Bruce Lee Could Provide Boost to EA Sports UFC Sales Despite Mixed Reaction

Posted April 16th, 2014 at 12:15 pm


Earlier this month Bruce Lee was announced as an addition to the roster of EA Sports UFC. He’ll be available to fight with in four different weight classes and can be obtained as a pre-order bonus or by “completing” Career mode.

The announcement was polarizing and the poll posted recently¬†collected over 3600 votes on the subject. The results confirm what was initially suspected – the decision to add Lee to the game will prove a net win for EA even though the news wasn’t universally loved.¬†

Taking a look at the numbers shows a slight leaning towards excitement over Lee’s inclusion with that being a favorable outcome for the company but not a home run. Ultimately any increase in sales will not be offset by a loss of potential buyers. Of course whether or not securing his rights ends up as a profitable decision depends on how much they paid for it.

47% noted Bruce Lee as an “awesome” addition while 36% felt it was “silly”. 17% actually feel it will make them more likely to buy the product while only 6% claim they’re less likely to do so.

The overwhelming number is 60% – that is the group that feel their purchase plans are unaffected by the news. This would seem to be the core group of UFC fans while the 17% who find the game more appealing now are probably casuals who have an interest in him specifically or didn’t have the game on their radar until this more mainstream piece of news made the rounds.

  • vic

    im buying it now just because of bruce i personally think it will be cool to fight with him, but i understand people that dont like it im not a huge ufc fan so it works for me

  • clubsteve

    this is really for the more casual fan….even thq didn’t have to resort to this.

  • ryan

    Sales will fall short of expectations…. UFC is on a major decline in popularity undisputed 3 was the least sold in the series.

    • I don’t think it really had to do with popularity of UFC. It’s that the UFC 2010 was worse than 2009, and people remembered that.

  • clubsteve

    might as well include chuck norris too….wouldn’t hurt. at least lee would have a similar foe.