Joe Montana Football news brings a temporary end to a bizarre saga

Posted June 18th, 2015 at 11:00 am


It all began nearly a year ago. Joe Montana teased what at the time was believed to be a mobile game by tweeting out a picture that was accompanied by the hashtags #youvewaitedlongenough and #joemontanafootball16. Ever since fantastical rumors have swirled, inexplicably fanned by the CEO of the company developing the game, leading to some unfortunate misinformation and seriously unrealistic expectations. 

Undoubtedly the community that grew around the game put themselves in a position to be crushed by the news that Montana is actually, yes, a mobile game. However the primary fault lies with those who pushed their own agendas. Many websites and “personalities” spread the false rumors not caring about accuracy, either ignorantly or purposefully, with the sole intention of generating views for their sites or Youtube channels.

Of course there was “The Post” on Operation Sports, which I quickly debunked but many chose to still believe. That may have faded away if not for the now named “Superstar Games” CEO Damon Grow utilizing Twitter to tease those desperately looking for a Madden alternative by leading people to believe that’s what this game would be.

Whether it was those hashtags mentioned earlier plus the #morethanarosterupdate one, suggestions the game would be a Madden competitor, mentions of the game taking inspiration from NFL 2K5, claims that their Career Mode would be better than NBA 2K’s MyCareer, or pointing out that Joe Montana was visiting the Microsoft campus during the height of the chaos that came with “The Post” – everything was done deliberately. Even Joe Montana retweeted an joke image made by contributor to this site and Hit The Pass, T.J. Lauerman, that implied 2K Sports was involved. Apparently there’s no PR person that oversees his account.

Not only was very little was done to react to the misinformation but they were clearly trying to take advantage of it. Even big mobile games don’t have stories written about them far out from release, let alone a niche unlicensed football game. In many cases they aren’t even revealed until they’re already out on the app stores. So Montana and Grow were clearly basking in the attention their little game was getting. They even had people entering their emails into a shoddily thrown together website (something I wouldn’t recommend considering privacy concerns) before anyone even knew the purpose for which their email addresses were being collected.

But what community had been built – football fans looking for another option within the genre – was torn down in an instant. Something Grow clearly knew was coming based on his body language in the reveal interview.

The mobile space is no cakewalk – there are a bunch of NFL licensed games already there, many of which including Madden are free-to-play. Odds are heavily against Montana Football proving successful enough to ever reach the PC, in fact there’s good reason to even wonder if it’ll make it to an iOS release. In the latest hangout video we discuss the implications of the news and the manner in which promotion has been handled, which now is resulting in a wave of backlash that will be difficult from which to ever recover.

  • brish

    Amen Pasta this has been a joke from the start. So many con artists like Grow and Hip Hop Gamer and Ryanmoody mixed into this.

  • Fremmy33

    someday someone will make a real football game even if its not got the NFL. Ill be there to support that. I wont even try this mobile game now after all this stupidity.

  • jwallace0317

    This is a perfect encapsulation of the saga. In addition to the missteps of Montana and Grow, the whole ordeal exposed the desperation of some video game YouTubers to get subscribers and views. Making “impressions” and “reaction” vids purely to draw views is nothing new (and I’d be rich if I had a nickel for every video with a click-bait title about JMF prior to E3), but it takes on a different flavor when we’re talking about YouTubers like Ryan Moody who position themselves as objective commentators offering critique as a service to the community.

    If you hold yourself out in that capacity, then you owe it to your “community” to not assist in the trolling. Moody explicitly fanned the flames started by Grow at nearly every turn over the past year, and constantly represented himself as having insider status with a personal relationship with Grow to capitalize on the fever pitch of the so-called JMF “fans.” Now that there are thousands of subscribers expressing rage, he’s tweeting like all of this is not a big deal and people just need to “get over it” and move on. For Moody not to acknowledge his own culpability in the fiasco, and for Moody not to dish out heavy criticism on Grow and company, shows that he’s definitely not the objective commentator he represents himself to be.

    • PaleVermilion

      I guess there is a reason why Moody still has so few followers after all these years. The majority of people know he’s a fraud.

      • Smsixx

        How exactly is Moody a fraud?

        The majority of his videos have simply pointed out the gameplay flaws in Madden with more in depth analysis.

        Moody is a fan like you and me and just wants a better product…He got caught in this hype storm (as a lot of us did) because he desperately wants a real football simulation.

        I don’t think he deserves being called a fraud…And I think people are finding it a little too easy to sling mud right now because of this bad news.

        • PaleVermilion

          So fraud may not have been the right word, but oh well. The dude is just so desperate for anything that is “not Madden” that he is blinded by the situation and isn’t evaluating it objectively.

          • stevvvvvve

            i will say i stumbled upon a vid of his explaining how he will have acccess to a 2k developer or something to ask questions.. .many people on the boards were calling him out and he responded to them like a child … he let them get under their skin and this is only second time im hearing about this dude…you guys must of done a number on the guy he was ready to curse off everyone in the comment boards

          • Tazdevil20

            As someone who knows Moody personally, it’s clear to me that you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. You actually don’t know Moody at all, or what he believes or wants. That’s all I’ll say about that. You do the same thing on OS. You post about game development as if you have a clue, but your posts get laughed at, because you don’t know anything about what you are attempting to talk about. I’m not even defending Moody here, but the point is that people always think they KNOW, when in reality, they don’t know shit. You also don’t know much about what REALLY is happening in that Joe Montana camp.

            Like you, I don’t care for how they handled anything and I don’t even really believe they will release. However, claiming to know what really went on there or what hurdles they had to go over is laughable. No one knows anything except for the people working for these companies and being in the mix. That includes me, you and everyone else outside of that realm.

    • good point

      I will be honest, last year when Madden 15 came out, I found his channel because I was tired of the same game, so I followed his YouTube channel after seeing his postings. I will unsub after this dies down, just to see what he says, but you make a good point, he sure has been quiet.

  • Kaz McFly

    Well written Pasta. What a joke

  • P.T.

    And due to all that, they will earn their just reward.This game is done before it even starts.

  • Tazdevil20

    I can’t disagree with anything you’ve said here. The damage done here is irreparable. It’s unfortunate, because the game looks like it good be really good. You aren’t going to be relevant to sim gamers unless you are on consoles. Period. Even if it was a PC only release, as far as sports gamers go, you aren’t getting an traction there. This also undoubtedly caused other publishers/developers to take notice of what happened here, and there is no doubt they will NOT consider making an unlicensed football game. This was a colossal fail. He HAD to know that announcing this as a mobile game would cause this.

  • MoneyMayweather

    Pasta makes a great point. But this isn’t my first rodeo last year we had the NFL 2k Rumor. I didn’t even give the community that many views or likes because I had a feeling it was false but I”m not gonna lie I was hoping inside for it to be true. but next year I won’t even pay attention to anything. until something is officially announced then I”ll give my time.

    • And that “rumor” originated from the same source that spread an NFL, console Montana game “rumor” further.

  • Madchuck

    Hiphopgamer is a piece of shit. Last year he was saying that he had inside news that 2k was showing a football game at E3. Ryan Moody once said that Backbreaker was better than Madden so his opinion means nothing. Thank you Pasta for telling the truth about these clowns.

  • alex

    never even heard of some of these small time youtubers. hiphopgamer though is a huge joke and its so stupid that publishers still play along with him.

  • Lurker/fan/guest

    With all do respect Brian, I understand you feel GREAT right now, but you already made your ” i told you so” article. You can’t blame people for looking for something different and I know you understand that, but your better than this. But if this helps your “community grow” then I hope you enjoy your prosperity. Still respect your work, but man. Enjoy your day

    • This needed to be written because it’s important to have a proper understanding of what happened so that everyone – pubs/devs, journos, consumers, rumor mongerers, ect – learns from it.

      • Fan

        Thanks for the reply Pasta. Nothing personal either. It’s frustrating to see this happen because i truly wanted something different and was hoping all this petty debating within the gaming football community would finally end and that we could all play as a true football community.

        Everything u said is correct, just wish this same passion/uproar would be said towards Madden and EA and the stupid license but that can only go so far, generally speaking. Hopefully this Ryan Moody dude wasn’t part of the misleading tho because he did pull me in.

        • I was hopeful up until the last minute that something surprising and exciting would emerge just like everyone else. I think eventually we’ll get that, something different, whether it be Mutant Football League or something else. Until then though getting invested in things like we had with Montana is a waste of time and emotion.

  • ace

    good work Pasta

  • iAMj23

    No…yall dont see what they just did,lol they basically just got everyone signature and views from fans that wants a new football game other than Madden…everything they did was to help push for the end of the license hold that EA has. Yea we didnt get what we wanted as of now but pretty soon we will.

  • penny

    So many clowns got exposed over this. So thank you Joe Montana Football for that LOL