Top Rated QBs and RBs in Madden NFL 15

Posted July 23rd, 2014 at 12:45 pm


EA Sports will be stringing out Madden NFL 15 player ratings over the next two weeks. The company has now revealed the top rated quarterbacks and running backs which follow the¬†highest rated rookies with 13 of them 78 or higher. Unfortunately “top” only means five best at each position so it wouldn’t seem like there would be a great deal to analyze or argue about…though I’m sure plenty of that will still happen.

Peyton Manning (98), Aaron Rodgers (98), Drew Brees (96), Russell Wilson (93), Tom Brady (93)

John Kuhn (93), Mike Tolbert (92), Marcel Reece (92), Anthony Sherman (90), Jerome Felton (88)

Adrian Peterson (98), LeSean McCoy (97), Jamaal Charles (97), Matt Forte (95), Marshawn Lynch (95)

  • alex

    What!? Russell Wilson is a 93? Tied with Brady? I’m a Wisconsin fan and big RW fan, but no way is he a top 5 QB. Not yet.

    • I’d say there’s plenty of evidence/justification to place him 5th or 6th. They should have just slotted Brady ahead of him, even if their overall was the same.

      • Tyler

        PP, I’ll let you slide on this one because you’re a Hawks fan, but there is no justification that RW is a top 6 quarterback in this league. And as an NC State fan, I love RW because I actually witnessed his development from a pretty poor quarterback with a rocket arm into a fantastic decision maker and leader. There’s a reason that no one besides Seattle fans and Donny Moore think that he’s an elite QB at this point.

        • Khadeem

          Im a pats fan and I think hes elite. He has all the tools. He has accuarcy and anticipation, hes a good decision maker, hes got a big arm, hes mobile, he protects the football, and he doesnt take big hits. Outside of being 5-11 hes every coaches dream.

      • AmazinsCowboys

        What evidence? I disagree, but I’d like to know why you think that, other than your Seahwaks bias! Lol just messing. But seriously though I’m just curious why you think he deserves his ranking. Me personally, I think he’s more like bottom-10. Wilson certainly is not a product of his surrounding teammates, he is a very good quarterback. But I just don’t see him as capable of carrying the team to victory single-handedly. I think he does need that good supporting cast to win, like every QB does, but unlike other top QBs I don’t think Wilson is the reason why the Seahawks win. He certainly helps, but I don’t think he’s really make-or-break for them. I could be wrong though, I only watch and follow them when they’re on national TV or there’s a national news article/analysis, but that’s just my opinion on the matter.

        • How about that he’s had the best rookie/sophomore season for a QB in NFL history? Seems like a pretty good reason. The stats on this are clear. Because of the philosophy the Seahawks don’t pass as much as other teams but he’s super effective and efficient when called upon, and can take over a game in the rare situations when needed. Keep in mind all he does is face the top defenses in the NFL. Look at just the end of last season…Saints twice, 49ers twice, Rams, Cardinals.

          And he’s multi-faceted, so that will give him an edge when you’re just talking Madden. He has traits like acceleration, escape, play action, and such that helps boost an overall over a pocket passer.

          But hey, I don’t really care where he’s ranked, he is who he is and I’m happy that he’s been so successful and can even get better.

          • Tyler

            He had the best rookie/sophomore season by what measurement? Cam Newton didn’t have half the supporting cast as Wilson and he had 9,300 total yards and 62 touchdowns in his first two seasons compared to 7,500 and 57 for Wilson.

          • Higher passer rating (only QB ever over 100 first two seasons), more passing TDs (broke Manning’s record), fewer INTs, higher completion %, most wins in first two seasons, 4-1 in playoffs, Super Bowl. Newton gets the edge in passing yards (fairly irrelevant) and rushing TDs because of goalline carries.

            I’d say supporting casts were fairly similar. Both began with defenses on the cusp of becoming great, strong running games, average receivers (though CAR had a true #1 in Steve Smith that SEA didn’t), and CAR had the better offensive line. They’re just asked to do different things and take advantage of their skills and physical attributes in different ways.

          • Here’s an interesting comparison I found.

            2nd years for Tom Brady and Russell Wilson (Both won SB). Both had good run games and good defenses.

            Brady: 2843 yards, 18 TD, 12 INT, 86.5 rating
            Wilson: 3357 yards, 26 TD, 9 INT, 101.2 rating

          • msc123123

            How can you say with a straight face Wilson’s season was anything close to the best sophomore season ever.
            Lets compare to Dan Marino’s sophomore season:
            Marino: 5,084 yards, 48 TD, 17 INT, 108.9 rating, 14-2, 64.2 comp%
            Wilson: 3,357 yards, 26 TD, 9 INT, 101.2 rating, 13-3, 63.1 comp%

          • Jason

            As a Panther fan, you have this all wrong. Just absolutely wrong. I like RW. But your opinions here are telling me you never watched Carolina unless they played Seattle.

          • Love Is A FIST

            Theres a difference between BEST rookie/sophomore years and MOST EFFICIENT.. He isnt lighting it up. He completes high percentage throws, and get about 6 more drives a game due to their Defense.. And his running back has a knack for extending drives. Hes a game manager on Seattle. He has skills. Hes accurate, and quick.. But he wouldnt be picked top 10 if anyone was starting a franchise with the QB of their choice..

          • Brian

            Elite- a select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities

            My point being, you could call anyone elite. So I don’t get how people become butthurt when you call Russell Wilson elite. There is no set standard anywhere for the term. Your definition of elite, may differ from someone elses. But he has a Super Bowl ring. Who else does? Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Peyton Manning. That seems like pretty ELITE company to me.

          • Guest

            you forgot Eli and Joe Flacco

          • Love Is A FIST

            Yea.. Rings are what matter.. Ill give ya that. Im not hating on the guy. Im a Boys fan, but I saw all the Seattle preseason games when he was a rookie and was impressed by his accuracy and arm strength to the point that I drafted him in my Fantasy draft at work in the later rounds.. Everyone was like “WTF WHO?” And I was like watch.. this dudes got skills. He won me a handful of games and would won me the championship if I didnt start Rodgers the last week when Russel had 5 TDs lol. But would I pick him top 5 if I got start a real franchise? No way..

          • Brian

            Good to know if I said statistically he’s no better than Tony Romo, you wouldn’t have gone off on me. And that’s either a compliment for being 2 years in the league, or a back-handed one, because to most, it’s Tony Romo.

      • gdeuce

        There is no justification to place him 5th or 6th, hes not even top 10

      • Khadeem

        Its like ppl dont understand the o line and lack of receiving talent wilson was working with. The guy is the best out of his class so far and is becoming elite.

        • Most people I think evaluate NFL players based on their fantasy football value. Wilson doesn’t throw for the most yards, and his TD-INT ratio is excellent but that TD number isn’t in the Manning/Rodgers/Brees category.

  • Manning should be 100… needs to be on his own tier.

    Respect Wilson, but that’s too high for him.

  • smsixx

    Let the ratings nerds start the debates!

  • Something something… Forte’s too high… something something… Obama…

  • AmazinsCowboys

    Wilson, really? Don’t get me wrong I like the guy and think he’s a very good QB but I’d say he’s at the bottom of the top-10, not the top-5.

  • Jason

    Because Wilson wins the Super Bowl, he’s compared to the top tier QBs? I guess Eli Manning should be at least a 95 right? Just because a QB wins a Super Bowl, doesn’t make him elite. He hasn’t shown enough to be compared with those players yet. Tom Brady loses Aaron Hernandez, Wes Welker, Danny Woodhead, Brandon Lloyd, Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola for most of the season, and is forced to throw to unproven rookies, and STILL throws for 4000 yards and 25 tds. And Madden puts Wilson up with a guy like that?? Somebody in EA really hates Tom Brady

    • Khadeem

      What about yards per attempt and completion. If you actually watched the Patriots, you would know that brady actually missed on a lot big plays and has been an average deep passer for like 4 yrs. In reality that has always been a weakness for him, but a couple of yeara with Randy moss masked that.

      • Jason

        Since when has a deep ball passer defined a top tier QB? So maybe Brady doesn’t throw the deep ball well…most of the QBs in the league are average at best. Throwing successful deep is only a small aspect of success in football. I don’t think 4,000+ yards would come from a mediocre performance….and I have already said this, but I’ll say it again….with severely green receivers. You put a guy like Russell Wilson in that situation, and I love the guy, but he isn’t going to put up those numbers or success.

  • PancakePatterson

    Alfred Morris never gets respect. 2 years in and only one guy has rushed for more yards. (A.P)

  • mike

    the russell wilson 93 is crazy to me. he played well and won the super bowl, but that was more based on his defense and running game than his qb play. I would give him a high rating on ability to run around in the pocket and randomly make a big play out of nothing though

  • Coops

    Manning should be a 99. He had the best season by a QB ever, smashed the records and is only 98? 98 is nothing to scoff at, but considering the season he had last year he should absolutely be 99.

    Any other position has a season where the smash all the records that matter at there position would be 99 without hesitation, but not Manning?

  • Aaron Rodgers rated at 98 WITH Peyton Manning? Uhm, alright… Manning should easily be a 99 (best season for a quarterback ever, anyone?) and Rodgers possibly a 96, but yeah…

  • SwagRat

    Cam better at least be an 89, this dude has been carrying the offense since day 1.

  • Kick

    Big Ben should be at least a 94.