New NBA 2K14 Patch Out Now on Xbox One

Posted January 23rd, 2014 at 4:45 pm


The third post-release patch for NBA 2K14 went live today on the Xbox One and is expected soon for the PlayStation 4. The update is intended to address the crashing many have experienced when attempting to play MyCareer and MyGM along with the MyGM problems introduced in the last patch that included being unable to adjust contract offers and getting stuck in the Playoffs without being able to advance.

Other previously reported issues that have been targeted include not being able to play against friends, not being able to play Team-Up mode, and The Park which has been struck by frequent lengthy server outages. The modes should not need to be restarted for fixes to take effect.

Both earlier patches intended to improve troubles with crashing and saves but were unsuccessful and even made things worse in areas. Hopefully this update will instead eliminate the majority of the frustration consumers have been experiencing with the game. For those with the Xbox One version of 2K14 feel free to leave your post-patch observations in the comments and continue on for the full list of areas that will now hopefully be fixed and improved upon. 

♦Addressed an issue where some users were unable to load/play any previously saved files.

♦Addressed an issue where some users were unable to properly negotiate contracts in MyGM.

♦Users are now able to advance to the next round of the playoffs when playing the series deciding game in MyGM.

♦Addressed an issue with Friend invites that was preventing some users from entering into Head-to-Head and Team-Up matchmaking.

♦Corrected a case where the game would exit out after the first change of possession during the Rising Stars challenge in MyCAREER mode.

♦Improved performance in The Park by fixing hitches that would occur during gameplay.

♦Fixed issue where title would be unresponsive when booted without being signed into a profile.

♦Fixed issue where game would occasionally exit out shortly after boot when there was a large number of content update notifications queued up.

♦Corrected issue where thumbnails in MyPLAYER Store/Dressing Room would fail to appear.

  • DefFlin

    lol over 2 months later 2k says “hey the game might work now”. no thanks.

  • Vic33

    Meanwhile on the Xbox 360 and PS3 ——- crickets. Not even one patch. Maybe I shouldnt complain because at least they worked but its pathetic that they just dumped them like that.

    • Greg

      Why do you sound surprised? You should know by now that when the next gen games come out. The last gen ones get shafted. It was the same when the PS3 and 360 came out. Even worse actually cause the original Xbox stopped making games completely. Why should you expect anything new with the PS4 and Xbox One?

      • CJ

        Absolutely true, however is shouldn’t be true.

        Last console rotation PS2 remained the biggest console in the world almost two years after the PS/3Xbox 360 launches.

        It is likely PS3 games sales with outpace PS4 for at least a year.

        Lack of support/effort is how these companies lose customers, and yet they never learn *cough* EA *cough* 2k this year.

    • PGTH_Goon

      Lol stop being cheap and upgrade then, ain’t nothin but trade in your games to upgrade to next gen versions of them. N besides 2k, the servers have been a lot better, at least on XBO they have been..

      • Ra

        Wow, you said stop “being cheap.” Getting a next gen console with an extra controller and a couple of games will run you $600-700 bucks dude. If someone decides they don’t want to upgrade right now I would hardly consider them “cheap.”

    • Juukbox

      That’s why i havent bought 2K14 for the PS3. if they don’t wanna spend any time on it, why should I even buy it?

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    I wonder if they’ve fixed the no player highlights at the end of games…which only worked once for me and never again.

  • Relly

    Still no “free agency” patch where your player is stuck on one team for his entire career. smh Welcome to Next Gen where games “might” work but you’ll need patches

  • Catfish Chris

    Still isn’t fixing the crashes for me. Owned the game for 3 days now and 99% of the time it crashes as soon as I try to start a game in any mode. Farthest I’ve gotten is 3 minutes into the first quarter of a quick game. Getting extremely frustrated

  • PGTH_Goon

    My update on Xbox one been stuck at 97% for 45 mins now. Smd 2k

    • eugene

      uninstall your game ..and reinstall works fine

  • Wassupdun

    I’ll get ahead of this one before it’s mentioned, For Christmas jerseys pick away team 1st then chose the home team’s Christmas Jersey. If not, it will default to regular home Jersey.

  • The Great Leon

    Waiting for Ps4 patch. But from this list it does not seem like they added or fixed much.

  • ariel coriano

    can you play with rosters in offline ?

  • Agent916

    Maybe I’m the luckiest guy on Earth, but I’m yet to have a single problem with the game. No problems with My Team, No problems with My GM, and I’m on my second season. Obviously there are problems. Sucks there are so many because the overall game is nothing short of amazing!

  • King Nilla

    I’m a Ps4 player how about fix myplayer errors now I can’t get passed the rookie/sophomore game it gives me an error almost instantly when it loads up the game. Wasted way to much vc to start over

  • jr

    I’ve posted a pic of a floating bottle during the cutscene for the mega energy drink 2 times yet they haven’t been posted for everyone to see. What up with that

  • rathomas80

    Where in the holy hell is online franchise for xbox one nba 2k14 this has been such a big disappointment on 2k me and all my boys would compete week in and week out year in year out in this mode such a huge loss and i’m not buying this game next yr if this isnt brought back

  • Aaron White

    Anyone else unable to see the “player of game” highlights at the end of a game? It skips it every time. Matter of fact, I have never seen it on NBA 2K14 on Xbox One. It is a major glitch that needs to be addressed.

  • whymakesportgames1playeronly

    Will there be a patch for xbox one that will allow you to play 2 player co-op on season mode?

    • They’ve stated they’re done with patches for 2K14 now.