Latest Madden NFL 15 Stream Shifts the Focus to Presentation

Posted July 31st, 2014 at 10:45 am


EA Sports held another live stream yesterday for Madden NFL 15 with the primary intention of this one to show off the presentation. The earlier stream that was all about gameplay generated a fairly unusual level of positivity for anything related to Madden, but this one hasn’t received the same type of reviews from viewers. That’s probably due in large part to┬ádeficiencies in presentation being┬ámuch easier to identify on the surface than issues with gameplay. Certainly the disappointing halftime show is playing a role in the sentiment as well. There are considerable improvements that have been made however. Continue on for the archived stream and leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • Tazdevil20

    A lot of the disappointment stemmed from the gameplay shown. It looked exactly the same as 25. Also, they keep touting this pass inaccuracy system. However, in every video shown, every pass is still thrown to a player. Either right to a defender or right to the receiver. I just don’t understand why everything seems so difficult for these guys. I wish someone there would just bite the bullet and give VC a call and ask them how they got realistic player movement, contextual animations and route based passing to work.

    • MCJedi1

      I’ve said for years,and it’s worth repeating….EA should let Tiburon develop FIFA & NHL, and give Basketball & Football to Visual Concepts! That’s what their both good at! But hey, it’s the guys in the “Suits” who call the shots!

    • Trey

      Lmao you must have never played a game of Madden 25 before….The defensive A.I is completely aweful! (although with adjusted sliders it’s ok) M15 looks like a night and day difference from M25 when talking about graphics and gameplay. People wanted a big change from Madden in a year and this is it. Hopefully they added plenty of feature to the already established modes.

    • Makin Edwards

      Thats calling your competitor and asking for their trade secret, not going to happen. All we can do is hope for an open market


    “Look at the microfiber in the pants”

    WHO THE FUG CARES?!?!?! EA just doesn’t care anymore. pathetic human beings work there

    • thomguy123

      If I could up this a billion times, I would

  • Pete Westwood

    issue I find is the dude doing the commentary ….. Aside from that – the game looks like something that is still added and enjoyable. As I have said previously – I will be sold once I find out more details about Connected Franchise … I think a lot of folks feel that way

  • JRut58

    Yes presentation is important but I’m looking for the day when Madden will keep my attention for more than a week with good GAMEPLAY. Each team should play and feel differently, I should be able to play with Wes Welker and Calvin Johnson and notice the difference. After 26 years presentation should be an after thought. Please EA focus on the GAMEPLAY please. I’m not knocking the game I know they can do better. I don’t think it’s the devs anymore it maybe the guys in suits that have never played football holding this game back every year.

    • Jag O’Lantern

      Of course it’s the clowns in suits that have ruined Madden and are doing the same with 2k, and sadly, the Show soon. These a-holes are the ones trying to squeeze more money out of consumers with all the add-on stuff, which is taking away resources to improve game play and presentation. Soon, the only mode you’ll be able to play after purchasing the games are off-line exhibition with current uniforms. They will charge for everything else — season mode, franchise mode, on-line, etc. and they will charge for use of alternate and throwback uniforms. Mark my words, they will change for everything they can. And as long as slaps continue to bend over, grab their ankles and buy this crap every year, the clowns in suits will have no motivation or pressure to change their ways.

  • Cdizzl

    I am really impressed with the jump from Madden 25 to Madden 15.The graphics and gameplay look so much different (better). Obviously a day one buy for me on multiple platforms.

    • xPSYCHOPATH410x

      I agree. I have been a Madden hater for few years now. I’d still buy it cause I loved football but would be done with it around OCT. From what I have seen this years looks to be the best madden ever. Perfect no but much improved yes. Purchase on PS4 for me. Already pre ordered digitally!

  • hungryandrew

    I cannot take this anymore, still not on par with football games released close to a decade ago.

    • Iown You

      2K5 was released exactly a decade ago, jsyk.

      • hungryandrew

        I know that captain obvious

        • Iown You

          You said: “still not on par with football games released close to a decade ago.”

          I said: “2K5 was released exactly a decade ago, jsyk.”

          If you knew the exactness, you wouldn’t have said “close”.

          P.S. I’m Commander Correctness, gotdammit.

  • MCJedi1

    I’ll write it again, because it’s worth repeating…..EA should let Tiburon develop FIFA & NHL, and give Basketball & Football to Visual Concepts, because that’s what they’re both good at.

    • Tiburon isn’t who you’d want on FIFA/NHL. EA Canada is where those two are developed.

      • Tazdevil20

        Right on. It’s really sad how Soccer and Hockey are miles ahead of Football. Miles… Player movement and interactions in Madden are absolutely embarrassing compared to these other games. You will never convince me that it’s the “suits” or any of that nonsense. There are no suits telling developers to have bad player movement, no penalties, terrible animations, defenders standing still, no ball physics, interception in endzone being called a safety, etc. etc. These are all issues because the same programmers working on the Central Gameplay team are the ones who have been there for years. They are awful. All of the gameplay improvements sounded great, like the QB inaccuracy system. Right in the live stream, Rex was saying how it was cool how Rivers threw an “inaccurate” pass while he was getting creamed by Von Miller. However, the pass went perfectly to the receiver in stride as a perfect spiral. It’s so comical at this point, all you can do is laugh to prevent yourself from crying. Give this game to EA canada and they would probably fix it in 2 iterations. Tiburon is a terrible studio. I know people who worked there and worked on the game. You wouldn’t believe some of the horror stories I’ve heard. Think what you want about “suits” or “marketing”, but the reality is, the programmers writing the actual code stink, and they struggle with all of the basics.

  • Sam

    The game presentation was on par with the video presentation. These guys do not make the game interesting at all. Also, these guys are not very good at the game at all. Didn’t it seem like they would miss great reads to wait for the same cheesy in and out routes to open up?

  • Iown You

    You can’t just jam code in from another game like that. Besides, the main problem is not code, it’s talent. I mean, there is obviously something wrong with how the game is being programmed, but the talent at TIburon is not strong enough to rectify it, so just giving them new code isn’t going to fix the main problem.

  • dhall

    “Don’t want you to see the ratings yet…” Such a fucking stupid comment. Who really gives a shit about ratings when the players barely represent them in the game.

    • MCJedi1

      Thank You!!

    • Basics

      Thank you. I always felt like this since Madden started. Before all the media you would just change certain players stats as seasons progressed. Now it’s the selling/marketing point? Just

      Give me the franchise mode details like how the in-game season progresses, if commentary keeps each season new etc. Basically replay value. I don’t care for MUT either.

  • JJ

    Does it still take hours to navigate through the menu, like in previous installments? constant loading and backtracking to make moves? because if it does then presentation has failed.

  • guest

    Is it just me or was the Steelers pre game huddle shown twice?

  • Jese Hall

    Don’t you see? They are working harder than ever to make a worthwhile product so they can show the NFL that they are making a good representation so that EA and Tiburon can lock up the licence for another 10 years and then take resources off of Madden and continue to make half assed games.