End of Year Community Awards: Best Sports Game of 2013

Posted January 13th, 2014 at 12:15 pm


The final category in the Community Choice Awards is the big one that will crown the Best Sports Game of 2013. Previous winners include NBA 2K13, FIFA 12, NBA 2K11, and Madden NFL 10.

Just one of those series return with a chance to win again while two others make their debut in the field. FIFA 14 goes up against NCAA Football 14 and MLB 13: The Show for the honor. Considering The Show’s strong support in the Best of the Generation Tournament it enters as the favorite but FIFA 14 strengthened its standing with a great next-gen release while NCAA will have the nostalgia factor behind it as the last in the series.

Results for all the categories will be revealed late this week. Continue on for summaries of each game, to vote in the poll, and leave any thoughts in the comments! 

Subtle enhancements to gameplay in areas like shooting and physics only made the game even more realistic and enjoyable. The Xbox One/PS4 offering was clearly the gem of the new generation sports by greatly improving AI and delivering a more electric atmosphere.

NCAA Football 14
Sadly ending up as the last entry in the series NCAA 14 improved significantly in gameplay and outdid the 360/PS3 Madden in many respects, made smart design decisions to Dynasty mode, and introduced a surprisingly intriguing Ultimate Team mode.

MLB 13: The Show
MLB 13 offered up excellent gameplay, authenticity, and graphics – those things that have been staples of the series for the whole generation. For the first time though it was a complete product by finally bringing the online experience up to par. Opening the hitting timing window helped make the game more fun without sacrificing realism and the new Postseason mode was excellent.

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  • Weekend Roady

    Going forward, FIFA is in a prime spot to really take the reigns in the genre, even in North America. I’m excited to see what The Show can pull off in the next gen, I thought last year’s effort was an incremental improvement, if anything. If you added a fourth contender here, I’d go with NHL 14. Another solid, if uneventful year, for the series. Hope the strange lack of sales doesn’t ax the series before it gets its next-gen chance.

  • Greg

    You should really involve all of the sports games…pre-selecting three for us to choose from isn’t really fair

    • grammernasi

      Just out of curiosity, aside from these three; which one would you’ve chosen?

      • Greg

        Sorry for being so late. But I would have actually chose NBA 2k14 because ive been playing that game like crazy and absolutely love it. I haven’t had much problems with it though and I DO agree that VC is EVERYWHERE and I hate it. However on the court gameplay is great with plenty of room for improvement. FYI the only mode I really care about is MyCareer and its has been fine for me

  • jake

    all three are great games but I actually give my vote to NCAA which I had the most fun time with.

  • Casor_Greener

    The Show still getting by with staying stagnant. Proof that all you need to do is make a great game every 3 years

  • john henry

    i would say ncaa 14 but i am disappointed that even though the game is fun, there haven’t been any patches for the game since july but otherwise good game.

  • AngusH

    Uh, 3 options? I’ve been playing the hell out of 2K14 (PS3) for some time now. By far my favourite title of the year. NCAA 14 would be #2.

  • REBECCA Jack

    Rarely considered for overall video-game-of-the-year honors, the uncommon diversity of sports video games, and the unique demands placed on them to recreate both a real-world sport and the real-life experiences associated with it, support their own class of awards more than any other genre.

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