The Game-Changing Patch for NBA Live 14 is Out Now

Posted February 10th, 2014 at 1:45 pm


The update promised shortly after release of NBA Live 14 that would improve gameplay, graphics, and even add practice ability went live today on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In addition the patch includes this year’s NBA All-Star jerseys and court.

Look for a Press Row Hangout discussing post-patch NBA Live 14 on Tuesday night – afterwards the show will be archived and posted to the site Wednesday. As always feel free to leave any observations of the game in its new state in the comments!

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♦Improve your shooting, dribbling, and offensive moves by selecting any current NBA player and taking to an empty practice gym
♦The mode will improve your game, and also serve as the foundation for NBA LIVE 15

♦NBA LIVE 14’s lighting system has been updated and re-tuned to help bring the game to life. Color values have been improved to help remove some player’s “plastic” look
♦Tweaked and/or tuned every player and every uniform
♦New lighting improves the skin texture of players, and colors will be more accurate and robust

♦Added official court and jerseys for 2014 NBA All-Star weekend in New Orleans
♦Added new adidas Hardwood Classic uniforms
♦Added new basketball, complete with the signature of new commissioner Adam Silver

♦Tuned first steps and dribble moves (including start and stop) to smooth out animations
♦Improved transitions between animations

♦Players experience increased responsiveness with improvements to ball physics, pass speeds and branch points within animations
♦Ball interacts with rim much more organically. Swishes have been reduced
♦Increased the variety of passing speeds
♦Improved lead passing

LIVE Season
♦Adjusted the camera to address hitches
♦Normal broadcast view has replaced player lock
♦More variety in the types of LIVE Challenges available

  • Skopin

    How do you actually download the update? I’m on XB1, and cannot figure it out. I assumed it was supposed to do it automatically or at least prompt me to do it, but so far, there’s nothing.

    • I couldn’t confirm that it was out on Xbox One yet. The blog EA put out said it was, but since I don’t have the game over there wasn’t able to check. It may just be that it’s not out (I believe the original date they expected it to go out was tomorrow).

  • nov

    Credit to EA for coming through with this. Can hope Live 15 will be legit.

    • hungryandrew

      Give it up, how many years in a row can you possibly get duped. Geesh, the typical stupid consumer

      • Why would someone be dumb for being open to a product? If that someone said they were going to buy it, without having info necessary to make an informed decision sure. But it could be just as dumb to dismiss a product before knowing anything about it too.

        • hungryandrew

          Look at Live’s track record. You have to be a fool to have optimism toward this trash each year. Hmmm, that EA check must of slipped through the cracks and landed in Pasta’s mailbox.

          • jh00

            Live wasn’t all that bad last generation. They did compete and some people even preferred it to 2K. Now with their latest attempts and failures these last few years sure it’s bad but at the very least they are trying. It’s always good to have competition. I hope EA pulls it together just for the sake of a better 2K product (not to say it hasn’t been good but it can be improved)

          • hungryandrew

            They were pretty bad last generation. Live 10 was their last redemption. Then they switched to Elite and the rest was history.

          • Relly

            So live 07, 08, 09, elite 11 (demo) werent bad? are you drunk? its a reason all their games tanked or got cancelled lmao foh

          • BCYa

            I thought NBA Live 10 was really damn good. It’s sad they went off the rails after that. Maybe not all of us blindly love NBA 2K games?

          • hungryandrew

            Its not blind, while 2k isn’t perfect, but when you compare it to Live, lol, there’s no debate which is better.

      • bltzkrieg666

        Well considering how 2k continues to market a product with significant problems year after year, the same can be said of the NBA2k consumer………Duped and Stupid.

  • Bowinkle82

    do these improvements work on the demo?

  • Wassupdun

    Live should just do a 1 vs. 1 game, they seem to have that part down pat. It’s the other 8 players that confuse them.

    • Details

      Lol exactly! EA has been doing this for years. They’ll come out & show a demo of one player shooting around in a practice gym which looks fluid & decent but the 5 v 5 game looks & plays nothing like that smh. I want Live to succeed but EA really has to step it up next year or this series is done for good.

      • Khadeem

        this couldve been the nail in the coffin if 2k actually put a good game instead of a half assed piece of mediocrity

        • ipaxton

          Love how all the haters of 2k14 bitch about the game yet never actually mention what’s wrong with the game.

          • Khadeem

            lets see smart ass….broken rebounding, inconsistent results in shot success, removal of individual defensive settings, warping, unbreakable animations, lack of passing angles, remedial roster updates, horrible implementation of vc, no online association, bad servers….n this all off the the top of my head… there is a lot more to complain about kid

  • Al

    does the demo have an update as well? i may give it a shot if it does

  • I’ll try to evaluate that over the next two days. I doubt it all of the sudden would have $60 value. But it may be competent enough to be worth trying out/provide promise for the future.

  • jsouva6

    The future is looking a little brighter for LIVE.


    I hope that’s not the only camera angle in the shootaround mode?
    P. George’s dunk animation looks very very limited (2), maybe with turbo pressed!!!
    So let me get this straight; NBA LIVE 14 is the year long BETA, for the NBA LIVE 15 game? correct me if I am WRONG! pls and thanks

  • Idolized1

    Can someone please list the Hardwood Classic jerseys included?


  • Dave Raymond

    In all honesty I didnt hate the game to begin with. Was it the best basketball game ever no it wasnt but I enjoyed it. I have not had a chance to play it since the patch came out. But I didnt hate the game before it. It almost makes me sick reading about peoples reactions to sports games. Sometimes I feel like we have lost sight of what videogames are suppsed to be…fun. Sometimes even crappy games are fun.

    • BCYa

      There seems to be such an overwhelming amount of complaining about sports games these days. The graphics and controls are better than they’ve ever been, and yet some people will never be satisfied with anything. Sure, these games have flaws, but the older games had even more, and folks didn’t spend all their lives griping back then – thank you Internet for allowing this ugliness to spread.

  • bltzkrieg666

    First off, if you haven’t invested any time with this product, then your opinion to this article is worthless. Having said that, this update is a welcome change to the game. Graphically the lighting changes are noticeable improvements to the graphics but its not the facial animation changes that most people thought it would be. Those will updated for Live 15. The biggest change to the game comes in the form of how it controls. The controls are much tighter and the game plays much smoother. If you play this game regularly, there is no question that you will notice this improvement right away. Now if your a person who hasn’t played this game or has played the game and didn’t like it, I am not quite sure if the changes are monumental enough to make you purchase the game. These improvements might very well be lost on you. I am sure there will be some hold outs or drop outs that will return to the game but overall the update is very much a positive thing. The shoot around mode is fantastic and it makes a big difference in your ability to learn specific players dribble moves and their rhythm and timing.

    • BC

      Having played this game since release …looking forward to upgrade
      I booted game last night and the shoot around was an option…not having time to play the actucal game …does that mean upgrades will be present in my season mode or do I have to dl the patch…and if so from where? Thanks!

  • SwiftyCG

    I’m glad Ea didn’t give up its best in the long run for all of us.

  • insomnizach

    Gamechanging? C’mon this game is still garbage.

    • No one said it made the game great. Just that it is a significant update and does improve it in many ways – going beyond what we see from typical patches.


        its good there trying to fix it up but point blank period they should lower the price if they know they made a product that is no good ….it makes ea look like lazy crooks… and madden for ps4 is no better than the ps3 version…ea just looks plain lazy….they are quickly loosing the community support and they know i think they are scared if 2k makes a football game…so they buy out the nfl for no competition

        • Skopin

          The NBA sets the prices for disc-based NBA games. EA couldn’t have discounted it even if they wanted to, unless they went with a digital-only model.

  • Samutuck

    After playing this new update and accessing NBA Live 14 as a whole, I have to say that EA and the live developers should be ashamed of themselves. This game was a money grab and no sound effort was really put in it. The only thing that stands out to me is the practice gym, which should have been in the game from the get go, My advice to them is to bow out of basketball gaming if they cannot give us a respectable next gen game all around. This game has sold horribly so far from Oct 2013 to Feb 2014. Live 15 might me made, but I can guarantee you that Live 16 won’t see a day of light if this pattern continues. I’m not a 2k fan-boy because there game has issues as well, but I always give credit to the better game. Consumers need to stop being clueless buyers and demand better from these companies. They continue to low ball us with piss poor games and we continue to buy them. Consumers please wise up!

    • Lnin0

      Well said. Consumers are the ones that have to stop this because publishers are just going to push and push with no end in sight as long as the money keeps coming.
      Sadly, EA could have probably cashed in with Live and built some good will had they not just gone the deceptive cash grab route. EA could have just been honest with the customers from the start, aAnnounced that Live was a work in progress and released it for $20 DLC game for their fans.
      At $20 I think they would have found a lot of new console owners, who just dropped $460-$560 giving Live a look as filler. Maybe they wouldn’t have loved it but I also don’t think they would have had the animosity towards EA that they do now. Think about how many customers EA turned off with Live who never even purchased the game. If EA was honest, I think they would have a tide of good will towards them rather than all the hate.
      However, if the can drop another hot turd on the market next year with Live 15 and people snatch it up – well, shame on us, not EA.

  • This is such a weird comment. Clearly you have no idea of the coverage I’ve done of Elite/Live over the years. Criticism that has influenced cancellations. Not sure why you jumped to such a bizarre conclusion and rant based on practically nothing being said (positive or negative).

  • The companies are required to release the games at MSRP $60. What the retailers sell it for is not under their control.

  • Publishers don’t control deals that retailers choose to offer.

    • hungryandrew

      It wasn’t a deal, it was a complete markdown as other sites dropped the price of Live 14. The piece of trash called a basketball game. Unbelievable you people defend the game, and the efforts that were put into it. As far as Pudre goes, well we all know why he’s blindly defending it. EA is the label that paaaaays me baby baby

  • jake

    someones butt hurt that nba 2k14 turned out to be a joke. broken and on current gen 2k didn’t even bother to patch it. just as bad as nba live both ripped people off.

  • Tazdevil20

    I’m still waiting for the public apology letter from the Madden development team. How about putting the same effort into football as these guys have attempted with the basketball game? EA Tiburon – where all of the game developers go to work who can’t get a job at any other studio…

  • Skopin


    verb ˈfiks

    : to make (something) whole or able to work properly again : to repair (something)

    : to deal with or correct (a problem)

    So now that we have the definition of “fix” out of the way, let’s talk about why this patch isn’t typical. Most patches aim to fix bugs and glitches, not change the way the game looks or plays.

    Things being “broken” in a video game means that it is unusable as intended. Let’s talk about 2k’s patches that, as you put it, “actually fix” their games:

    Patch #1 – Didn’t really “fix” much.

    Patch #2 – Still not “fixed”

    Patch actually seems to make things worse.

    Four weeks later, still not “fixed”

    Finally, some semblance of a working game for most people. And a positive tone to the article from Pasta.

    I could also pull up all the articles from Pasta regarding Elite 11, Live 13, and previous Live 14 posts, but that would take too much time. I’ll just post this instead: