MLB 14: The Show Will Have Online Franchise

Posted January 27th, 2014 at 10:15 am


While the release date of MLB 14: The Show has still yet to be nailed down one of the big new features for this year has been discovered. Thanks to a member on Operation Sports the presence of Online Franchise mode is now known and it joins the previously announced PS4 features that include save migration to future iterations and a “Quick Counts” option to make playing through games faster.

MLB 14 on PlayStation 3 is on display right now in Taiwan for the Taipei Game Show allowing for individuals there to grab some images, videos, and take advantage of hands-on time. Online Franchise is listed in the redesigned main menu and that represents what appears to be the only new mode this year – but is obviously very significant. Though this is PS3 specific it’s certainly likely that Online Franchise will also be offered on the PS4 and Vita.

Online Franchise takes the place of the stale basic Online Leagues that had been languishing over the years in the product and is a compelling addition. Online performance and reliability though, which had been unacceptable up until MLB 13 and while much improved could only best be described as adequate, will need to take a big step forward for a full-fledged Franchise mode to prove sustainable and enjoyable.

  • kris

    this better not have universal currency in it.

    • Mark Britten

      you’d hope Sony aren’t that stupid…

  • Pergo

    Please dont force me to play online though…

    • sweett310

      Agree. If they can somehow take NCAA Football’s format and apply it to baseball (homestands? week by week?), then I’m all for it.

  • JKE

    Online has to get a lot better or else this could be as pointless as the leagues were.

  • bestoven

    watched the videos at OS and the game looks exactly like 13. which is fine i guess since its a good game but they really needed to make presentation and commentary especially better.

    • Keith.

      The videos at OS show a brand new Dynamic Camera they’ve added…and yet you think the game looks exactly like 13? Maybe you’re not a fan of The Show, which is fine, but to say it looks exactly like 13 is just wrong.

      • Casor_Greener

        It looks 95% the same Keith. A camera angle doesn’t change that much.Online FRanchise wont mean shit if the online is still trash

      • Casor_Greener

        This game is doing to be a roster update

        • Keith.

          That’s what you said last year, and if my memory serves the year before that. Yet, it’s been one of the 2 best sports games released every year IMO. So I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

          • Casor_Greener

            It a roster update last year too. They just cleaned up a bunch of glitches

          • Keith.

            Over 36,000 people just voted it Best Sports Game of the Year on this website, and if my memory serves the readers at OS also voted it best sports game on last gen. Not sure what your problem is with the game — are you a very big baseball fan? Maybe playing it on something other than Fast Mode would change your opinion.

      • bltzkrieg666

        Kruk takes every comment literally. Everyone but KRUK gets that it looks very much like every other version of The Show, but exactly what do think should change? The majority of the game is played from the Pitcher/Batter matchup, and there is nothing that should be changed here. The only thing that needs to be changed is more and varied cut scenes and if it were up to me I would completely dump the commentary team altogether and go with someone else. Under the hood I would definitely improve the ball physics and locations to which the ball is hit. Previous versions of the game seemed like the ball is always hit to a specific location and not potentially to any spot on the field. Now this may be the case this year, I don’t know.

      • jbl72

        Maybe you’re such a 2K and SCEA homer that you can’t admit that it looks just like last year.

    • UpstateInNY

      Of course it looks “the same” (if you honestly want to put it that way) because the videos that were uploaded to YouTube are from the PS3 version. Wait till the PS4 info and videos come out. All our jws are going to shatter from strecthing to far down.

    • Skopin

      There’s not much more they can do on current gen. Even in the first trailer for the PS4 version they said they maxed out the PS3.

      I’m more interested in seeing the PS4 version in action.

  • Drew Hallock

    and it still won’t be playable…

  • Adam Lathrom

    I’m just hoping it has online co-op franchise. I saw the online co-op in the Play Now section. Find that out Pasta, please!

    That will determine whether or not I buy a playstation.

    • HustlinOwl

      co-op as play together on the same team? Against 29 other AI teams?

      • Adam Lathrom

        Yeah, like you can in NHL 14. That’s how we’ve had the most fun with baseball is co-op franchises, but it was only local. Now that we’ve grown up, we haven’t played a baseball game since The Show 10 or 11. I bought ’13 but didn’t have as much fun since none of my other friends had it. If they have co-op everyone has decided that they will buy a PS4

    • D-DAWG

      Has anyone heard if this is possible. It’s the biggest selling feature for me as well. I want to be able to play co-op online with friends but not exhibition every time. Would be nice to be able to have stats saved and progress through the season playing co-op.

  • Keith.

    I like the changes they’ve maid to the main menu. I’m also glad to see Challenge of the Week is still in — really hope it makes it to PS4 as well. Can’t wait to see some PS4 footage.

    • UpstateInNY

      Agreed,l menu’s look fantastic!

  • Dan

    How much longer are they going to wait to announce the release date… Getting ridiculous..

  • Keith.

    Saw Russell say on OS that all stadiums are being built from scratch on PS4. Loved the stadiums in PS3 but that’s awesome to hear.

  • SharksBreath

    “Online Franchise takes the place of the stale basic Online Leagues that
    had been languishing over the years in the product and is a compelling

    Yet you never hear one complaint from anyone about this. Imagine if Madden or NBA2k created a series where the online component was weak every year.

    You would hear screaming till the cows came home. Yet. Not a peep.

    Every year 2k isn’t worth buying until January. Madden has had few online problems. But none of those game have gone year after year and have online barely work if at all. I’m not talking about a release on a new system. This was every year for this series with a major component not working yet it still gets great ratings.

    Where are Pasta’s rants about this.
    Since he still never hesitates to rant about a 2k game.

    • Are you asking where I was talking about The Show’s online problems? I held The Show accountable for online every single year. This was really the only website that did that. Most ignored online – a disservice to consumers.