Yet another NBA 2K17 patch has gone out

Posted February 11th, 2017 at 8:45 am

Another update is now available to download in NBA 2K17 and becomes the ninth post-release patch of substance this year. For whatever reason on PS4 the updates have required a massive download of 7.6GB on each occasion. Considering four of them have been rolled out in the last 10 days, those who own the game on that system have been forced to download over 30GB of data over that short stretch of time which is problematic to say the least.

This latest patch deals with matchmaking issues in Pro-Am which saw occurrences of failed searches for opponents rise after one of the patches released just over a week ago.

Earlier updates addressed issues that include a lengthy delay loading to the main menu, gameplay in MyPark and PS4 Pro compatibility after adding support for the system, ability to release roster updates, fixing of the shot meter and various bugs, reduction of shot percentages, and tweaking of general gameplay and presentation. Despite all of that major issues have remained most notably related to CPU defensive AI and the game’s online Pro-Am mode.

  • jake

    2k17 is such a mess. I wish other media covered all these issues but no they go and give it 9s and 10s on metacritic and will do again next year. smh

  • Keith.

    Best sports game on the market. Maybe with a few more articles from Pasta it’ll hit 9 million in sales this year. Be nice to see ’em hit 10 million with 2K18, when they and the NBA roll out their new league. Now that would really be something.

    • Honorable Horatio

      Do you work for take two? There is absolutely no competition that’s why these numbers are so high. Don’t get me wrong, the only game I really play is 2k, but they seriously took a step back this year. My opinion is strictly in regards to MyCareer/Proam.

      • Keith.

        No, I don’t work for Take Two.

        And no, NBA 2K hasn’t gone from selling 2 million to 8 million copies per year — more than the NFL — simply because there is no competition. It’s because it’s the best sports game on the market, year after year.

        • Honorable Horatio

          Who said anything about NFL? I guarantee you if for some odd reason EA makes a playable basketball game, those numbers will drop. Anyway, who cares about what they sale, do you have stock invested or something? Maybe they should take some of that money from sales and invest in new servers, then you’d have a point. You can barely play Proam because it’s so laggy and kicks users randomly. You say it’s the best sports game, what is this based on?

  • NELL86

    Damage Control

  • MoneyMayweather

    What’s wrong with the CPU defensive A.I.?

    • Would take a while to go into the specifics, but here’s one video that covers some of it pretty well:

      • MoneyMayweather

        so you post a video of a guy abusing the same play over and over again? and saying the AI sucks? LMAO

        Look pasta

        I do find the game a lil easier even on pro then last year or this generation. but I think the Devs did that deliberately. I don’t abuse the same play over and over again I freelance without any sets or plays and can get good games but I notice I can only win on a pro I put it up to all star I get beat

        I noticed 2k has since 2k13 has been slowly slowly letting the reigns on shooting the ball in 2k8 and 2k9 I couldn’t make shots but I’m a low skill level player I do think the high skill level players will find 2k a pain to play with but you have to understand back in the early xbox 360 days 2k was just a popular niche title it’s now a popular mainstream game for the masses nobody likes to miss shots or not score so I think the devs are doing this on purpose as to not piss off mainstream casual 2k players who want to makes shots and have fun.

        like keith said it sold 7 million last year and 8 million this year it’s just a sacrifice that the high skill level 2k players are gonna have to make for the game selling a lot.

        I don’t think that’s gonna change because the game will still sell it’s now a casual for the masses title. not a niche popular title like ten years ago where they could make the game so hard and tough to score.

        • You really don’t think that the CPU being unable to properly defend pick and rolls is a major issue? That the CPU not adjusting to what the user is doing (even on the highest difficulty) seems like something of a concern. That was just one example anyway. Could also look at others like how the CPU constantly double teams your MyPlayer, how the 4 out 1 in offense is undefendable online due to the CPU defenders screwing up, and so on.

          • Honorable Horatio

            The actual movements on defense are so bad you can’t properly guard anyone. Then that arrow or whatever it’s called is the worst. You can’t switch on defense properly at all because the “arrow” pulls you like scorpion to your “assignment.” That auto defense needs to be eliminated, this game strictly taylors to offense which is ridiculous. Oh and don’t get me started on the stupid A.I, playing mycareer games are so horrible. If the ball enters the paint it’s a foul 95% of the time. CPU only plays good defense on you, your CPU will foul out by halftime lol. And the double teams omg, score 3 straight buckets and your doubled the whole game lol. The CPU will leave Steph Curry wide open and come to the other side of the court to double my lockdown defender, all game lol. I guess it’s cool cause it helped me get dimer on my LD lol.

        • Keith.

          If you notice, the video pasta posted was from November. Truth is, Pasta doesn’t play 2K basketball enough to know just how great of a game it really is.

          • Glen Willett

            And yet the AI still constantly brings soft double teams leaving guys wide open for easy shots and the pick and roll remains unstoppable.

            The video may be from November, but the same exact one could be made right now. Which might be more telling of how 2k really put out a broken game this year and not even 22 GB of patches in a week and a half has been enough to solve the problems.

          • Honorable Horatio


          • SockfulOfNickels

            Come on Keith, couldn’t the same be said for you with all of EA’s games?

          • Keith.

            There’s no EA games on the same level as 2K, The Show, or PES. It’s not like I’m knocking masterpieces by ripping on Rory, UFC, Live or Madden. The people who don’t recognize it play mostly EA games, I’ve found.

          • SockfulOfNickels

            I 100% agree that no EA sports games even approach the Show, 2K, or PES, my point is just that you don’t play EA games but trash them, while refusing to acknowledge areas where 2K in particular wasn’t great this year. The defensive AI was for sure a problem, just because it didn’t bother you didn’t mean it isn’t a problem. That’s all I’m saying. Even though I troll you for your EA hate just so you know I agree that the EA sports games have been super, super, super lazy efforts for the most part. Even though they are all fun to me, there have been inexcusable issues in each of them.

        • Honorable Horatio

          I agree with you, but your 1st sentence makes pastapadre’s point more valid. If the A.I was “improved,” running the same play over and over should lead to adjustments by the A.I. I too like to run plays and actually try and play basketball, but I find it when I play like I have no basketball I.Q, i.e cheesing lol, I demolish the CPU lol. I’m not a cheese player at all, just in mycareer lol, not in Proam lol.

          • MoneyMayweather

            Here’s the thing.

            any game can be abused it’s a video game man.

            nothing about the video brings 2k to shame at all.

            People will find out how to abuse anything.

          • Honorable Horatio

            This is true, that’s why I’m a firm believer that certain games should block users from uploading clips on YouTube showing people how to exploit the game, which could at least minimize that. Or maybe I’m wrong, but I’m just tired of playing ppl online who run the same offenses and same defensive sets because such and such on YouTube said so.

          • Honorable Horatio

            But in all honesty the pick n roll has yet to be fixed, and that is bringing the game to shame. Think about in mycareer, if you get picked, your assignment is now the guy who sets the pick, if you switch it. Your help, the CPU, won’t even attempt to guard your man and you get allow man to score. That’s a flawed system, period. The A.I should at the least recognize the pick and hedge it or something, but instead they just continue to hold their man. And I play on HOF and will gladly post screenshots.

  • Kid Fleetfoot

    I am glad I never figured out how to play the PS4 version of NBA 2K17 or NBA 2K16 for a regular season like the PS3’s version of The Association. I don’t think the PS3 version has received many good reviews so I may be in the minority on this. One wonders if next year will see a new version for the PS3. for now I am happy in my ignorance playing the PS3 version of NBA 2K16 because that’s where my created players are. Maybe I’ll give the PS4 version another try but sheesh! Updates over 7 GB!!! Irrational.

  • Glen Willett

    It’s hilarious that the same people that label everyone who says anything nice about Madden on this site an undercover Game Changer are constantly shilling for this regression of a series.

    Three days in the past couple of weeks I’ve sat down to play NBA 2k, just to have to leave the PS4 on and walk away for an hour so these massive updates could download. Only to turn it on and still be able to easily pass out of double teams that the AI brings without ever adjusting.

    Lots of fun factor there.

  • Hoops

    These patches for me show the game was broken on release date and this is a problem with 2K this year: they released a lot of stuff but did not polish it properly. Hope next year we have a really finished product.

  • Timothy Brooks

    The AI makes adjustments when I run pick and roll. I’ve made 10 players. I’ve played almost 500 games on My Player. I can’t get to the basket consistently with my slasher. They double you when you get hot and getting your badges is irritating on rookie. My screen takes almost 10 minutes to load when booting up. 2K already fucked over pro am teams. Patch is too late.

    • Honorable Horatio

      The CPU in mycareer will adjust to your execution of the pick n roll, the difference is on defense your CPU won’t adjust. Bro I too have hella players including a slasher, their biggest issue is their lack of ball handling and lack of stamina. 2k dropped the ball on this, but I expect they will improve. Like how is a slashers strength driving and finishing at the rim, but they can’t dribble, speed with the ball is low and after 2 moves your stamina is drained.

  • jbstoner43

    If this was EA, no updates would be out except for the MUT. at least 2k has the gamer interest at heart rather than the money hungry gut wrenching EA.

  • Honorable Horatio

    I would really like to see either you or OS make a thread about the horrendous mycareer mode, including Proam. It really bothers my that this is one of the most played modes, and it’s consistently broken but every year the game gets 4.5-5 stars. Like how can this even be reviewed correctly, how can you run a Proam game on their S****y servers if the game isn’t out yet. Sites need to start reviewing games 1 month after release, if this is what actually happens, excuse my lack of knowledge.

  • Chosen King

    2k you fucking suck you killed the sharpshooters ain’t nobody playing this wack ass shit no more y’all ruined the game completely booooooo You about to lose a lot of players due to you patching players all the time we been playing with these characters for months now and you decided to fuck them up now I’m taking my ass to live next year y’all suck to be honest