does – other than to say it includes some stability and bug fixes – they did single out SmartGlass for Xbox One as having been addressed in the update.

As written about last month CoachGlass, which had been hyped up as a huge feature by EA, was not working properly for many people. The SmartGlass app would lose sync after a play or two and a freeze would occur when exiting any game that had been connected to the app.

Based on limited testing the fixes do seem to have worked. The companion app did not lose sync during games and there were no instances of freezing when exiting those games. Feel free to leave any post-patch observations in the comments!

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  • raydawg

    The D plays better after the patch and the game feels slower(for the better). Also, does anyone know if EA is going to bring back the Community feature for next-gen?

    • Considering the usage levels part of me doubts they would. Maybe they’ll come back with a different spin on it though.

  • Keith.

    The early comments at OS make this patch sound like a disaster. No wonder Tiburon didn’t release any accompanying patch notes. A sampling of the OS comments:

    “My game is ruined. It won’t recognize my profile and the only way I can play is to reset all the settings every time I start the game. I fixed all the settings and saved but it never recognized my profile and after uninstalling/installing the whole fracking game the same thing occurred. It’s shot. Totally killed.”

    “CPB is still broken at least for me, CPB caused my game to crash at the end.”

    “After installing the patch the CPU has started to run away from Punts even when the punt isn’t inside their 20.”

    “I do not like this game post patch. They took a decent game and made it horrible. I can barely play it now. I am so upset that we have to put up with this same crap on a brand new generation of consoles. Nothing will change, because Tiburon is still the developer… I am seriously considering retirement from football gaming all together. Really piss poor.. That said my impressions are, don’t install the patch.”

    “I didn’t have many noticeable problems pre-patch but tonight after downloading the patch in getting the “username not found” thing and no audio whatsoever. This is terrible.”

    “Oddly enough, after installing the patch it out all my volume settings on zero.”

    “Ok, since the patch everything is hacked up. After perusing everything this username not found thing has set everything(volume, skiers, penalties,etc) to zero. It doesn’t recognize my profile at all and everything I load the game it goes back to this despite my saving everything.”

    “Few things I noticed:
    1. They gave the CPU a block shed boost. They shed blocks way too quick now. 32 rushing attempts for 80 yards with the Bears against the Titans ? Come on man. If it was legit, I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but as soon Forte got the ball, 2 defensive linemen instantly shed their blocks. That was pissing me off the whole game.

    Special teams ? Forget about it, you get no blocking at all now. Might as well call fair catch all game long.

    2. CPU got a pursuit and reaction boost as well. They make up ground very fast now and DON’T MISS, EVER. You will see a linebacker 7 yards away, your RB get the ball, they in the backfield 1 second later. And the real kicker is, they don’t even be blitzing. So you think ok this will be a nice size hole, nope, instant block shed kicks in for defensive lineman and warp speed LBs kick in. Hole closed and you are swarmed from all sides…

    3. CPU WRs get way better separation on passing plays then USER WRs. I noticed this quite well.

    4. Player sense seems to have been watered down and nerfed a lot. Saw a handful of plays where the CPU ball carrier would run out of bounds even though the nearest defender was 5 yards away. Over all just a lot of brain dead running by the CPU ball carriers. On 1 on 1 situation instead of trying to avoid the defender like they did before the patch, now they just run directly into the defender and ALLOW THEMSELVES to be tackled.

    One play in particular, 5 yards to the left and right of the only defender within 15 yards was nothing but wide open space. I watched Chris Johnson run directly into the defender. Didn’t try to evade him, avoid him or nothing. It was like he said here I am, I give up, come tackle me the very last defender stopping me from scoring a TD.

    5. I didn’t see not ONE broken tackle the entire game by either team. Players went down with 1st contact. CPU ball carriers didn’t even attempt to break any either.”

    • G67Ram

      Its such a disaster that there’s a whole 4 pages of comments on OS! 4 PAGES!!!!

      In comparison to an actual disaster which is NBA 2K14. Which has 37 pages. Oh no, Keith says nothing wrong there.

      Dude. Give it up.

      • Keith.

        The fact that there’s only 6 pages of comments 2 days after the patch was released — in comparison to 55 pages of comments for the NBA2k14 patch — is pretty telling in itself. Nobody cares about the Madden patch, because people are sick and tired of Tiburon’s brand of football.

        • Skopin

          Or because NBA 2k14 is still broken even after the patch that was supposed to fix everything.

          • mpristave

            nobody reads the madden forums, everyone cares about 2k14.

    • Keith.

      This is the real news, Pasta. I’m glad 2k isn’t having any issues like this.

    • Skopin

      Kinda funny that half of those are from one guy, who actually was able to fix their own issue. You also skipped over the few positive impressions.

      Now that both games are out, and 2k is broken, you’ve stayed critical
      to EA even though you openly admit you don’t have the game. What gives, Keith.? Are you a 2k plant or not?

    • jr

      Please give quotes of the complaints about next gen 2k. I know it will probably force you into rehab but…….yeah go ahead and do it

    • Bradley93

      Hello Keith, Ive been supporting this MADDEN game sense i was an senior in ” High School 1993″ and honestly i see big difference sense 2009 Madden games. Do you think NFL2K has any chance in the near future to come out with another football game. I feel like E.A con people and sell the people all this false hope before the game come out every year, then when you get the game it’s the exact same thing it was the year previous.

  • benV

    Seems like a pretty good patch. Nothing major but a good game gets better.

    • Keith.

      It’s so good that it’s being outsold by a basketball game, in a country where the popularity of the NFL absolutely blows away the popularity of the NBA.


      Never thought I’d live to see the day, but here it is.

      • steven

        I’m sure that has nothing to do with the longer wait between current gen Madden and next gen madden. More people would be more inclined to wait for next gen 2k then they would for next gen madden.

      • Iown You

        It’s crazy. But the crazier part is that a Basketball game that’s also as problematic as NBA 2K is right now can still outsell a football game in America where football is the run-away #1 sport hands down, bar none.

        That right there is THEE most damning indictment on Tiburon.

      • Joedw

        You must cream your pants when you see an EA article on here that you can bash.


  • jr

    Lmao @ Keith. Has yet to address the constant complaints with 2k and has only defended them because HE isn’t experiencing issues, so he says. You’re terrible at what you do. You spend more time on EA’s jock than you do inside your wife. Smh

  • tony

    pasta youu shoud ban keith from commenting on madden, this guy admits to not having the game yet still comes here to shit on it in every update of it you have

    • Keith.

      EA’s done really well in keeping those of us who have complaints about Tiburon’s football games quiet these last 9 years. Pasta and I disagree a lot when it comes to sports video games, but I’ve got all the respect in the world for him for not going the OS route and shutting up the people who want more from their football game.

      But if you’re in favor of censorship, Tony, and keeping complainers quiet, I guess you’re entitled to your opinion, too.

      • tony

        dude you don’t even have the game. if you did it’d be different you aren’t giving your opinion on or complaining about the game you are just being a troll

        • Keith.

          EA started this, not me dude.

          • jr

            Just like a child

          • Keith.

            Or an adult, whose had something they really enjoy unfairly stolen away. Maybe your parents taught you to sit there and smile while somebody shoves shit in your face, but mine didn’t.

  • Keith.

    Going to be REALLY interesting to see what happens in the off-season, especially with what’s going on in the lawsuits naming the big wigs at EA personally as defendants (for those not keeping score at home, a third class action lawsuit was in the news today):

    Just to recap: EA’s last EA quit or was shown the door back in March.

    EA’s new CEO, Andrew Wilson hired in September, is being accused of security fraud, along with Peter Moore and a handful of other TOP EA execs. Anybody who’s paying attention (ahem!) took notice of what they were doing this year and, assuming these new lawsuits go south for them, who knows who’s even going to be running this company by the time those decisions are being made. It very well may not be the group that’s there now, that’s for sure.

    • Skopin

      “Just to recap: EA’s last EA quit or was shown the door back in March.”

      EA’s last EA?

  • Those days were not necessarily better. Instead you were stuck with the problems for good.

    • dhall

      Valid point but two reasons why I disagree: One – Back then you researched games more thoroughly to avoid a disappointing purchase. Second – in this day and age, especially with anual releases, when all of the “patches” are presented, it’s six, and sometimes, 8 months into the release. Guess what, in four more months the next game comes out. It is a waste. These type of games should be on a two-year developmental cycle. But, in reality, that is less money for the company. in the end, they don’t give a shit…You already bought 2K14 and guess what? They know you’ll by 2K15 too…

      • Skopin

        I think most people do much more research now with more information readily available. Back in the days before patches and online gaming, there wasn’t much to go on besides word of mouth and company/game reputation. Now with the internet age information is much easier to come by. There are also demos for almost every game (and I believe that the new systems require a demo for every game), so you get to try before you buy.

        But, if the games aren’t fixed until 8 months after release, then just wait until 8 months after release to pick it up (at a discounted price, of course :D). But I do agree that sports games should be on a biannual release schedule, with roster updates in between.

      • Adam Lathrom

        This is why buying a game on day one is worth it anymore. The game gets released buggy as hell, servers don’t work and then two weeks later you can get it for 10-20 dollars less.

  • ferrierray1128

    this patch messed up cutscenes, physics engine way worse. tackles all look like crap now.. the game before was so much more fluid and enjoyable. this is the worst update on any game ever made. the players look so awkard during runnings plays like it was the first year they put physics engine in the game. i am so mad right now was playing this game like crazy before patch and now .. boom .. no more game for me.

  • ferrierray1128

    and not to mention that big hits are also useless again as you miss player everytime you attempt to use big hit.. so frustrating

  • Jr

    I really wish they would do something about interceptions being thrown entirely to much on next gen. I slid the interception slider to 0 yet the very next game I still threw 4 picks

  • tony

    did this also change current gen? i pdated rosters and game today and the defense no longer games swats or picks when not looking at the ball, surprised the shit out of me. i only played 1 game with it but i’m pretty sure it has changed for the better (360) has anyone else noticed this? pasta?

    • tony

      nevermind the patch or update just took off the ballhawk option, makes the game much more realistic in passing, i used to have it on all the time.

  • Matty Bobo

    a great football game about 10 years ago, get your head in the game.. ea sports is whack i completely agree with keith once again.