Press Row Hangout Clip: The Focus On Speeding Up Baseball Games

Posted March 20th, 2014 at 12:00 pm


Given the development time that has gone in to attempting solutions to the issue that is the length of time it takes to play a single baseball game – and marketing which is focusing on it as a major selling point – a segment from the latest Press Row Hangout tackled the topic. The poll posted last week established that consumers do see it as a serious issue that hampers the experience¬†and limits the sport’s reach in video games so it’s something that is going to continue to be experimented with. Whether the options being presented in MLB 14: The Show are the answer to what ails baseball titles remains far less certain.

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  • nov

    Basically the same game 5 weeks apart. No way Im buying them both even though I think the games are great every year.

  • Jon Gregory

    This is ridiculous, what is everyones mental hangup about the ‘OPTION” to play a faster game? it’s an OPTION, personally I welcome it. Not all of us have the luxury of sitting and playing a 3 hour baseball game so we’d like to play anyway we can. If there’s a day that I’m not doing much, sure i’d like to switch the ‘OPTION’ to full sim and play it out. It’s not a big deal people get over it.

  • Jon Gregory

    comment deleted, that’s nice.

    • No comment deleted. It just takes some time till it gets cleared through.

  • Iown You

    Watching Baseball on TV is great. Any time I have trouble sleeping, I just find a Baseball game to watch and I’m out like a light in 5 minutes flat.

  • triguous

    I think quick counts and player lock are great options. In fact, I think both are well overdo.