2013 Community Choice Award Winners: First Half of Categories Revealed

Posted January 18th, 2014 at 1:45 pm

After weeks of collecting votes – the total of which exceeded 36K – it’s time to announce the winners of the Pastapadre 2013 Community Choice Awards. In this set the categories being examined are Best New Feature, Best Gameplay, Best Mobile Game, Best Career Mode, and Best Franchise Mode.

Look for the others including Sports Game of the Year to be announced early next week. Continue on to check out the results and leave any thoughts in the comments! 

Best New Feature: Postseason Mode – MLB 13: The Show (39%)
Strong challenges were made by MyCareer in next-gen NBA 2K14 gathering 33% and Ultimate Team in NCAA Football 14 which brought in 28%. This was one of the tightest categories with only 11% separating first and third place. Had MyCareer not had so many crashing and server problems it likely would’ve been able to win. Instead The Show takes the award with the Postseason Mode which offered great flexibility, atmosphere, and presentation.

Best Gameplay: NBA 2K14 (42%)
Another well contested category as MLB 13: The Show (29%) and FIFA 14 (29%) both had good support. NBA 2K14’s gameplay however remained steady on 360/PS3 and was terrific on XB1/PS4. The stumbles that the game had were unrelated to the gameplay experience and the community recognized that by giving it a third win in four years.

Best Mobile Game: FIFA 14 (32%)
One of the first free-to-play mobile games for EA turned out to be a hit as FIFA wins the mobile category for a second straight year. This time the game focused on the Ultimate Team model. Your Turn Football squeaked out second place with 23% followed by iOOTP 13 (21%), Ridiculous Fishing (14%), and Super Stickman Golf 2 (10%).

Best Career Mode: Road to the Show – MLB 13: The Show (48%)
Another case here where the crashing and server trouble really hurt NBA 2K14 as MyCareer comes up short with 39%. Live the Life in NHL 14 finished well out of the race with 13%. The Show takes back the award it last won in 2011.

Best Franchise Mode: Connected Franchise – Madden NFL 25 (55%)
For as much criticism as Madden takes on a yearly basis no other game has been able to provide the complete and compelling Franchise experience found in the series. This makes it a three-peat for Madden in the category. NCAA Football had admirable support here as well with 34% while NHL 14 only managed 11%.

  • Bry

    Madden best franchise? Just goes to show why EA can consistently put out a broken game and still make money. Because their target audience is a bunch of idiots. I’ve played madden for years and enjoyed it. Madden 25 was the worst experience I’ve ever had with a franchise mode. Seriously cannot believe that it was even an option in the polls let alone that it won. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

    • Keith.

      Pasta didn’t put 2k or The Show in that category. M25 won by default.

      • Oli78

        LOL. MYGM was a joke and Association wasnt touched for years. No way 2K should even be talked about here. And The Show is decent but nothing special franchise mode.

      • bltzkrieg666

        Really don’t get what you get from all your negativity about Madden. Do you buy Madden every year? If you do then all your ranting makes you out to be a hypocrite and a bit moronic. If you don’t buy Madden then you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. So which one is it Kruk? Madden 25 with its complete revamping of the O line blocking schemes is probably the most significant improvement in Madden in some time. Its a transitional year and we have already seen monumental improvements to Madden in contrast to Madden, when it transitioned from PS2/Xbox to PS3/360. We get it Kruk, you are one of those NFL2k5 guys whose butt is still hurting 10 years later from the demise of NFL2k. Its funny how you guys hang on to history and try to make it relevant to today. I would love you to explain to me how you think 2k today could make a game to rival Madden. 2k has no team, they haven’t made a football game since that trash called All Pro 2k8, They would only have 1 year to make it, etc. etc. etc. Its time for you to live in the now Kruk and accept things for what they are. EA has football, the only football, and you better put your big boy pants on and deal with it.

      • CSaint

        Oh Keith, you John Kruk troll you.

        • Keith.

          The guy was a helluva left handed hitter in his prime. Worse things in life than looking like the guy who once said, “I aint an athelete, lady, I’m a baseball player.”

  • Keith.

    I love The Show as much as anybody, but MyCareer on NBA2k really has its hooks in me. I’ve got my guy up to a 95 over all now, and I’m only coming up on March in my first season. Great stuff.

    And speaking of MyCareer, saw some new free VC locker codes posted over at OS today, if anybody’s interested:

    “Need some VC for NBA 2K14? Use the following locker codes for Xbox One and PS4 to get 1,000 and 2,000 VC respectively, for free. It expires on Monday, January 20th. (Remember to use the dashes)

    NBA 2K14 1,000 VC (Expires in 255 days)


    NBA 2K14 2,000 VC (Expires on January 20th)


    • XavStuhr

      Yeah, that’s a realistic experience if you get to an 95 OVR after not even a season…

      • Keith.

        I’m a Rookie Sensation — what else can I say? Still a long way from the Hall of Fame, though.

        • Joedw

          Here’s a 2K stick, go on boy go fetch it!

    • Skopin
    • Luke Randazzo

      Thanks for the codes considering I get a triple double and the game barely hands out 500 VC.

      • CSaint

        You must not be playing on Hall Of Fame difficulty. I get around 1,700 nearly every game.

        • Luke Randazzo

          Didn’t think of that good idea.

      • Keith.

        You’re right — you’re not going to get a HUGE amount of VC for any one game stand-out performance. I’ve gotten to a 95 over all by the free daily VC give aways (on the app), combined with the free locker codes from Ronnie2K and by my play in my rookie season (still just the 6th Man but I expect to be starting soon). If I play this game until October, and I don’t see why I wouldn’t, maybe I will have a shot at a HOF career, who knows. Never did that in a sports game before, so it’d be pretty cool.

        • Skopin

          95 overall and you’re not even a starter? Sounds pretty realistic to me…

        • jr

          I see my picture of the floating drink didn’t get approved. So I guess I’ll ask this question. Why is every GM And assistant coach the exact same person for every team. That’s not realistic keith

    • bltzkrieg666

      That’s the problem. You are only into the month of march in your first season and your guy is already a legendary player with a 95 overall rating. That is crap. Now contrast that with lives version. I am 20 games into my SECOND season and my guy is an 83 overall. The whole point of a my career or a Rising Star game mode is for you guy to progress realistically.

    • Joedw

      Are you for real? I mean do you post all this crap to piss people off?

  • Luke Randazzo

    Good picks all around. I wish 2K realized that if they surrounded great gameplay with useful menus, reliable servers and the obliteration of VC, things would be much better.

  • jake

    Looks like the right ones won each category.

  • bltzkrieg666

    These community awards are some what useless for the mere fact that it largely based on factors that have nothing to do with the games themselves and more to mitigating outside factors.
    One such factor is popularity of a sport. Clearly Football and Basketball are more popular than soccer or baseball in your readership and since the only worthy baseball game was on the PS3 only, that skews the voting considerably.
    Another such factor is the EA hater factor, of people like Kruk, who despite a games performance will rain down negativity upon it for simply being and EA game.

  • really

    aBecause their target audience is a bunch of idiots. I’ve played madden for years and enjoyed it.udience is a bunch of idiots. I’ve played madden for

  • 49ersfan1

    i honestly think FIFA had the best franchise…