End of Year Community Awards: Best Career Mode of 2013

Posted December 24th, 2013 at 11:45 am


The year-in-review process continues with another category to vote for in the Community Awards. Best Career Mode features NHL 14, NBA 2K14, and MLB 13: The Show to determine which offered the best experience for controlling a single player through a personal journey. It’s a category that has previously been won by The Show and NBA 2K. 

Live the Life (NHL 14)
A first attempt at bringing off-the-ice elements into NHL’s career mode was made. Live the Life introduced media and teammate interactions along with fan perception with the different factors affecting the player’s progression and performance.

MyCareer (NBA 2K14)
The Xbox 360 and PS3 version didn’t change much from the year before but improvements on the court with player AI were notable. On Xbox One and PS4 MyCareer took a dramatic turn into more of a scripted story mode however a number of consumers have experienced crashing halting the ability to play it. That certainly can factor into the voting but it still deserves consideration for the concept and execution.

Road to the Show (MLB 13: The Show)
Opening up the hitting timing window made being a position player in RTTS far more enjoyable. There weren’t many fundamental changes to the mode but instead the overall experience was enhanced due to changes in controls, new touches to the atmosphere and surroundings while on the field, and recognition of career milestones.

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  • MoneyMayweather

    the show.

  • JBE

    Easily its The Show

  • Keith.

    I liked RTTS in The Show but am blown away by MyCareer in NBA2k14 on PS4, especially when you throw in The Park, which allows you to earn VC towards MyCareer. RTTS can’t top that, IMO.

    • Keith.

      I know Pasta will never mention this (he would if he truly had consumers’ interests at heart), but I saw Ronnie2k tweet the following codes for a TON of free VC yesterday and today — the free 3,000 VC from yesterday bumped up MyPlayer to a 90 over all; and I’m about to put in the 10,000 VC code now — probably get me up to a 92 or 93, at least:

      3,000 FREE VC Locker Code:

      PS3/360: N14PS-4IZAC-URJ9G-BBF9W-HN8Q3
      PS4/XB1: N14PS-NKK9Y-LMZ2J-HXA2G-E2V13

      10,000 FREE VC Locker Code (expires midnight tonight):

      PS4/XB1: N14PS-U668X-6IITS-MDPQA-TQPM7

      PS3/360: N14PS-XRN94-2ZSWE-IQXAC-XNH5P

      • Skopin

        Can you please stop posting this crap? This has nothing to do with VC. Can you stay on topic just one time?

      • Sean

        Keith, thank you for the VC alert. Good way to start MyCareer off last night.

        • Keith.

          You bet. Glad you were able to use it.

          • Mike

            How did you use the free 3000 vc on your player? It won’t let me use it on my ps4

          • Keith.

            When I input the code, I got the pop-up message saying it was accepted and that I was awarded the VC. Then when I went into MyCareer, it was already there and ready for me to use. This is on PS4, so I’m really not sure what’s going on in your case. Did you get the message saying the code was accepted?

          • Mike

            Yes the code was accepted, but I cannot use these points on my career. They do not show up when I load my career, but show up elsewhere

  • Luke Randazzo

    You know what is so awesome about The Show, the time you spend in the minor leagues is so different than other sports career modes. It’s cool to try and prove that you belong on a major league roster.