Amazon Prime members will get free NBA 2K17 bonuses next week

Posted April 20th, 2017 at 9:30 am

When Amazon purchased Twitch in 2014 it was only a matter of time before the two websites became linked and that happened last year. One of the lesser-known benefits of the Prime subscription service is what’s referred to as ‘Twitch Prime’ which eliminates advertisements when watching streams and provides a free channel subscription each month. It’ll now also offer something extra for those with NBA 2K17.

Beginning Tuesday, April 25 those with Prime will receive 75,000 VC and a MyTeam pack with a guaranteed Sapphire or Moments card. That amount of VC alone would cost $20 to buy.

In order to activate Twitch Prime the two accounts (Amazon and Twitch) must be connected. That’s done here. Based on the wording it appears that even those who sign-up for an Amazon Prime free 30 day trial will get the 2K17 bonuses.

Amazon Prime goes for $99 a year and offers free 2-day shipping, 20% off all video game pre-orders, a library of streaming movies, television, and music plus more.

As the relevance of 2K17 begins to wane after seven months this is one way to regenerate interest and involve new consumers in the revenue-generating MyTeam. With that same idea in mind NBA 2K16 was given away for free to PlayStation Plus members last June and something along those lines could happen again this summer.

  • MoneyMayweather

    Pasta any news on the college football game front?

    You said in 2014 it might take five years for college football video games to show up again so were two years out away from that prediction does it look like were on schedule? or a few more years out.

  • SockfulOfNickels

    Very cool idea, I just made my Twitch account a Prime one too.

  • Skopin

    Two questions: How are they giving it away? Will they just email you a code or something? Or is it something through NBA 2k17 itself? Also, does an Amazon account with Prime benefits through family sharing count, or does the Twitch account have to be connected to the original account that signed up for Prime?