Details on the latest patch for FIFA 17

Posted March 21st, 2017 at 2:45 pm

Another patch went out for FIFA 17 earlier today. It’s the fourth significant update for the game post-release, affecting primarily Ultimate Team but also addressing one gameplay issue. The patch did not add in the new MLS teams Atlanta and Minnesota and EA Sports has yet to comment on whether they’ll make it to FIFA 17 at all.

Ultimate Team
Added ability to limit the number of times a player can win a weekday knockout tournament in FUT Champions
Added the ability to limit attribute items for FUT Champions matches
Added new squad restriction options to FUT Champions such as player type
Added games remaining to the FUT Champions leaderboard

Updated Chapecoense team crest
Fixed Axel Tuanzebe 2D player photo
Addressed an issue where a player’s Overall rating displayed incorrectly
Standardized the latency bar graphic across all online modes

Fixed issue where the goalie would pick up the ball after a pass back from a teammate
Disabled penalty kick indicator and FIFA trainer from all FUT Champions matches

  • MoneyMayweather

    I don’t think they’ll add them in Pasta EA sports isn’t a great consumer friendly compnay anything to nickel and dime you.

    Online passes anyone?

    I believe they will be in FIFA 18 on Switch so they can charge full price for two teams already in the league

    Sad but true I’ve dealt with EA for about 22 years I know my company already.

    • They’ve added new MLS teams for the start of their seasons in the past.

    • jbstoner43

      About time, you’re finally waking up. EA is only interested to catering to ultimate team idiots who waste their money.