Deal on PS4 MLB 14: The Show

Posted July 1st, 2014 at 9:30 am


For the first time since release in early May, MLB 14: The Show on PlayStation 4 can be had at a significantly reduced price. Amazon currently has the game for $40 matching an in-store deal currently available from Best Buy. In many cases an offering like this one is for a limited quantity and goes fast however given it’s a price match it may be available for the entire week.

MLB 14: The Show on PS4 has been lauded for its gameplay, visual enhancements, and depth of offline content but struggles mightily with online play and poor loading times. Make sure to check out the full review if trying to decide whether the game is right for you!


    3 months (13 weeks) after release and still no patch release to address the multiple issues with online gameplay. 1/2 the MLB season is nearly over and still developers refuse to release any info what so ever in regards to which issues they are trying to resolve (if any) as well as when consumers can expect a patch resolution (if at all). If playing a baseball sim online is something that interests you, save your hard earned $$ and steer clear of MLB 14 The Show. It’s nothing but grief and frustration!!

  • 3 several weeks (13 weeks) after launch and still no spot launch to deal with the several problems with on the internet game play. 1/2 the MLB year is nearly over and still designers do not launch any details what so ever in regards to which problems they are trying to take care of (if any) as well as when customers can anticipate a spot quality (if at all).

  • Dan

    Does anyone have any information on future patches for both offline and online issues? There are so many problems that it’s unrealistic to think that they’ll be able to fix everything, but a little information in regards to what their actually addressing would be nice.

    • They’re working on a patch supposedly, but won’t provide any information on what it will address and when it might be out.

      • Casor_Greener

        Game is highly over rated. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a good game, but they have been resting on their laurels for too long

      • Dan

        Thanks Pasta.


    The fact that developers are taking the stance of remaining silent regarding what and when this patch will accomplish is only leading most to conclude that it likely won’t address all that much due to the overwhelming amount of issues with the game.
    Also, show nation moderators have confessed that attention to repairs for MLB 14 will at some point soon take a back seat to the focus and development of next years MLB 15.
    My belief is that anyone whom hast purchased 14 for online gameplay has simply been ripped off and should be encouraged to no longer support this franchise. Doing otherwise just sends the message to this development and marketing team that they can get away with continually producing an incomplete (non functioning as advertised) product with no repercussions.
    Consumers should hold those responsible accountable!!

  • froman

    online gameplay is broken. This game is a piece of shit if online is your thing