Deal on Out of the Park Baseball 17

Posted October 25th, 2016 at 4:15 pm


The Out of the Park Baseball series continues to receive heavy praise as the best sports management sim on the market and this year’s edition is significantly discounted during the World Series. OOTP Baseball 17 can be purchased for just $10 (75% off) through November 3.

OOTP 17 introduces MLBPA licensing making for the complete full league package of not just teams, logos, uniforms and stadiums, but also all the real player names. That includes historical minor league rosters that trace all the way back to 1919. There’s also a new Historical Exhibition Mode and ‘FaceGen’ which creates portraits that change over time for player pages.

  • SockfulOfNickels

    These guys put out an AMAZING product every year, I am pretty sure it is a small team but the output is insane. This is well worth $40 let alone $10.

  • KrilDog

    You can get OOTP 17 and preorder Franchise Hockey Manager 3 (which is supposed to drop next week and has NHL license) for $35 total. IMO, an even better deal if you like both sports. These guys do excellent work.