First Patch Out Now for MLB 14: The Show

Posted April 23rd, 2014 at 12:15 pm


SCEA today released the first post-release update to MLB 14: The Show on the PS3. Those waiting on the PS4 version should also be interested in the changes as they’ll likely be applied in a release day patch – which is now less than two weeks away – for that one as well.

A number of both offline and online related problems are addressed however the very poor general online performance and lack of reliability in Online Franchise mode are not cited among them. Continue on for complete details of the fixes and improvements delivered with the patch and leave any thoughts in the comments! 


  • Dave

    Can’t wait for ps4 version

  • Zach

    Still no Mets uniforms fix. Two years in a row the jerseys are not in the game.

    • Jesus

      As a Mets fan I say keep them out lol. No but seriously you are right. I’m pretty sure last year they had the dreadful black jerseys even though we haven’t worn them in two years after we finally phased the black out.

    • Jesus

      Yep. another thing. I thought the black jerseys in this game were a throwback. But no its the alternate.

    • FoodstampsR4blacks

      You going to sue SCEA for that?

      • Zach

        Why would anyone even think of doing that? lol

  • Dan

    Are they just going to completely ignore the fact that there is no transaction page in RTTS? The Tigers could trade Miguel Cabrera to the Angels for Mike Trout and you would have NO idea it even happened. I can’t believe I’m the only person that finds this pathetic. Get your shit together SCEA.

  • JKE22

    wonder what they broke with their patch this year. an annual tradition for them.

    • smsixx

      That’s an annual tradition for every sport title.

  • Cole Bates-Norum

    This isn’t really a comment on the update itself but can we just take a second to consider just how absolutely ridiculous the amount of detail and scrutiny must go into making a game like this? I cannot fathom all of the minute amendments and changes made to deliver a (mostly) working product and then the constant management and attention maintained to deliver patches.

    ‘Fixed issue causing ball boy to use a full run instead of a jog when running to dead ball catches.’ Like WHAT?! Just crazy.

    Cannot wait for May 6th to see the ball boys run and jog in correct contexts in glorious PS4 fidelity.

    • Even more interesting about the ball boy is that’s a PS4 feature, so they’re fixing stuff for that version already.

    • D-Dawg

      The real question is, why are they wasting time worrying about a ball boy?!? They have way too many other important issues that need to be addressed. It’s absolutely ridiculous that they even included this as a listed item in what this patch is fixing. By listing this it’s only pissed off more PS3 users that have been dealing with SCEA’s garbage release for more than 3 weeks now.

  • Skihawks

    Any chance of a pre release demo for PS4?

  • Skihawks

    Any chance for a demo?

    • Have not heard anything regarding a demo.

  • Dan

    I’m coming up on mid-June in my RTTS and just realized that the Cubs, who are 17 games over 500 mind you, traded Javier Baez, Albert Almora, and Jose Veras to the Twins for Glen Perkins (I downloaded a roster with the top 250 prospects). I’m not totally sure that those were all the players included because there isn’t a freaking transaction page, but I did go through both rosters and didn’t see any other movement. Number 1: The Cubs being 17 games over 500 is an absolute JOKE. Number 2: For those of you who don’t pay much attention to the minors, Baez and Almora are both Consensus top 10 prospects in baseball. The Cubs (who are looking to do nothing more than stock up on young talent) traded two top 10 prospects and a starting closer (Veras) who is terrible in real life, but in the Show is a perfect 23/23 and leading the all-star voting for closers, for a 32 year old closer with a 5+ ERA. Thank God SCEA is working on it though. Oh wait, they’re too busy worrying about the speed in which a ball-boy runs to a foul ball and how many pixels or whatever the hell you call them are in Boston’s scoreboard. For those of you who care more about individual hairs on a players beard more than actual realism, I’m sure you’re in for a treat when this piece of shit comes out on PS4. For those of you who considers yourselves to be baseball purists and don’t want to see Marco Estrada sitting at 9-0 with 0.31 ERA in mid-June, better luck next year. I’ve never felt so entitled to receive a refund on a game in my life.

    • IrishOatmeal

      Dude, check this deadline deals I just found out the CPU made in my franchise: Yankees-7 games over .500 and still in the hunt for the AL WC, but bc they’re in “rebuilding” mode, they traded Teixeira to the Rockies for 3 prospects, each of whom are rated 55 or below and with B potentials; Yanks also traded McCann to the Nationals–a team that Wilson Ramos, who is hitting .298 w/ 16 HR and 39 RBI, represented in the All Star game two weeks prior–for two 57 or below prospects. Now, the Nats have two AS catchers and no hole at 1B–bc of LaRoche, who was also an AS–to put one of them in; Yanks traded C.C. to Houston (What!?!? Houston wld never think to pay any of that salary) for Scott Feldman, Jerome Williams and a prospect; Phils traded Cliff and Hamels for two prospects each when Philly is 5 games over .500 and 3 games out of Wild Card. Cliff went to STL; why would St. Louis trade the farm for a starting pitcher when the pitching staff is already stacked?? STL traded Holliday for prospects too?!?! So, STL traded the farm for MORE pitching while also getting rid of a middle-of-the-order bat?!? Shouldn’t they be buyers at the deadline??? The trade logic in the game is absolutely insane. I’ve seen one team hold three All Star catchers at the same time after trading their farm system for two of them, and two of them never saw the field. I traded for one of them and then traded him immediately just so he was on a team he’d play for. Just yesterday, the Indians traded Swisher to LA for A. Gonzalez and a scrub. Why in the hell would LA ever even scoff at that deal?!?! In MLB 13 the show, and this isn’t a lie, I saw the Giants trade Pence, Scutaro and a very good prospect to the Yanks for Ichiro at the deadline. And then, the yanks waived Pence, who was an All Star and was 3rd in the league in hitting, and I claimed him. It was ridiculous. I was speechless and deleted the franchise. It felt too unrealistic after that and I had to start fresh. The trades are absolutely mindless and unbelievable..I don’t get the logic behind them.

  • Craig Hall

    I am having problems with the Yankee roster update it is not updating the current player