First Significant Patch for NBA Live 14

Posted December 20th, 2013 at 1:30 pm


The end of this week has brought updates to numerous next-gen sports games and NBA Live 14 is included in the bunch. Though patches are unlikely to generate additional interest in the game it is important for EA Sports to establish a level of support for the product and improve it for those who did purchase the unsatisfying reboot of the series.

The company is certain to struggle with credibility in selling next year’s game but showing a dedication to Live 14 could help them in that regard prior to then. The latest patch is just the start of what is promised to be an unprecedented level of post-release support. 

The most important piece that we’re adding is a change to our technology around our LIVE Update system.  This is the first step in our plans for NBA LIVE 14.  Many of the changes in this update are things you won’t actually see – technology additions that will pave the way for the additions to come.   This will allow us to update and add content such as gameplay tuning, new animations, audio and visual assets directly to you as they become available.  This applies to cosmetic changes like new uniforms, shoes, accessories and so on, but also allows for ongoing gameplay and graphical improvements.

While new technology is a big part of what we’re releasing, there are other, immediately apparent improvements that players will notice right away.  We’ve tuned shooting so that nailing the timing for a jump shot is a bit easier, as well as cutting down the number of blocked jumpers on the perimeter.  These enhancements should make both mid-range and long-range shooting more realistic, and will make it more fun to play as a stretch 4 or a sharpshooting guard.

In addition, we also fixed a crowd audio issue in BIG Moments within our LIVE Season game mode, as well as changing the camera used during single player challenges. We’ve also made some tweaks to make online games more enjoyable by adjusting the shooting window. A number of other fixes and tweaks should help create a smoother overall online gaming experience.

These are some important changes, even if they don’t dramatically change the way the game is perceived yet. Toning down blocks on jump shots should open up the mid-range game which was completely absent. Online it was near impossible to make outside shots so opening up the timing window there is critical. If that still doesn’t do enough offering purely ratings-based shooting instead of factoring in timing could be a consideration also.

At the very least EA seems to have genuinely taken note of consumer feedback because these, and future plans for ways to learn how to play the game and improvements to animations and visuals, are areas that were specifically discussed at length in reviews and on our special NBA Live 14 Press Row Hangout episode.

  • Keith.

    Looking at Amazon’s best sellers chart, Live is still placing behind The Show, Destiny, Tomb Raider, Infamous: Second Son, Watch Dogs, Kingdom Hearts III, and The Order — even though those games won’t be released until 2014.

    LOL — why are they even bothering to patch this mess when absolutely nobody (including Skopin) is buying it?

    • Stew

      “why are they even bothering to patch this mess when absolutely nobody (including Skopin) is buying it?”

      The real question is: why are you even bothering posting a message if you don’t care about it or play it? Go be a troll on another site. Your 40+ and you need to get a life.

    • Joedw

      Here we go again *yawn*

      Are you being paid to hate on EA?

    • DetRichardMoore

      The PS4 Bestseller chart I’m looking at has it only below Tomb Raider, Destiny and InFamous but it’s still pretty low.

      Can’t wait to try it and NBA 2K14 out however.

      PS: Good shit ignoring the huge bug thread for NBA 2K14 which is almost double that for Madden. But hey, selective information works great right?

    • LolzLolzLolzLolz!

      I just had to reply to someone named Keith who said something stupid. ohmygawd the day of reckoning is upon us!

  • Vinnete

    Good news here. We need Live to get better so 2K has to face competition and not rip off customers and then ignore them after.

  • MoneyMayweather

    Bravo EA! showing us why your one of the top Gaming software companies in the world.

  • Relly

    Idk whats worse get a game that looks GREAT and plays great, but has crazy amounts of glitches and is almost completely broken….or get a game that looks like trash, plays like trash, but the developers are actually trying to fix it. Although their attempts might have fallen among deaf ears….hmm

  • Nathan Shane Long

    “KEITH” is without a doubt the single biggest brainwashed mindless delusional 2K fanboy sheep that post on this websites why do any of you reply to this ANTI-EA MEGA TROLL

  • jsouva6

    Glad to see this first patch, hopefully in the next few weeks we can see another patch to really start improving this game. It really isn’t as terrible as everyone says it is.

  • If they were going to cancel it, they wouldn’t be putting in all this time and effort to improve Live 14. They’d wash their hands of it like Tiger and NCAA Basketball 10.

    I thought there was a chance Live would get cancelled for good but now it seems far less likely.

    • Keith.

      You must not have read the EA TW forums — the devs on there strung along the guys on that forum for months. Once this quarter comes to an end, and the Christmas sales numbers are in for Live, these guys will be gone, too. Just watch.

    • ChicagoBear

      Id agree with this Pasta, they had the chance to bin it after its poor launch. They have decided against it, for now. EA knows that there is money in an NBA game if they get it right. They also probably knew, deep down, that this year wasnt going to be a blockbuster (although they probably didnt think it would be as bad).

    • Iown You

      Generally, this would make sense, and it may still in this situation. But let’s not forget that the NCAA Team continued to make updates for NCAA 14 even after knowing there would be no NCAA 15, an despite the way EA presented it to us, they knew long before they said anything to the media… even before they offered up their BS story about NCAA 15 going into production as planned.

      It’s not exactly unheard of for gaming companies to pull the plug in this situation. Then considering Live’s recent history of cancellations, I’d honestly be surprised if Live 15 ever saw the light of day. But then again, after this debacle, would anyone even care one way or the other?

      • Keith.

        With TW, the lead dev was still on the forum saying they were working on a 2nd patch until June, even though the 2nd patch “was not yet approved” because the devs knew how borked the game was and they didn’t want to let the fans down. Guess what happened. The 2nd patch never did get approved, TW15 was cancelled and TW himself was dropped, and the fans — who’d been strung along for months — were left to wait for the next WCIA contest to roll around.

        But like you said — nobody’s really gonna care when Live15 gets shitcanned anyways. It’ll probably end up selling BackBreaker-type numbers, and ya don’t see anybody caring about that game being gone other than me.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    Everybody can agree that NBA 2K14 is the more VISUALLY PLEASING game but after the patch LIVE 14 is the better basketball game YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT

    • Keith.

      This and other posts like it tell me you’re a moron, Nathan.

      • Nathan Shane Long

        To me you just your typical ANTI-EA butt hurt super troll 2K BRAINWASHED fanboy that still can’t get over the fact that Madden killed 2K garbage football series and that is where all YOUR EA HATE STEMS FROM

        • Skopin

          2k football was actually pretty good, even by today’s standards. It did a lot well, and its halftime/postgame/weekly wrap-up show is still unmatched.

        • Keith.

          Like I was sayin’ —

  • james

    he is a 2k fanboy I refuse to get next gen basketball games this year they both suck period

  • Emmett Francis

    We need a college basketball game from 2k. Us fans have been waiting wayyyyyyy too long. This is BS!!!

  • Emmett Francis

    Heck iv always liked the college basketball series from 2k bit NCAA basketball 10 wasnt really that bad it had great introductions with ESPN and CBS. At this point I’d buy any NCAA basketball game even if EA came back with it!

    • Skopin

      Sadly I doubt anyone will want to get into the NCAA game for a while. The market isn’t really there (for basketball) and there is too much legal liability to worry about.

  • Matty Bobo

    hahaha everybody ripping on keith calling him a fanboy and shit, what the fuck has ea done to gain his or any body else`s respect, they shit the bed every year for fuck sakes. i look forward to seeing what keith has to say on these things because most of the time hes right, fuck ea . look at madden n live, just disgusting n both play like complete shit

    • Keith.

      Exactly — you and I should both be playing a killer football game by now in 2013-2014, if not for EA’s garbage. Makes me wanna puke that most people are just fine with taking it up the #$# by EA these last 9 years. And I’m the fanboy…SMH.

      • Skopin

        And there should be a good baseball game on the 360. What else you got?

      • Verbatim

        Well you are. You and I should both be playing a killer basketball game by now in 2013-2014, if not for 2K’s greed. Make me wanna puke that you are just fine with taking it up the ass by 2K this year.

    • Skopin

      No one is ripping on Keith. solely for disliking EA games. We are ripping on him for his blatant hypocrisy. Everything that he says is wrong with EA is forgiven if it’s 2k that is doing it.

  • Keith.

    For the 10th time, unlike the rest of these sports gaming media guys, I’ve never received a free game, a free trip, a free anything from any one of these sports videogame companies. My views truly are my own — their not bought and paid for, unlike some of these other hacks.

  • Greg

    Why doesn’t EA just put this injured horse out of it’s misery and shoot it? For anyone that thinks there’s going to be an NBA Live 15 next year, I have a Summer home in Alaska that I can sell you.

  • jay45

    How EA can release something like this disaster of a game is beyond me. Just look at the image of Curry above. His upper arm is literally bigger/wider than his head, lol. EA not knowing how bad this game looks before releasing it, is just crazy. Sadly both b-ball games have been a disaster on next gen. If only we could combine them to have EA’s coding, and 2k looks…

  • Lisa Teresa

    If they ended up going to cancel that, they probably would not always be putting in pretty much everything effort and time to enhance Stay 15. They would bathe their fingers of the USB ports similar to Gambling in addition to NCAA Basketball 10. My spouse and i considered there seemed to be an opportunity Stay might find terminated permanently although now this indicates much less most likely.

    working capital

  • Keljo85

    Hahahaha!!!! Dam fools still believe them lol! I mean come on they fucked the fans over and then they come out telling people about their patch and some folks are jizzing their pants. Talking all this hooray live is back bullshit again it’s funny seeing people still believe and trust these guys. Go as far to say EA listens and care about the fans and they followed up with the fans….. What the fuck are you smoking?

    • Skopin

      Have you played the game? Because they are actually delivering on what they said they were going to. So when they say they are going to do something and then actually follow through, that makes it believable.

      • Keljo85

        Yes I played the game me and brother both got our ps4 at launch. He got the game a week later because he is live fanboy and even he was pissed off! We tried to keep playing to get into it and couldn’t, but after 2 weeks he traded that shit in and he’s a fanboy. I’m saying how the hell could anybody trust them and you believe that this game is going too be mind blowing after a patch….. I got some Seattle supersonics tickets I can sell you.

  • bltzkrieg666

    I was rather enjoying reading the bloviating Kruk comments. Bottom line is simply this. 2k has released a broken game in some fashion every year for several years now. Of course Kruk in his ultimate defense of his Master 2k, fails to acknowledge this. He only plays one mode of a game that has major problems and since that one mode in no way affects him then he deems it to be trivial. Same thing goes for his cheapness and not buying VC. Why don’t you tell everyone Kruk how many hours of gameplay it took you to achieve your 80 something player. Some people want to be able to buy their way to improving their player. Also VC isn’t only used for that purpose either.
    Now as far as live goes, once again Kruk sticks his foot deep inside his Linda Lovelace like throat. He absolutely has no idea about live what so ever. I don’t need to illustrate how good this game is. All you need to know that the people who ACTUALLY play the game, love the game, present company included, and the fact that EA has readily admitted that they made some compromises in getting this game out for the Next Gen Launch is commendable. They are already starting to make good on their promise of improving the game. FACT: They have been scanning player faces for all the teams that have come to Orlando to play the Magic. So far its confirmed that the Jazz and the Kings have been completed which fall right in line with what I have just stated.
    Now lets talk about how EA despite its graphic woes, IS a 100% fully functional game where as 2k, once again is not. Another interesting factoid is that their are a lot of people who simply don’t have next gen consoles and won’t be getting them for some time. This years sports games are merely a place holder for next year which is when the true competition will begin. What the narrow minded Kruk seems to ignore is that EA is building up good will here. While they are making good on their promise they are restoring the faith in the fan base while 2k conveniently lies low counting there money and scheming their next great heist of the consumers money. NBA Live is in fact not going anywhere and pretend stock broker Kruk needs to wrap his head around that. Live 15 will happen.
    On to Tiger Woods. First off, TW no longer was the driving force that sold this game. Everyone who has played this game for any significant time will tell you the same thing. Nobody gives a rip about TW. He costs EA way too much money and quite frankly he isn’t worth it. Also EA releasing a golf game on a yearly basis serves nothing more than to piss off the fan base, particularly when you are having to pay for the same courses year in and year out. If memory strikes me, I believe EA stated that they will release the next golf game in 2015.