Press Row Hangout: Post-Patch NBA Live 14

Posted February 12th, 2014 at 3:00 pm


A huge patch three months in the making arrived for NBA Live 14 earlier this week. While it had almost no chance of turning a sub-par game into a good one the message being sent with it was made clear – EA Sports is not giving up on the series.

Praise however should be tempered as the work done to produce the update has not been an act of charity but rather necessity. Live 14 has improved in a number of areas now, some fairly significantly, but in general still falls short of reasonable consumer standards.

The latest Press Row Hangout features discussion on NBA Live 14 following the patch and what it means for the future of the series.

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  • bltzkrieg666

    Considering that 2 out 3 involved in this discussion admittedly haven’t played the game since it first launched I found the observations made by the panel were largely indicative of nothing useful.
    With the exception of TJ, who is a real live player and has invested the time in the game I found him to be struggling with articulating what he thought of the game post patch, which left me very frustrated.
    As far as you and Rich go, I don’t feel your qualified to make an analysis of this game post patch other than for yourselves personally. Rich, who admits that he plays nothing but 2k and struggles to remember the controls for Live is hardly a good source of insight on this game moving forward where as you Pasta leave me with the notion that you don’t play basketball games that much at all.
    The biggest improvement that is immediately noticeable, if you are a regular player, is the fact that the game controls much tighter. The locomotion of the players has been tweaked and the players are more responsive and more under control.
    A little more FIFA like and a lot less NHL like, is how I like to equate it. The fluidness of the game and the passing is much better than before but there is a common complaint that it is too sensitive, resulting in a lot of double passes.
    Listening to this in its entirety has left me with the impression that you really don’t prepare much for these podcasts. Had you taken the time to read and listen to other sources, a lot of your assumptions regarding this game would have been clarified.
    For example, you like to speculate how far the support for this game will last. Well if you had listened to the NLSC pod cast interview with Scott O’gallagher, many of your assertions and assumptions would in fact be clarified.
    Scott basically stated that this probably will be the last big update for this game. He also stated that the technology for Live is very strong and that they have barely scratched the surface of what they can do with it for this game moving forward.
    In conclusion I feel like your pod cast left lots of holes in the analysis your provided. Never once did you bring up the fact that this is a 1st year offering and much of what this game is about is the result of that 1 year development cycle.
    I also find it quite arrogant that you just assume it to be a check in the box every year that 2k will make another stellar basketball game. Have you forgotten MLB2k already. Have you forgotten NHL2k already. Nothing is assured and If EA presses enough, 2k could very well screw up just like they did with MLB2k and NHL2k.
    I do however agree with your assessment that the market isn’t really viable for multiple same sport titles, but I will state that EA is more financially capable to weather that storm and if they continue to improve upon this title, they very easily can kill off 2k in time.

    • B55G

      Even an EA employee wouldnt write this much trying to defend NBA LIVE. They didnt even try to they just apologized a few days after it relased! LOL

    • Skopin

      The interview also mentioned that they “inherited” Live 13, albeit the game was a mess. But that means it wasn’t built entirely from scratch.

      You’re right: this is a first year offering. But it was also released, meaning it should be a complete game. I’m enjoying the game, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its share of flaws, some of which really hamper the experience. Hopefully they can make as big as a jump as they are indicating for Live 15, but for now, you have to understand that Live 14 is nothing more than a building block.

    • Samutuck

      You are a NBA Live psycho! I honestly think you would try to hurt someone over this game. You need to be locked up in a psych ward.

  • MoneyMayweather

    I don’t believe in Next gen anyways so I don’t care Thanks EA for the Fifa world up 14.

  • jake

    Good talk on the game. Its nice to hear from people who actually play the games and give ones like Live a fair shake. EA should be listening to those who took the time to play it. Those people arent bashing the game cause they hate EA but because they paid the 60 bucks and have a right to do so.

  • BANE

    LOL, that ghastly screenshot says everything you need to know about Live. The remaining unsold copies should be rounded up and destroyed.

  • B-Dog

    LOL! They’re still trying to push this garbage? Give it up EA. All the patches in the world won’t save this hunk a shit game.

  • ConCity Soldier

    Who is that? LeBron at 40?