NBA Live 14 Adds Nickname Jerseys Along With Roster Update

Posted January 11th, 2014 at 9:45 am


The lagging on roster updates from EA Sports for NBA Live 14 ended late last night after having gone a month without a new one. Along with the latest roster came the introduction of nickname jerseys for the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets. 

The roster update includes overdue moves like injuries to Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose and the trade of Luol Deng to the Cavs.

Playing a game of Heat vs Nets will now prompt the nicknames to appear on the jerseys as well as replacing the names displayed under the players. This does not require a different jersey selection and at first seemed to have been made automatic given that they’ll be worn in the remaining games between the two teams this season.

Unfortunately the nicknames are not just limited to the Heat-Nets games. The two teams have the nicknames show up in every game they’re involved in and they even transfer to the players in Ultimate Team. It seems likely that they’ll switch back to normal names with the next roster update and then Heat-Nets games won’t even have them.

NBA Live 14 also shipped with the Christmas jerseys – something NBA 2K14 still doesn’t have on Xbox One and PS4. Having additional jerseys by no means is a reason to buy the game but it’s something fun worth noting.

This includes Ray Allen showing up as “J. Shuttlesworth”, LeBron James as “King James”, Norris Cole as “Cole Train”, Chris Andersen as “Birdman”, Paul Pierce as “Truth”, and Jason Terry as “Jet”. Andrei Kirilenko did not get “Кириленко” due to the characters and Kevin Garnett has “The” before “Big Ticket” – originally correct but causes it to not even fit on the back of the jersey.

  • insomnizach

    I’m sure the literally dozens of people that play this garbage game are elated at this news

  • smsixx

    Im playing nba 2k right now…and yes the Christmas jerseys are on here (looking at them in all their ugliness as I speak) they are just listed as another alternate instead of being titled “Christmas”. Also…..when is it ever cool to have the name “shuttlesworth” on your jersey??? I swear man…sports are going down the drain.

    • Unless it just happened, the XB1/PS4 does not have the Christmas jerseys. 360/PS3 got them a few days after Christmas though.

  • jsouva6

    baby steps for NBA Live

  • CSaint

    Would love to see 2k do this….

  • Keith.

    A grand total of 48,000 sold on PS4 after 6 weeks? Yikes! Can you say, one and done?…LoL

    • CSaint

      It’s funny how the number keeps going up every time you post something about it. Continue.

      • Keith.

        The new weekly numbers are up and, in week 7 on PS4 here in the US, Live 14 sold a little under 3,000 copies to go from a total of 48,000 all the way up to 51,000.

        I find that pretty funny, too.

    • bltzkrieg666

      LOL@Kruk.. What exactly is the point of your existence? You ramble on with the same bullshit every post. While you are busy having no life and looking up worthless information that only you care about the rest of us are buy playing games. Simply pathetic Kruk. No matter what you say about Live, the game is here to stay and and we are having a great time with it. How’s that broke ass 2k doing there Kruk. Why don’t you take a look at the 2k facebook page and see all the negative comments about 2k. Looks to me like you should be more concerned with YOUR game then ours. You waste so much time talking shit about a game you don’t have or play. Your ignorance is astounding. Why don’t you go look up some stock reports and get back to me…..SMH…..Clown.

      • Keith.

        Clown? Guess I’d be pretty bitter, too, if Live was my favorite game. LoL

        Don’t worry, Daley, there may not be anybody to talk to in the NBA Live forums these days, but next year, after Live is cancelled, we’ll still welcome you into the NBA 2k15 discussions around here.

        • bltzkrieg666

          How many people does it take to play a game Kruk. I have plenty of people at my disposal to play Live with if I so choose, and plenty more that I converse with on Facebook. People like you are the only ones that seem to have a problem with games you neither own nor play. What a pathetic life you must live. Kind of feel sad for you Kruk. Since you like begging for attention on here so much, why don’t you use your limited intelligence towards posting something constructive. We all get it that you have an axe to grind with EA so stop posting on EA games. You don’t buy them and you don’t play them, so kindly STFU about them and stick to the shit you actually do play and seriously Kruk, stop trying to defend the indefensible. NBA2k14 is broke dick. We all know it, and certainly you know it, so stop trying to bullshit everyone here that in your universe, the game runs flawlessly and then make the ignorant association that it has to do with your internet connection. Everyone has good internet connections nowadays. What the fuck you think we are running……56K modems or something…..SMH.

      • Samutuck

        Hi Daley! Keith should layoff a little about the numbers of Nba live 14, but why are you defending this game? Do you really think this game is a true next gen game? You homer for this game too much because i see you on other boards defending this poor game. EA has a lot to prove with this game, so let them prove it and then you can defend them. The 80 or 90 thousand people who bought this game is not loud enough for you to run your mouth like that.

        • bltzkrieg666

          The game is a solid entry back into the basketball genre. The only thing wrong with the game is the 2k fanbots. Those clowns care more about hating on Live then they do the sorry state of their own game. Then you have morons Like Kruk who try to wax intellectually about how EA is the evil empire that must be defeated at all costs all the while begging for attention from all of you and whining when his posts don’t go through. Side note: Kruk, you are not important, to anyone but yourself. Nobody gives a shit that you know how to look up numbers on VG Chartz or a stock quote. News flash: WE ALL KNOW HOW TO DO THAT AND NOBODY GIVES A RIP. Go look at the Live facebook page and you will see that everyone there really likes the game and is active in trying to make it a better game and you will also find that EA responds frequently to our imput. Again the only negativity comes from 2k trolls who don’t even own the game. I defend what I like and I mince no words when I tell you that I am an EA sports guy since EA sports began. That’s the way its PERIOD. My problems with 2k stem mainly from a business standpoint AND the shitty quality of their games. I have owned several 2k games in the past and have demoed even more and EVERYTIME……I go back to EA Sports. Its what I came up with and what I feel comfortable rolling with.

    • MBird

      Not sure we need a link to cement the fact that EA’s Live (somewhat) creation BLOWS…

      EASports is the company that we have learned to not expect much from, in regards to enjoyable sports gaming.

    • Skopin

      Article about jerseys…let’s talk about sales! God forbid you could stay on topic once in your life.

    • bltzkrieg666

      Well Kruk why don’t you quote the correct numbers for a start, and I love your MSNBC approach to your reporting. Perhaps you should quote the numbers for 2k14 next gen which barely crack 80,000 units sold globally where as Live as of January has sold almost 70000. Kind of sheds a different light on the matter now doesn’t it Kruk. Seems to me like not that many people were interested in upgrading to next gen 2k. Why is that Kruk. Perhaps because the game is shit. Perhaps the fact that it is less of a game then previous versions of NBA2k. Perhaps its because their servers are jacked up most of the time and the fact that 2k rips them off with the whole VC debacle. Looks to me Kruk like you are perpetrating a phony argument. Keep trying to convince yourself and the morons who follow you, that Live is one and done. I think you had better be worried about NBA2k15. There is a lot more worries on that front than Live. I assure you that. Meanwhile, enough with your ignorance, its back to playing a basketball game that actually works and that would be NBA Live 14. You should play it Kruk. It better than wasting everyone’s time trolling on here with your ignorant takes.

      • Skopin

        I’m not sure where you’re getting those numbers but 2k14 is over 900,000 units on PS4/XB1.

  • FU

    2k14 is the best selling game for both next gens. Do ur homework. & cut the nonsense. Live14 got a long way to go