Roster for NBA Live 14 Now Hasn’t Been Updated in a Month

Posted January 10th, 2014 at 4:45 pm


Roster updates that would process within an hour after the conclusion of every game represented one of the very first features announced for NBA Live 14. That happened last June during EA’s press conference at E3.

As pointed out first by Operation Sports the promises have not been kept as the updates have lapsed with the latest stretch now a month and counting. 

In going back and reading the various descriptions of how updates would be handled it has become clear that the focus of the supposed hourly updates was on the ratings driven by Synergy data and even changes to accessories worn by players.

Obviously however the implication from EA – and the assumption that was made by consumers – was that the complete roster would always be current and no gap would occur to allow it to become outdated. That then isn’t limited to ratings but even more importantly player movement, injuries, and the frequent transactions that teams make.

Regardless of how many or how few are playing NBA Live 14 the company still needs to deliver on any advertised features. The EA Sports NBA Twitter account on January 8th did appear to acknowledge this with a declaration that “Roster updates coming in hot!” but here we are days later and that still hasn’t taken place. If the system was working in the way the company claimed it would there wouldn’t be such a wait or the need for anyone to call them out on it. EA has continued to update Live with new “BIG Moments” so the lack of attention to the roster is especially perplexing.

It’s one thing to promise significant improvements coming to the game – of which they have yet to deliver on but continue to work towards providing – but another to neglect those who actually purchased the product and have stuck with it in the meantime.

[Update: Late Friday]¬†Rosters appear to have been updated along with nickname jerseys being added. Here’s an article with the details.

  • Greg

    Did anyone really believe EA? No one even plays this crap game so you know they’re not gonna update it.

    • Rob

      I believe daley did.

      • Keith.

        LoL @ Daley. What a joke.

        • bltzkrieg666

          Kruk why do you insist on embarrassing yourself. Your ignorance of anything EA is the real joke here. You talk from your ass on just about any topic you decide to chime in on. You have no point of view and basically you are just an ignorant fool. Grow up Kruk. There is more to life then trying to look cool on someone else’s blog.

  • Bowinkle82

    smh. ppl arent playing so they arent updating but thats no excuse to not fulfill promises. makes me weary of any other bball game released by EA

  • MBird

    Strange, haven’t noticed, but then again, not many people will.

  • Juukbox

    So not only has any of these improvements that EA has told us about, come to light, but they haven’t even updated the rosters every hour like they said they would???


  • Nathan Shane Long

    This is miniscule compared to NBA 2K14 major issues

  • hungryandrew

    NBA Lied 14

    • Casor_Greener

      Both games

  • Skopin

    They actually did release a roster update today. It has at least up to the Bynum/Deng trade. It would be nice if they would follow up with the daily updates as advertised, or at least clarified at the beginning that roster moves wouldn’t be updated daily (if they only intended to update tendencies). It doesn’t bother me too much but it’s a big deal to a lot of people, especially since there’s no manual roster editing.

    • Keith.


  • Keith.

    Hey Pasta, enough with this roster nonsense — we all know that 2K will have ’em updated soon.

    Oh wait, this article is about EA? Yea, EA sucks! You should have a new article every day about their poor roster updates. But not 2k’s because 2k is perfect. I wonder if EA’s falling stock prices have anything to do with the rosters. And they’re not even giving away free VC like 2k is! What a joke!

    • Keith.

      2K’s not perfect by any stretch. But everyone knows it’s a million miles ahead of Live, who should probably just bow out quietly now. 4 years of wasted development expense is more than enough for the shareholders to swallow, I’m sure.

      • Skopin

        In what capacity?

      • Greg

        I couldn’t agree more. EA should be embarrassed for even releasing such a piss poor game. I just don’t understand what developer in their right mind would create such bullshit! Do these guys not take pride in what they do? And who signs off to release crap like that? NBA Live 14 is a fuckin joke. I even tried to give it the benefit of the doubt by renting it and trying it, but it’s such a bad game that I couldn’t justify even spending 5 bucks to rent it, let alone 60 bucks to buy it.

  • MoneyMayweather

    Nobodys playing the game bro. the game could blow up in the middle of your town and no one would care.

  • insomnizach

    What? EA promised something in a game and then didn’t deliver? That never happens

  • bltzkrieg666

    Most of the staff had been on Christmas/New Years vacation. You do know what that is Kruk don’t you? Maybe you don’t have a job and you don’t. Typical pasta post. Making something out of nothing. I think Pasta does this so he can troll nimrods like Kruk. I’ll give you a pass on this one pasta. I guess you got to drum up interest somehow. Perhaps you should stick to the real story which is the 2k debacle. That is the real interest here. Lets try to get all the pundits to revisit this piece of shit company and their shitty game and lets see how those grades would be now. One outlet already did and dropped it down to a 5. Of course the delusional Kruk is the only one with the perfect 2k game. He must have gotten his copy on Fantasy Island.

    • Daily (within an hour after EVERY game) roster updates were an advertised feature that has not been delivered. Simple as that.

    • Skopin

      I am having a great time with Live, but the fact remains that it took them over a month to put out a roster update, in spite of them advertising daily updates. This article is warranted. Your rant is exactly what Keith. does, just on the opposite side of the spectrum. Both companies need to live up to their promises.

  • Donald Ingram Jr.

    I play Nba Live14 more than Nba 2k14, it’s fun game imo.