Early 2017 NBA Live console game cancelled, but EA planning release for next fall

Posted January 31st, 2017 at 2:30 pm

The NBA Live franchise has now been delayed or cancelled four times over a seven year span. In releasing last quarter’s fiscal report earlier today, EA Sports revealed the remaining release schedule for their calendar year that runs through the end of March. After being listed in Q4 (Jan-Mar) since NBA Live 17 was announced as being “delayed” last May the game has now been dropped from the calendar. It’s not unusual to discover a game has been delayed or cancelled in this manner. In the investor call the company confirmed it had been cancelled with the next game supposedly to release in the fall.

NBA Live 16, while a better effort following the dreadful Live 14 and 15 editions, sold just 8K copies in its first week of release compared to NBA 2K16 which moved well over a million in the same amount of time. EA Sports saw the writing on the wall and pushed NBA Live 17 out of last fall, a period in which competition would have eaten it alive. Instead focus shifted to NBA Live Mobile which has proven successful while work was probably being done to make a console version more unique in the form of an untraditional model.

EA’s oft-repeated claims that a new console NBA Live game would release early in 2017 were immediately met by skepticism due to both the track-record of the series and the time of year where it would be a difficult sell to consumers especially given the deterioration of the brand.

  • Keith.

    No mention of EA’s Golf game in the press release stuff or during their analyst call, either.

    So much for it being an every-other-year game.

    Another one bites the dust.

    • bltzkrieg666

      It pains me greatly to have to agree with you Kodosky, but I am all out of excuses for EA at this point. I don’t know whether its corporate incompetence or developer incompetence but something is wrong here.

      • SockfulOfNickels

        I won’t go as far as saying all of EA because Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 were crazy good games this year. But the EA sports titles are just not progressing overall. I was super disappointed with FIFA on the field with the new engine, so not hopeful that it will “fix” Madden next year. And there is no good reason to abandon the golf game, I am very disappointed in that.

        • Glen Willett

          The golf game felt like a beta version. The last incarnation of Tiger Woods on the PS3 was a much better game.

      • Casor_Greener

        About time you kept it real

    • jbstoner43

      Rory pga golf had the potential to be a great game, with graphics and gameplay, but that game was poorly made and that came with 2 years of development.

      • cubs223425

        For me, the problem was the terrible content quantity and horrendous player creator. That career mode was pitiful.

        • jbstoner43

          I completely agree with you.

  • jaker

    im most heartened by the ea game changers looking like idiots once again. they had promised that nba live would actually be coming out this time lol

  • ClubSteve

    unless nba live can offer something nba 2k does not have, it is fighting a losing battle…like i have suggested before, if it included FIBA teams, it would at least have a chance. i would even show some interest.

    • BravesFan24

      I don’t think that would make much difference. Remember that Live 09 and 10 both had FIBA teams, and still got outsold by 2K.

      At this point, there isn’t much Live could do to compete with 2K. I think it is over for Live. We may still see one more attempt from them, but if the series has not made significant strides by then – and I wouldn’t bank on that happening – then it’s curtains.

      • SockfulOfNickels

        It doesn’t have to match 2K in sales to be successful, it just needs to make money to be a viable going concern. People need to get it out of their head that if you don’t sell as much as your competition you have failed. With that said I don’t see how Live could have made money even with the inclusion of Ultimate Team.

        • BravesFan24

          I didn’t say that Live had to sell as much as 2K. It isn’t that 2K has outsold them, it’s that Live has hardly sold *anything* while 2K is lightyears ahead. The poor sales can only continue for so long before continuing the series is no longer deemed justifiable by the developers.

  • Dounte

    Yep…. Twitter page ran a script on us for months!!! We all new this would happen when they announced this BS.. I’m pissed!!

  • BravesFan24

    It just isn’t NBA Live if there isn’t a delay or cancellation, now is it?

    Sooner or later, the series will probably bite the dust completely. Too much ground has been lost and it would take years – perhaps decades – to make it up.


    Just think about it for a second people; They just cancelled Live17; but it was really good, and really fun! I say BS to that. Why couldn’t they release this “really good, and really fun” game for Us, the gamers to make that decision? Ah, snap! Holy Crap, they released NBA LIVE14 as a AAA title game to US, and tried to pass it off as the best LIVE series game to date!!! EA’s NBA LIVE series is on life support right people. Bad marketing, crappy game, dysfunctional Dev team, any way you want to look at it; “Don’t ever call it a comeback!” ‘drop the mic’
    Ask yourself this: When are too many excuses enough, to make you say enough?

    -taken from another post of mine-

  • Kid Fleetfoot

    If it isn’t ready they shouldn’t put it out. Personally I think they are out of touch with reality.
    I want a World Basketball League video game along with a World Baseball League video game. Maybe I’m out of touch with reality but I like dreaming. 🙂

  • king

    I think I seen this movie before lol

  • BCYa

    The same people that whine and want competition for Madden celebrate no competition for NBA 2K. Stupid.

    I’m pretty tired of video games anyway these days because of the never-ending greed. Sports titles are flooded with it because of the Ultimate Team modes.

    • Keith.

      And the same people who say they want competition in basketball have spent the last 12 years trying to drown out those of us who have wanted competition to return to football, never criticizing EA for using an illegal monopoly to kill competition instead of using a stellar product, like 2K has done.

      Funny how that works.

      • SockfulOfNickels

        How is it an illegal monopoly and why has no one stepped in for the 12 years it’s been in place? I don’t believe exclusive rights deals are illegal but I’m not a lawyer (not trolling genuinely curious why you say it’s “illegal”).

        • Keith.

          They were sued for the monopoly, tried to get it dismissed (and lost), and then paid $27 million to settle along with their agreement not to seek another NCAA exclusive license for a number of years. Illegal was a bad choice of words, since it wasn’t a criminal proceeding, but “wrongful” is the same thing.

          • SockfulOfNickels

            Fair enough. Truly one of the worst things to happen to sports gaming, regardless.

          • Keith.


    • hungryandrew

      Idiot, NBA 2k won the battle due to beating Live to the garve. 2k fought with competition, they didn’t run to the NBA and asked for a exclusive license deal to be the only developer to make NBA videogames, Blame EA for their lack of direction and focus while making those horrible Live games.

      • BCYa

        Thanks for reminding me why I never come to this place. I thought it was moderated, but you can just call me an idiot. Classy.

        I really liked NBA Live 10. Aftertime that it went downhill.

        2K is boring, and I don’t even give a damn about basketball anymore.

        • Casor_Greener

          This is internet dude. Don’t go crying for mommy because someone gives you a rude comment

  • WilsonRamos
  • Hoops

    NBA Live today is a joke, really. Couldn’t care less about it.

  • MoneyMayweather

    I think that about closes the door for me caring about Live.

    I won’t look foward to this game anymore they’ve shut the door sick of EAs shit the delays, cancellations Endless reboots sick of it all I tried to support this game but I’m sick of this shit.

    Just cancel the series if you’re not gonna release any games anymore just because of Sales You disrespected my buy last year

    NBA dead 1995-2017

  • WilsonRamos

    just fly it to swizterland its time it died.

  • WilsonRamos

    live dead
    UFC, Rory Mcilroy on the ropes

    only thing proping Ea is the stale cash cows of Fifa and madden

  • J.D. The Horseman

    NBA STREET/ JAM or retire

    • hungryandrew

      EA’s Jam sucked.

      • ClubSteve

        if they can do an updated roster for nba jam, i would be happy with that….

      • J.D. The Horseman

        It really did lmaoooo but they are desperate. And I’m sick of 2k I ball everyday, rather have flaming hoops..

      • J.D. The Horseman

        Yeah but nobody else is making a replica so it’s quiet right now

  • buckeyeboi

    EA…….just give it up!

  • HeatFan786

    Just like how 2k pulled out of the MLB market, it’s time for EA to let go off NBA Live. They cannot outdo NBA 2k.