Press Row Podcast – MLB 14: The Show on PS4 Review Roundtable

Posted May 16th, 2014 at 3:30 pm


The latest Press Row Podcast features panel discussion on MLB 14: The Show for the PlayStation 4. Areas of focus do vary somewhat from the Press Row Hangout centered on the game last week that also is now available in podcast form.

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  • myearscanonlytakesomuch

    Another two-plus hour podcast? Really guys?! You guys need to stop making these podcasts so long, they’ve gotten progressively longer over the last year and it’s not even funny. You’re not the Giant Bombcast; you guys don’t have the chemistry, witty banter and audio to warrant such a long program.

    • About half the feedback that comes in asks for longer shows, the other half shorter shows. We try and do both by mixing the podcasts and hangouts – and in some cases breaking the hangouts into separate 10-15 min segments.

      PRP/PRH isn’t meant to be a comedy show. It’s always going to be heavy on relevant content and treat the industry in a serious manner. Maybe that’s not for everyone but considering how fast its grown and popular its become there’s obviously an under-served audience for this type of show in the gaming space.

    • Rich Grisham

      This is a two-segment show as well; the panel is an hour and 20 or so, and the 1-on-1 segment with Chris is about 45 minutes. I do my best to keep the conversation flowing and have little to no filler. I definitely understand that some people don’t want two-plus hour shows, and I do what I can to match up feedback to content. It’s not always easy!

  • VerT

    Listened earlier. Enjoyed both this one and the last. Nothing out there like it breaking down these games so well.

    • Rich Grisham

      Thank you! We appreciate that.

  • Keith.

    The Show and NBA 2K both announce smashed sales records this week, and no story? Does anybody think that if Madden enjoyed a 40% sales increase, or was closing in on 6.5 million copies sold, we wouldn’t have seen an article or podcast devoted to the news?

    • Sony didn’t actually release sales numbers for The Show – only the vague statistics. Obviously it has done well on the PS4, since PS3/Vita sales were down, and overall it is up now. But there is very little context to place this in. Releasing 3 SKUs vs 2 every other year, and hitting the market with no competition for the very first time. It would be startling if there wasn’t a Y2Y gain under the circumstances.

      To answer your question…the last sales analysis post I did was about Madden’s sales plummeting. The one before that was NCAA dropping. So yeah, really favorable coverage there.

      • Keith.

        That’s a bunch of nonsense. Given all the disrespect you’ve shown towards The Show over the past 8 years, I should know to look elsewhere for news about The Show’s sales success, anyways.

        Same thing with NBA 2k’s sales announcement, which you continue to ignore. It’s going to hit 6.5 million (maybe more) copies sold this year, for the first time ever, when Madden now struggles to sell 4 million. What kind’ve lame excuse do you have for not giving 2k its due?

        If anybody wants to know about the next EA cover vote, or how much MUT revenue has increased year over year, I guess this will always be the go-to place for content. But for positive 2K or The Show news, it never has been, and I guess never will be, here.

        • Details

          This guy lol. What’s with you & these sales numbers? I mean is any of that money going into your pocket? Not attacking you but just curious as to why you make such an effort to point it out all time as if you personally work for them? I understand wanting a certain company to succeed but you seem to take it personal. Just asking….

          • He points out what is convenient for him based on the story he wants to tell (EA is evil, 2K and SCEA are perfect) rather than what actually is relevant to consumers.

          • Keith.

            “Nonsensical opinions”? LoL

            Coming from a guy who’s in a Madden league full of Madden devs and Game Changers, I’ll take it.

          • Keith.

            The reason I started posting here in the first place is because EA/TIburon always got passes with their games, even though they’re responsible for us not having a good NFL game the last 10 years, while the great dev teams that put out The Show and NBA 2K always get raked over the coals. Nothing’s changed here over the years. Pasta and the mainstream media generally stay away from sales figures that aren’t fed to them by EA. Somebody’s gotta put them out there.

    • Casor_Greener

      Give it up Bro. That comment was as lame as this 2 hour podcast

    • Keith.

      And for the 3rd year in a row, you guys have completely missed the boat on Challenge of the Week, which nobody associated with the podcast ever even mentioned (again). The leaderboard this week has 10,000 other names so it’s not just me playing. You guys always lament the decline of arcade sports games, and yet you continue to ignore this gem of a mode, which is free, online, and addicting as anything. And now that they’ve added the dynamic hitting camera and allow us to use it in COTW, it’s made a great mode even better. Thankfully someone at OS has started up a competition — should be great fun all year long.

  • Details

    I personally don’t think the commentary is that bad. Now granted I don’t play the Show every year so maybe I’m not as burned out on them as others. Could the commentary flow more naturally? Yes, but I don’t think it’s as horrible as people make it out to be. In fact I’ve been pretty impressed on how dynamic some of it is during gameplay.

    • It’s not bad, it actually flows well. But people who play every year have gotten tired of it. Really has been the case for 4+ years that new commentary has been asked for and very little has been done.

  • Details

    Pasta I think you’re exaggerating a little on the load times lol. Are they long? Yes, but “you’re loading more than you’re playing”?

    • In some cases absolutely. I play as a closer in RTTS. There are times where I get sent in to get a single out.

      Also the case with Community Challenges which are often triggered on a single pitch.

  • Details

    If SCEA can polish up the frame rate on cutscenes, batter walk ups, etc.. & fix online, this game would be close to perfect.