Madden NFL 15 EA Access Day Two Live Stream

Posted August 22nd, 2014 at 4:14 pm


With just under two hours believed remaining on the EA Access timer for Madden NFL 15, join me for a live stream that will likely take it all the way down to zero. Follow on Twitch for all the streams and subscribe on Youtube where the archives are stored.

There will be talk about basic early impressions of the game, what has been the most pleasant surprises and biggest disappointments, major problems that have been discovered with the play-calling system and simmed statistics in Franchise mode, and answers to any questions posed in the chat. Make sure to check out the day one streams as well!

[Update] The stream is now archived below. Nearly two full games against the CPU, before EA Access shut it off with under two minutes left on a potential game winning drive in that second one which was an awful way to finish it out.

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  • Ron

    Pasta do you think those problems will be addressed with a patch before Tuesday ?

    • Not possible. If they’re just learning of them now, they’d have to fix them after identifying what is causing them (who knows how long that would take) then submit a patch for approval by MS/Sony which takes another 10-14 days typically. So I’m sure they’re collecting and researching already but it’s going to take some time to get them resolved.

  • Ben Mussolini

    Amazing, EA is cutting people off mid-game because their six hours are up, and yet Operation Sports continues to service the company (with both hands) like there’s no tomorrow.

    • Iown You

      Yeah, and Mestevo and CM Hooe are presently servicing each other. What’s new?

  • Anthony Suriano

    Horrible that it would cut off like that. Time limits have no place in sports games. Bad decision by EA.

  • Haven’t seen much if any pass variety. Mostly accurate passes too, few hitting the ground. CPU threw deep only a couple times I can remember and they were on busted coverages with the receiver wide open. Didn’t throw deep really in any contested situations.

    • jaymo76

      Thus far cpu passing is a concern. Most streams I have watched, the cpu QB acc. is between 70 and 90%. A typical NFL QB hits around 60%. Some major slider adjustments will be needed. The deep ball, or lack thereof has been a long standing issue in Madden.

  • jr

    Maybe you just want too much.

  • Bo

    That’s kinda scary. NFL 2k5 CPU never went deep or took shots. Very boring to play. Yes, even on legend. All the passes look exactly the same and don’t see any penalties after 8 years. If you watched any preseason you will know its a big part of the game. Still…’s all we have so I will play it and try to keep the negatives on the low.

    • Iown You

      NFL2K’s Aggression Model in the NFL 2K5 Enhancement Pak fixed that issue. He set the ratings to a way that QB’s did take shots deep and WR’s went for the ball aggressively. It was pretty amazing. Completely changed the game.

  • Keith.

    Saw where yet another OS moderator got promoted to EA Game Changer this week. It’s like a minors-to-the-majors thing they got going on. Next step for him will be a full time job with Tiburon in Orlando, just watch. It’s ridiculous.

    • Bowinkle82

      tiburon just had layoffs, thats crazy. some mod kept following me around on every post threatening to ban me cuz i was so called “talking bad” about live15. terrible.

      • Keith.

        If it was WTF, that’s the guy who got the Game Changer gig this week. EA doesn’t give out that title for nothing.

  • Joey

    Ugh, yea EA rules, the best company ever, can’t wait to buy more products from them

  • Keith.

    Agreed. I’m playing NBA 2K now (after The Show earlier) and Madden desperately needs contextual animations and a lot of other animation help. Anybody who’s spent time with 2K or The Show has to recognize that.

  • hungryandrew

    It ended just like the Sopranos series finale.

  • Still on fence

    Nice stream. You seem like your bored already Mr. Padre. I wonder if by year 2, if it feels scripted once again. I actually do like the crowd noise tho. They finally react and get loud.

    • playing CPU in games that don’t matter is never going to really do anything for me. more fun once I get into franchise.

  • got milke

    You can choose your coin toss preference in the team selection screen

  • Robert Norman

    Pasta, what settings are you using right now, in terms of speed, threshold, and slider edits?

    • All default. I don’t make changes when I’m doing my evaluations. Except to bump to All-Pro.

  • Keith.

    Better be careful with what you say about Live (or any EA game), if you want to continue posting at OS:

    Aug 19
    I wanna welcome @WTF_OS into the brotherhood. A great addition and a great dude. #EAGC #OSMemberOMG Lol”

    • Bowinkle82

      i see it on his twitter now.. thanks. mods should be neutral. he is clearly biased.