EA Sports UFC 3 has been confirmed for early 2018 release

Posted May 11th, 2017 at 9:45 am

Late Tuesday the full financial results for fiscal year 2017 were reported by Electronic Arts and in the process of doing so the company again laid out its release schedule for the year ahead with one new addition to the slate. EA Sports UFC 3 has been confirmed for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2018, which means it will arrive in the January-March 2018 window. Most likely that means early-mid March which is also when the last game in the series released in 2016.

A consumer survey that went out shortly after EA Sports UFC 2 released provided some insight into the direction and features the company may be considering with the third game in the franchise. Virtual Reality, a Draft Champions type mode, more spectating and streaming options, and greater reliance on earning and spending in-game currency are the highlights there.

EA stock has been trading at record-high levels for months but shot up more than $12 (over 12%) yesterday in reaction to the better than expected results and bullish projections for the quarters ahead. The company largely credited the digital revenues from FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1 for the recent success. The upcoming release schedule through the end of the summer includes Madden NFL 18, FIFA 18, NHL 18, and NBA Live 18.

  • bze

    excited for Keith’s meltdown over EA stock soaring lol

    • Keith.

      You see who we got in the White House? There’s a lot of things in this world that make no sense, EA’s ridiculous stock price included. If I had a meltdown over every one I’d never get out of bed.

  • MoneyMayweather

    It’s official NBA live 18 is coming and will release in September!

    Eat it andrew just eat it! cause I know you’re hungry!

  • Walk

    True seamless tv style presentation should be the focus here. THQ replicated the presentation of the UFC perfectly and their attention to detail made that game more immersive than EA has been able to do in my opinion despite the graphic and physics updates. I would like to be able to set up an event and from start to finish I should feel like i am watching a televised UFC event and I dont feel that way with UFC 2

  • ClubSteve

    nba live 18? really?

    • MoneyMayweather

      Yep EA sports and CEO Andrew Miller saw an opening after the Shot meter debacle on twitter.

      Live will tout we never touch shooting controls percentage and what not.

      sick and tired of beluba asking only people who go on twitter about a game

      what about the people without twitter accounts? where is their voice?

      it’s a mess

    • HeatFan786

      What happened to EA? They are complete simpletons now. Gone are the days of Madden 04/05, MVP Baseball 05, NBA Live 05, Mass Effect 1-2, and other classics.

      Now, it’s just FUT, HUT, MUT, buggy games, recycled features, and a load of trash.

      • BeantownBeatdown

        Really isn’t EA’s fault if I was selling “fresh grilled burgers” and people knew it was actually manure with grill marks but kept piling in buying their fill, why would I ever go buy a package of beef?

  • Sean Patrick Sinagra

    I’m excited, UFC is my favorite sport, and the games have consistently gotten better.

    But they are facing a major issue if they want to make a more in depth card collecting mode.

    (VR already makes me slightly motion sick depending on the game, Moving your head to sway from punches would be the worst)

    Most of the “legends” go to Bellator to end their careers, as do any top 20 guys that get cut after going on a losing streak.

    It’s hard to make a Battle Royale/Draft Champions with MMA because fighters leave the company every few months.

    Legends like Fedor Emelianenko & Tito Ortiz and entertaining fighters like Chael Sonnen won’t be in the game because they fight for a rival promotion

    That’s unfortunate because they could do a mode like MLB the shows diamond dyanasty with Flashback and Breakout and UFC Debut aka “Rookie” cards

    Example for how they name it could be Conor McGregor having a Champion card, a UFC debut card, and a #1 Contender card.

    I would love for them to make their current ultimate team more like The Show, but it’s EA, so we will probably end up getting more of last years mode but with more micro transactions for packs of moves

    • BeantownBeatdown

      I wish the career mode was a bit more like the show, although this years The Show only scratched the surface and had zero actual value to your choices. It would still be better than EA UFC 2’s career mode.

      Also they need infinite slots for career mode, the same way The Show has endless saves.