Microsoft Announces Xbox One Bundle With Madden NFL 15

Posted August 4th, 2014 at 10:45 am


With just three weeks until release Microsoft has unveiled yet another bundle for the Xbox One console and this one includes Madden NFL 15. For $400 it represents arguably the best value yet for an Xbox One and is well worth considering for anyone in the market for the system. Depending on how much individual importance was placed on Kinect the $450 Titanfall bundle had been the best deal until now.

The bundle comes with the standard Xbox One (no Kinect included), a download code for Madden NFL 15, special edition Madden packaging, and three bonus Ultimate Team Pro Packs. It’s available now for pre-order at Amazon.

With the recent announcement of EA Access a new consumer who buys this Madden bundle could subscribe to that soon after and get an early chance to play the upcoming games from the company (NHL 15, FIFA 15, NBA Live 15) and have immediate access to the games in the “Vault” (FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, and Peggle 2). That’s a pretty great way to start with a just purchased console that avoids having to shell out hundreds more on games at the same time.

  • backbreaker65

    I know this is going to hurt your soul, but I must tell you the truth as it is based in reality. Madden no longer has the juice it used to. The only sports game that has juice for EA is Fifa. Madden is an also ran. Sony doesn’t even care about EA like that anymore. EA has decided to partner with MS and that hasn’t netted them anything. EA games are selling the most on Sony’s platform and Sony is like we really don’t care about your marketing deal. Sony is more with 2K and Activision at this point.

  • MCJedi1

    Pasta, don’t you still have to buy an XBox Live subscription to play online?

    • Yeah both systems require their services (XBL, PS+) to play online.

      • phil

        pasta, so this means if you buy an xbox one it comes with madden now?

        • If you buy this particular bundle yes. But it won’t be around forever.

          • Trey Warner

            Do you think they will make more than the Titanfall bundle??That bundle didn’t last long at all.

    • Trey Warner

      What???Every game requires Xbox Live subscription to play online or most games allow accounts with gold trials.

  • Bowinkle82

    they really should of picked a different pose for sherman. he literally saying “Stop, dont buy this” smh

    • Totally agree. It’s a bad cover, but makes for even worse promotional materials.

      • Trey Warner

        Why couldn’t they just used the “immaculate defelection” from the NFC championship game lol. But in all honesty it’s just a cover and probably makes little difference in sales.

  • gargax819

    It really feels like a down year for virtual football. We don’t even have a lot of the usual suspects here arguing anymore. EA has been so bad for so long people just don’t care anymore.

    • Iown You


      It’s been a down year many years in a row. But you’re right, the explosions of years past across the net just aren’t there this year. Nobody gives a shit anymore. Madden is just something to laugh at now.

    • Dan

      Completely agree. The expectations are so low for this franchise that it’s not worth it to get upset over the inevitable garbage that they release year in and year out.

  • smh

    Lol. Still no franchise info.

  • Luke Randazzo

    Should I be concerned that I would be more hyped if it was an NHL 15 bundle?

  • Trey Warner

    Do you not cover WWE games on this site anymore?

  • Joey

    Does anybody know the difference in features between old vs new gen versions of the game?

  • hungryandrew

    Wrong perspective on Microsoft’s part, this will not increase console sales. Madden 15? SMH