End of Year Community Awards: Best Presentation of 2016

Posted December 21st, 2016 at 1:00 pm

The next category to open up for voting in the annual Pastapadre Community Awards is for Best Presentation. This is yet another area that the NBA 2K series has dominated. In fact it has won it all six years and no other game has even come close percentage wise to toppling it.

The biggest impact to presentation for NBA 2K17 came with the addition a of rotating set of announcers and sideline reporters. There are now a total of 11 personalities actively contributing to the series during games and for the studio show.

The shift to the Frostbite Engine for FIFA 17 brought with it considerable graphical enhancements while Madden NFL 17 has earned theĀ first nomination for the series in the category with a brand new commentary team and additions like the Pylon Cam.

Other categories now open for vote
Best Gameplay
Best Mobile Game
Best Career/Story Mode

  • WilsonRamos

    think 2k wins this easily madden and fifas presentation is still last gen

    • Keith.

      It should win easily, but never discount the number of EA Game Changers and other EA homers who visit and will vote here.

  • jake

    yea I think this is the only one Ill vote 2K for. they really fell off this year in other parts of the game

  • Keith.

    I love the 12 different announcers that 2K is using this year, which really makes every game feel unique.

    For my money though, I’d probably give best presentation to MLB The Show. Including Madden ahead of The Show is a joke.

  • MoneyMayweather

    Pasta trying for EA to cut the check with mind boggling Madden in a vote for best presentation.

  • Packers96

    I refuse to believe that the inclusion of Pylom Cam was one of the reasons Madden 17 won in this year’s presentation category.
    How important for the game is an item that has no use at all for the game, while we still continue with the challenge play that until today is broken.

    • Keith.

      Madden doesn’t even have a Live mode like 2K and The Show. All I can do is SMH at the nomination.

  • Glen Willett

    Pylon cam is the biggest wasted feature in the game.. I don’t know why EA though anyone was interested in watching player’s legs as they crossed the GL.

    The commentary was definitely better, but that’s about it from a presentation perspective IMO.

    NBA 2k is still the cream of the crop here for the rotating announcing crews on top of the advantage they had over the competition.

    FIFA stepped up the presentation bring adding authentic EPL presentation to go along with the Bundesliga set from last year.

    The Show’s presentation is good, but it’s basically been the same since the game moved to PS4. I’m at a loss for anything that’s been added.