Deal Available for EA Sports UFC

Posted July 17th, 2014 at 9:15 am


It’s only been out a month but EA Sports UFC can already be had for $40. Amazon has the game at that price already for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Gamestop also has it for $40 right now though it’s unclear whether that is just online or also in-store. In some cases retailer deals are only available until a certain supply has run out, so those interested will want to take advantage of the offer quickly. [Update] Best Buy, Walmart, and others have followed as this isn’t just a retailer-specific deal but a full-on price drop.

EA Sports UFC has been a huge disappointment for the company, both in terms of critical reception (an embarrassing 69 on Metacritic) as well failing to reach sales expectations. At $40 though it might be worth some consideration as it partially alleviates one of the biggest issues which is the lack of content offline and how that relates to the value of the product. That it was designed to be more of an arcade representation of the sport, rather than a realistic one, won’t change no matter how much the game costs. Check out the full review here. A significant patch is expected in the coming weeks but EA won’t comment on what to expect from that.

  • Keith.

    EA’s latest quarterly results and financials call is next week — can’t wait to hear their spin on how both UFC and FIFA World Cup have been received. I’m sure UFC will at least appear in the monthly NPD figures that will be released later today, but will FIFA World Cup? Can’t imagine that it will. And seeing how EA expected these two games to plug the hole in their financials caused by NCAA not being there, the spin from Andrew Wilson and Peter Moore during next week’s investors call should be fun to hear.

    • Keith.

      Just saw the NPD numbers — how pathetic is it that FIFA World Cup didn’t make the top 10, but NBA2K and GTAV did? Kudos to NBA2K — June makes it the 9th straight month that the game has made the Top 10, which basically is unheard of for a sports game.

      And UFC being outsold by Minecraft, which also was released last year? LoL Kudos, EA.

      • In a really weak month, UFC getting topped by Minecraft, and barely beating out FIFA and NBA 2K, it just continues the embarrassment they’ve faced since launch.

        • Frankie

          How can you really compare Minecraft to UFC? The former is one of the most popular games ever made on two established consoles versus a sports game on two new consoles. 4th on the NPD for a new IP is nothing to disappointed about. Minecraft as been a top 10 game for months and was only just released on PS3.

          Also, EA SPORTS World Cup launched in April, so 2/3 months later isn’t a fair comparison. Plus, it probably wasn’t that expensive of a game to develop and EA makes it’s Soccer/Fussball money everywhere else, not NA.

          • UFC sold 278K copies. That is terrible considering the first month for the past three UFC games and the marketing might of EA.

            2009 – 1 million
            2010 – 443K
            3 – 340K

            Only compared to Minecraft to illustrate how poorly it did, it couldn’t beat a game that has been out as long as a year. EA expected it to perform much better.. Now that we have the actual numbers it’s less important to make comparisons to other games. The first month is crucial for sports games because of how frontloaded they are.

          • Keith.

            UFC also has a license to pay for, and at least 2 years worth of development costs to consider. Factor those in and EA’s definitely deep in the red with the game.

          • Keith.

            Fifa World Cup didn’t chart in April (or May) either.

  • flossbee

    This game, although not very deep, makes for some good times when me and my buddies get together. That reason alone has made this game a worthy investment.

    • steve

      The UFC’s popularity has dissipated so why would sales be strong. WC is a fun game but it does get a little tired just playing Germany vs Brazil online.

  • John

    I have a question. Can you even use your career created fighters online like in the last ufc game? I’m going to be upset that I bought it if I can’t