Back of Box Appears to Confirm No EASHL in Xbox One and PS4 NHL 15

Posted August 15th, 2014 at 3:14 pm


There has been a mounting pile of circumstantial evidence that EA Sports Hockey League, and possible GM Connected as well, will not be included in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of NHL 15. What may be the most damning now is the actual back of the box, found on the Costco website, that lists it as being only two players online. EASHL is confirmed to return for the 360 and PS3 and the back of the box for that version does display the 12 player maximum.


The hope would now turn to EA vowing to patch the mode/s in at a later date. That won’t save the game from a loss of sales though even if they do. EASHL has a large and passionate community that will turn away from the game if it isn’t there. Make sure to check out last night’s Press Row Hangout which featured extensive discussion on the ramifications and possible reasoning behind what looks to be the loss of EASHL and GM Connected.

  • Rob Hestar

    LOL! are you kidding me! The 360 version will have EASHL but Xbox 1 version won’t? “current gen” ftw!

  • Gordie

    Has anyone actually ever bothered to contact someone at EA about this? I really enjoy all these speculative articles especially when there is no source as to how that image was obtained. You would think someone from the “Press Row Podcast” would actually go out and do some investigating. If enough of the enthusiasts press e-mailed EA they would be forced to respond. Just sending tweets to their automated feeds isn’t going to cut it.

    One day “games journalists” will do their job.

    And another thing, how many people actually use EASHL? I from what I’ve heard in the past, it wasn’t that popular of a mode, like less than 15% of the people that buy the game actually play it. It just sounds like the minority complaining so they can be heard while the majority are too busy actually playing the game to care.

    • We many times have stated that several members of the media, not just us, have attempted to get an answer from EA and they will not provide any comment on it. What then? Are you suggesting not to talk about potentially big news because a company doesn’t want you talking about it? That’s the worst possible thing that could happen.

      EASHL is hugely popular. If you say 15% of games, you’re not factoring in that those games are with up to 12 people involved. So there could be less total games played, but more people playing them.

      • BarrackObama

        True, EASHL probably is the most popular mode. Its basically 12(12 Players) games played at once. I didn’t realize there were other modes besides EASHL – Odd.

    • Jamie Christian Ness

      It’s basically the only reason I play the game and if you pay attention to message boards like this one it’s one of the most popular modes

    • Armīns Slišāns

      yes, I did. They said that they got no information about this and I need to wait for announcments. This is clear that ea only want to rob people who play eashl and think it will be in next gen but it will not be there.

  • Kevin Gesterling

    Looks like I may be wrong, but at least I am willing to admit it. Personally it isn’t a huge loss for me as an offline player for the most part. However it seems as if EA will lose a lot of sales from this if it is proven to be true.

  • g54cas

    wow EA. screw off. ive bought NHL for 8 straight years but this is the end of it.

  • Anthony Suriano

    they’ll either patch it in, like they did with the first Online Team Play in NBA Live 09, or they’ll just put it in NHL 16, and say something like “back by popular demand, EASHL”.

    • McDonalds24

      “or they’ll just put it in NHL 16, and say something like “back by popular demand, EASHL”

      Typical EA move, omit a feature one year, then bring it back as a ‘new feature’ the next. Shit, Madden’s been doing this for years!!
      I just thought that the NHL team was better than that….

  • McDonalds24

    IF this proves to be true it will be a devastating hit to the (up to this point) overall positive reception of this game. EASHL has a cult following, and saying only 15% of people play this mode is an understatement. After the disappointment of NHL14 not making the jump to ps4,Xbox1 I held off on buying it. Ive been itching to play some EASHL for over a year now, and if it’s not included in NHL15 on ‘next gen’ I will be extremely disappointed and will not be purchasing the game for the second consecutive year. I might not have said that 6 years ago, but EASHL/Club has become my favorite game mode.

    • Adam Lathrom

      This will be devastating to a franchise who I believe is on the rise in sports gaming. Co-op was fantastic the last 2 years and to throw that all out is going to be insane. I’ve said it a few times, I have buddy that hasn’t owned a PS3/360 or even a PS1/Xbox but we got him hooked on hockey. He bought an Xbox One to play with us, hasn’t unboxed it and will not until they mention EASHL.

  • Anthony Suriano

    It could be 0% or 100% of people buying this game who play this mode. The fact that this next gen game is losing a feature out of the box on day one is what shouldn’t be happening. Leave it on PS3/360, that’s fine, but don’t remove it from Xbox One/PS4. I’m not a game designer/programmer, so maybe there’s something I’m missing, as to why it can’t just be put in the game. I know there’s the whole HUT makes $, but doesn’t this make money too, where you can buy items/boosts to improve your player.

    • Kevin Gesterling

      Trust me I am sure it would be in there if it was working properly, but there is a ton of code within games and if EASHL is not in it would have to be due major coding issues, there is no way EA would want to intentionally omit this mode. Personally losing this mode is a bigger loss for EA than losing HUT would be, even if HUT is a money maker for them.

      The overall outrage on the internet now is surprising to an extent since all people do is complain about EA and they obviously like the game enough to form an outcry over a missing mode.

      Overall I am very surprised by the reaction this has caused, but I can almost assure you that EA does not want to lose any modes in their games, so clearly IF this is true, there has to be some major error preventing it from being included. And I don’t by this as a “typical EA move to have a new feature next year” stuff either.

  • MoneyMayweather

    *points and laughs*

  • Jamie Christian Ness

    The only thing I can think of is they are limiting the amount of users that can play together on one console online and that perhaps they have overhauled EASHL so that line changes may have to be made. New aspect of realism they are going for. I hope that this is optional though because generally people don’t have enough in a club to do a full second or third line of people

  • Luke Randazzo

    This game went quickly from a preorder to “wait and see” especially after hearing the commentary last night.

  • mick

    no xbox one for me then 360 for another year

  • Spartanking300x

    I don’t get it why remove EASHL I love this game mode yes I get frustrated from it because of the poor AI but I love controlling one player and working with your teammates to win, it requires skill it’s so much fun. They are to supposed to fix and improve the game mode not get rid of it and if they get rid of it they need to at least need to make VGHL official.

  • Maverick
  • Continuum2015

    I’m getting sick and g-damn tired of companies kowtowing to old-generation consoles (and yes, I consider PS3 and 360 old-gen). Time to start marketing and delivering to the PS4/XB1 crowd. This horse-s has got to stop, EA and everyone.