The Line Drive for February 16

Posted February 16th, 2014 at 1:30 pm


The Line Drive is a weekly collection of news, links, deal alerts, and updates that didn’t necessarily warrant their own postings.

♦Check out the latest screenshots for EA Sports UFC in the FB album.
♦Brett Lawrie is on the Canadian cover of MLB 14: The Show.
♦New developer blog goes over creating the sky and clouds for The Golf Club.
♦The PC version of The Golf Club will be made available through Steam.
♦New tutorial video goes over moving greens and tees in The Golf Club.
♦Special Press Row Podcast talks with a producer from The Golf Club.
♦Microsoft has announced April 8 as the release date for Kinect Sports Rivals.
♦The teams for Kinect Sports Rivals are introduced in a new trailer.
♦EA Sports has released winter upgrades to players in FIFA Ultimate Team.
♦Check out details on the latest patch for PES 2014.
♦A new game for Wii U eShop has been announced called Mad Men Football.
♦Another weird NBA 2K14 PC mod lets you play as characters from Space Jam.
♦Xbox One owners should know the Titanfall beta is now open to everyone.
♦Microsoft has put up the new Stereo Headset for Xbox One for pre-order.
♦Sony has released the Gold Wireless Headset for the PlayStation 4.

News and content that may have been missed from the last week around the site.

Game of Thrones Season Three Out Tuesday. Only major home release for the week.
House of Cards Season Two Now Streaming. All 13 episodes available on Netflix.
HBO Picks Up New Series “Ballers”. Stars Dwayne Johnson and Rob Corddry.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Final Season in March. Is exclusive to Netflix.

  • Keith.

    Personally, the biggest news of the week for me came this morning in MyCareer.

    With 2 weeks to go in the regular season, and my Bucks team going nowhere in last place, I had one game where I scored 33 points with 6 assists and 2 rebounds, and in the next game, 37 points and five assists. First game was a win but the second was a loss.

    After the game, during the press-conference, one of the reporters asked for my opinion about our coach getting fired. So cool to have that happen in a videogame — it actually came as a pretty big surprise to me and so my response was something to the effect of, “I really liked Coach and wish him nothing but the best.”

    Immediately after he new coach came in, I got a cut scene telling me that I was being made a starter, and then when the game started, the announcers were talking about how cool it was to witness my first start in the NBA. I responded by going out and putting up 55 points, coming within a basket of setting the team record. I got a pop up box notice from the coach telling me I was getting close to the record, but then my last 3 shots of the game were bricks and I ended up missing the goal. Still, very cool experience to have in a video game.

    After that first night in the starting lineup, I’ve come back to earth and scored 23 and 15 points in my next 2 games. Before the second one, OJ Mayo called me aside and told me he saw us being the next Stockton and Malone, and then the coach told me to keep feeding Mayo until told to stop, so my point total was way down in what ended up being a loss.

    Nevertheless, after the second game, I got a cut scene of me in a limo with a guy who was trying to convince me to take him on as my new agent, telling me my current agent is bush league and that he was going to hook me up with the Nike’s an Addidas’es of the world. Looks like I’m going to have to make a decision soon as to whether I want to stick with my current guy or make the switch to “the big leagues” with this new agent, who’s promising to take me to “the next level.”

    Never seen anything like this stuff in a sports videogame before. It’s fantastic.

  • Jackson

    That Looney Tunes thing was so cool

  • Keith.

    No mention of NBA 2K14 coming in at # 2 this month according to NPD? Wonder if they’ll hit 6 million for the first time ever this year.

    • January is a dead month. Coming in at the top doesn’t mean all that many units moved. It’s not really news that 2K will continue to sell well during the NBA season. It’s been that way for 4 years now.

      • Keith.

        Dead month or not, it sold more than BF4, AC IV, GTA V, M24, Minecraft, FIFA 14, Lego Marvel, and Tomb Raider, which is pretty impressive to me.

        And you’re right — it will continue to stay on the Top 10 list until June, if the past is any indication. Which has me thinking they may hit 6 million this year, which is awesome.

  • Anthony Suriano

    Had an email from The Golf Club telling me I wasn’t selected as a closed beta tester. I was hoping to get in.

  • Iown You

    That MadMen Football looks strange but interesting. I bet if the dev posted that at OperationSports he’d be told by the idiots there within seconds that the game is “fake” or “photoshopped”.

    I feel bad for indie football developers because they’re literally dealing with one of the dumbest fanbases in gaming. Too dumb to support anything, and too immature to be reasoned with, and then they wonder why no one wants to make anything for them, smh.