Art improvements showcased for Super Mega Baseball 2 and release month revealed

Posted May 26th, 2017 at 7:00 am

Metalhead Software today released a new video for Super Mega Baseball 2 with this one focusing on the improvements that have been made to stadiums, characters, and animations. Without licensing there’s a certain creative freedom the developers can take but they’re also responding to feedback received from consumers about the look of the first game.

SMB2 is the sequel to one of the biggest surprises of 2014, with the original finishing near the top of numerous Sports Game of the Year lists. The follow-up will add online play, enhance the character models, refine gameplay, and provide greater customization features. It’ll also “maintainĀ and improve the game’s fantastic original mechanics (Ego system, mojo mechanic, infield slow down, pitching system).”

Unfortunately release is being targeted for September, and with at least seven other major (all licensed) sports games releasing right in that same abbreviated late-summer window the decision is absolutely devastating for its prospects at having any success.

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  • MoneyMayweather

    Why do they wanna release in September?

    they should have released in July. right before the ASG and not alot of sports stuff is released that month since NCAA football

    • That probably would have been ideal, but the game simply may not be ready by that time, and rushing out something unfinished would be bad too. September is just the absolute worst month for a smaller sports game to release and it’s disappointing knowing it’ll really struggle there to get any consumer support.

      • Travan

        They’d be better off just waiting until next spring.

      • Just a guy

        It’s pretty dumb to release in September, honestly. They’re going to be fighting behind Madden, FIFA, NHL, NBA and NASCAR (and maybe something I might be missing). It’s like they’re actively trying to make it fail.

        It’d be smart to just wait until the playoffs start in early October, or even the World Series later in the month, to release it so there might be some hype surrounding the sport at least.

        • ClubSteve

          maybe they will lower the price due to the late release or waiting until october seems like a good idea. wonder if they ran into problems or if they are adding more features or something…..

        • Anthony Suriano

          Add Pro Evolution (9/12) and Everybody’s Golf (8/29) that release around that time.