New patch for Madden NFL 17 is heavy on gameplay improvements

Posted February 14th, 2017 at 7:30 am

The sixth post-release patch for Madden NFL 17 went out today and it’s a substantial one. Not only is it somewhat unusual to get a patch after a NFL season has ended, it’s especially so considering gameplay is the focus of the update.

Some of the biggest changes include addressing RAC catches, a fix for CPU defenders being offsides in no-huddle situations, improvements to zone coverage in handling C routes, and an increase to the chance of fumbles when diving over the top of players, a fix for CPU punts into the wind, and more importance being given to the ratings of offensive lineman. 


Removed the ability to flick the R-Stick to pump fake when the player is outside of the pocket. Right Stick will now always throw ball away in these situations.

Fixed a legacy issue where defensive linemen would be called for encroachment when offense was using no huddle.

Addressed an issue where receivers would have the ball bounce off their arms when attempting RAC catches leading to drops or tip picks.

Fixed issue where QB’s could not match tackles after throwing an interception.

Fixed an issue where the user drop down banner was precluding player stat drop downs

Removed user drop down banners for user catch, finesse and power moves due to high frequency being distracting.

Fixed a bug where a safety banner would fire every time a pass was intercepted in the end zone.

Fixed a grieving tactic where offense could trigger infinite offsides penalties to extend the game.

Made some zone coverage adjustments to improve an issue where C Routes were overpowered when run on the wide side of the field with a TE on the line of scrimmage.

Increased frequency of broken tackles that can trigger from hit sticks. This will add more risk to going for hit stick tackles.

Fixed CPU punters kicking high into the wind, causing short punts.

Fixed a short delay that could rarely occur when attempting to snap the ball.

Fixed a variety of ‘players freezing’ issues when coming out of blocking interactions.

Tuned up fumble chances on ‘precision dive over top’ and increased the Tier requirements to perform the elite version of this mechanic.

Fixed issue where free offensive linemen would not react to nearby defender who beat a block.

A variety of pass block targeting issues resolved.

Fixed several encroachment bugs from aligning and sliding the defense in pre-play.

Addressed a rare issue where defenders could get into a state where they could not be blocked.

Fixed an issue where turning the pass accuracy slider to 0 would have very little impact in game.

Fixed a turbo blitz off the edge that was specific to players in a 4 point stance.

Addressed an issue where a DB in press coverage would not be able to defend a player locked user WR hot routed to a smoke screen


Tuned a variety of issues related to community feedback that lower rated offensive line was too effective against an elite defensive line. This change will also make elite OL more effective against lower rated D-line.

Addressed feedback that various online modes played at different game speeds. All online game speeds now consolidated to run at normal game speed.

Addressed an issue where a user in an online game could disconnect/concede and result in a crash for the opponent.

Addressed an issue where a timeout call on the pause menu could lead to camera settings being switched. This was also used as a grieving tactic to reset opponents camera.

Fixed an issue where user settings would be reset to defaults in a play a friend game. This includes the auto flip setting defaulting to on.


Fixed CFM issue where user would receive an Invite Error Popup when trying to invite another user to a Franchise game.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    About five months too late like seriously who tests the gameplay during the development cycle at EA Tiburon my online versus record is terrible based on playing fools that do nothing but overtly cheat,cheese,glitch and exploit flaws in the game over the past 3 months and now the Monkeys on Madden team decide to fix the main gameplay issues

  • Keith.

    Hope to see some of the “NBA 2K must be a broken mess because of all the patches” folks show their faces here.

    • Nathan Shane Long

      Just the mere fact that i’ve been forced to download four patches the past week on my PS4 for NBA 2K17 signifies how BROKEN and RUSHED that garbage game is

      • Glen Willett


    • Glen Willett

      When was the last Madden patch before this one? And if you totaled up all the Madden patches since release would it add up to the 22 GB that 2K put out over just the past two weeks?

      Madden wasn’t an amazing game by any means, but it took steps forward this year and I can’t remember one time where I fired it up this year and had to set it down for an hour so a patch could download to fix a bunch of online matchmaking features I don’t even use.

      More than I can say for the BROKEN MESS that is NBA 2K.

  • Casor_Greener

    Great game this year. Glad see Madden make a comeback

  • Jay (The Truth)

    Pretty ironic that (What I’m reading into with an educated assumption) this is probably because of Ultimate Team and E-sports. Now they have a vested interest in continuing to support and improve the game for almost a full calendar year. Last generation they would’ve been done a week or two ago, forever. Until the next product came out. Now, because of the money generated from MUT and the money they’re putting up for tournaments, have an incentive. Awesome for consumers. Noticed this last year too. They had new MUT content all the way up until literally the week before M17 dropped.

    • MoneyMayweather

      Truth Bombs

    • Iown You

      I believe 15 and 16 had very late MUT updates, but I don’t recall updates for anything else.

      Madden 17’s sales rebounded a lot at the end, but they had to practically give the game away to do it, so it becomes a loss or push depending on where their money is. So, I feel like a substantial update like this might be more of a desperation move than a move of trying to develop better.

      But for me, the game just won’t do. The arcadey button prompts that I can’t turn off, and the presentation being completely destroyed by terrible cameras, are both things that I can’t forgive and why I gave up on the game in August BEFORE official release based on my play time in EA Access. From the opening screen where you see a skinny Gronk (WTF?), to the strange choice in teams for the opening cinematic, to the awful soundtrack, I knew the game wasn’t going to be anything and it wasn’t.

    • Glen Willett

      Yeah I’m pretty much done with the game, and have been for about a month now. But it’s clear that the entire sports gaming industry is being pressured into year round support for their titles with the eSports angle.

      The best case scenario here would obviously be that gamers are able to pressure the industry into releasing these games on a development cycle on par with most other titles while continuously patching the game through paid expansions like we see on the PC side.

      That way new titles are new titles and not just full priced roster updates.

      • Jay (The Truth)

        Unfortunately, never going to happen. I love the genre as much as anyone, and would love to see it, but it would never happen. If all sports games suddenly pivoted to a two or three year cycle, there likely wouldn’t be a monster crowd of new customers. By and large, the same people who buy all of this stuff would still be the bulk of the sales. Because of that, not much (if any) room to grow. Annual releases are entirely about shareholders, quarterly earnings and what (in this case the exclusivity of NFL license) studios have to pay for licensing fees for leagues, apparel and player’s unions. Thus, there would be no incentive to expand the dev cycle. If anything, doing that runs more risks. Making less money, or losing money, people losing interest in the franchise and moving on to other genres during off years, etc. This annual model won’t change until people completely stop buying sports games.

  • ClubSteve

    very surprising considering the final roster update is already out and the season is over….they must be expecting alot of MUT and Draft Champions to be played during the off season.

  • Brian Gimbert

    I recall last year near the end of Madden 16 EA releasing”fixes”, it basically made Madden 16 so terrible that you had no choice but upgrade to Madden 17, hope this isn’t a repeat of that.

  • Nathan

    Has anyone else had the bug where you go in a no huddle offense and you do a passing play then after you hike the ball it acts like a QB draw and nobody blocks and your QB gets sacked and then fumbles the ball without being able to throw to anyone?

    • Yep, that’s happened to me from time to time. One of the things I’ve kept looking for them to fix for a long while.

    • Glen Willett

      I get the thing where I run the no huddle and then it won’t let me snap the ball and I have to blow a TO..

  • joeydon

    Glad to see theyre trying its a way late and some of the glitches are pathetic. When the steelers do a user move it looks like a penalty, make it black, don’t remove the feature. It doesn’t let u ice the kicker unless u call the time out instantly. The field goal team could sit there until the play clock runs out but ur time outs r locked. Where r the people w half a brain? Precious seconds tick off the clock after plays as it makes u look at the close ups of the coach, close to the end of games when u should be choosing your play, I’m talking 10 seconds lost on a final drive with 15 seconds left! Kick a perfectly powerful kick and u see it registered but then acts as if you didn’t even press the button and ur kick is ruined. There’s a million issues more important than beefing the olines of people who buy they’re teams even more. Its such bs, when things of this sort effect the outcome of a game so I’m happy to help. I should consult for ea. I have a ton more suggestions and gripes about glitches in madden 17.

  • Packers96

    EA told us that they fixed several stability issues in the game since the first patch.
    But this is not what I have noticed, the suction problem continues and this time it seems to me that it is still worse.
    When a fumble happens the players go towards the ball at an absurd speed and
    In almost every running play my HB invariably hits the fullback or some offensive line player.

  • Raymack27

    None of this matters, nerds and cheaters who hate getting beat will find a way to cheat or glitch them game!

  • Donald Sims Jr.

    Should have left the game speed alone…. sucks, seems like everyone run the same speed….receivers and linemen…. need to reconsider this one or I may be through playing

  • jbstoner43

    EA is a joke. Football season is over and now they want to improve the gameplay. This is suppose to be done during the season. Most of the madden updates was related to the stupid money grabbing MUT crap. I live for the day that the true gamers stop buying the Madden.