Sped Up Baseball Games Desired By Consumers But There’s No Ideal Solution

Posted March 14th, 2014 at 1:30 pm


With both MLB 14: The Show and RBI Baseball 14 making reduced time to complete games a selling point this year a poll was posted earlier in the week to gauge how important that is to consumers interested in baseball.  The final tally after collecting votes from over 3K respondents shook out with a near even split which essentially means it is important but the perfect solution either doesn’t (and can never) exist or hasn’t materialized yet.

In total 53% feel that it’s important to speed up the games while 47% do not. Options are important and The Show is offering two of them in Quick Counts and Player Lock but in the end they also severely limit the experience. Comments made regarding the topic varied from those who require a shorter experience to others who feel that doing so compromises the integrity of the sport and its sim gaming representation. Obviously with over half of voters believing this to be a critical issue – and baseball games failing to reach a more mainstream audience – developers have no choice but to attempt and address it in various creative ways.

A total of 45% plan to try Quick Counts and/or Player Lock. 55% do not – with a significant portion of that group desiring shorter games but not interested in the new options.

  • Boilerup700

    It isn’t hard. Simplify the controls. Make it button and timing based. Not stick based. Kill lag by making sure online servers don’t suck. Lag will always exist, but it should be manageable. Where possible, it could also be beneficial to add a strikes only lobby. That is, a lobby where the game will not allow you to throw balls 4 ft off the plate and milk counts. MLB 2k7 did this right. Hell. A remodeled ken Griffey jr baseball From SNES would do it right and speed up the game. It’s been done before, but the developers of baseball games now have become completely keytarded. I doubt they even enjoy playing the game when it’s done.

    • Keith.

      You’d want a baseball game where your opponent has to throw a strike on every pitch? WTF is that? Ain’t baseball that’s for sure. Glad you’re not on The Show dev team.

  • RC

    Why not use a system similar to NHL 14s sim engine. Sim by plate appearance or inning.

  • Kevin

    “A total of 45% plan to try Quick Counts and/or Player Lock. 55% do not – with a significant portion of that group desiring shorter games but not interested in the new options.” You say that as if your poll is scientific and indicative of all who play the game. The semi-casual fan, who just plays and doesn’t blog or read blogs about games may feel the same or different. The best thing they can do is make it optional. For online players, they’ll just have to be two or three different styles of games you can play.

  • Patrick Bynum

    MLB THE SHOW: The A.D.D. Edition. I never get why guys want to rush through these games. It doesn’t take that long, running through a game in 10-20 minutes hurts the experience, and quite frankly what else do a some gamers have to do anyway?

  • Patrick Bynum

    I’m not against making it an option if there is a big section of people that do. It seems like it is. I just don’t get why anyone would want to run through a game. Enjoy the experience is all I’m saying. Good work with the site.