MLB The Show 17 facing backlash over recent changes made to hitting

Posted June 20th, 2017 at 11:15 am

There’s no question that this has been a particularly rough year for the MLB The Show series. The excessive server troubles even still continue to linger months later and numerous patches have been needed to put out a variety of fires. Throughout all that though most would have agreed that gameplay remained excellent which is why they kept playing despite all the problems surrounding the game.

It seems the collective feeling towards MLB The Show 17 has shifted recently however due to adjustments made to hitting in the most recent patch and as a whole since the game released. Though it hasn’t actually been noted in the details, changes have been made reducing success at the plate in both average and power. Many are observing that even perfectly lined up and timed swings are resulting in weak pop-ups or grounders.

Whether it be on forums or social media the topic has been a hot one in the last week and that frustration is understandable. The swing feedback is all the information the user has to understand why they got the result that they did. When that feedback doesn’t match with reasonable expectations it’s a problem, and taking the power out of the bats makes the game considerably less fun to play as it naturally turns games into low scoring affairs and that then online promotes cheese tactics and leads to more quitting.

It’s all but certain that hitting will once again be addressed in the next patch though it’s unclear when that will come about. There was debate over the hitting even before the latest update that has created an uproar, and it’s something that Sony San Diego will surely be analyzing their data on for making adjustments and providing better balance going forward.

  • alex

    Ive been a big fan of The Show over the years but 17 is a disaster. Made worse because the company doesnt communicate at all. They post stupid memes on social media and ignore all the legitimate complaints.

    • jbstoner44

      The game isn’t perfect, but its still one of the best sports games on the market.

      • L3fty

        One of the best sports game compared to what? RBI Baseball? NHL, NBA, Madden, and FIFA all have more replay ability throughout the whole year than the Show does.

        • Ant McLeod

          Stop smoking crack, RTTS is a game itself. Franchise is king, DD is still sweet. The only game that is close is NBA2K. Madden? GTFO

          • jbstoner44

            I agree with 100%

        • jbstoner44

          With some minor slider tweeks to the game, the game is by far one of the best games ever made.

        • Barakuda

          Yeah NHL still has things that have been complained about since PS2 Original Xbox versions of the game. There are points in the game the computer become totally predictable and yet they still score.

          • Zach

            MLB The Show > NBA 2K > Madden > NHL

            The Show and 2K are neck and neck

        • Inferior White Guy

          sorry, i play mlb the show from release to next release, speak for yourself not everyone else

      • AL B

        Biff!!! No its not. Every EA and 2kgame dumps on The Show 17!! Its not even close!

        • jbstoner44

          When you mentioned EA, you lost all credibility. EA is so overrated. I wont waste my time arguing with you.

        • BravesFan24

          Every EA game? Even NBA Live? LOL no.

  • bze

    i stopped playing recently cause of how bad the hitting has gotten. no idea what they are doing over there with this game.

    • Finchy74

      I’ve bought the show every year for years. Been playing MLBTS 17 since it came out and I swear to God, I’m still ready to throw the controller through the damn wall every so often. Surprise, it’s due to the batting. Incredibly frustrating.

  • jbstoner44

    I’m glad to see this article, because i thought it was only me noticing this. I had to adjust the “hitting, power and timing sliders” just to make each game remotely competitive. In my season, my record is 6-28, which is mostly due to lack of good solid hits. I still love this game.

  • MoneyMayweather

    I haven’t played the game since May glad I haven’t put it in now.

  • connor

    My franchise team is virtually the same as the one I had in MLB 15. I averaged around 6-7 runs scored in games that I played my self. In 17, virtually every game I play is a pitching dual that I come out on the losing end of because of the ridiculous hitting in this game. Even with good timing and bat placement, the ball is popped up in the infield 3/4 of the time. I skipped last years game and was going to skip this year until I saw how good the review were. The franchise mode is still copied and pasted from 5 years ago, the commentary is somehow worse than before, online doesnt work, etc.. I dont know what reviewers saw that made them give this game scores above 7 let alone all the 8s and 9s.

    • Geno The Gamer

      They saw money. No matter the medium(movies, games, cookbooks ect…) Reviews are paid for. Ever wonder why theres always 6 different MOVIE OF YEAR!! Every damn year.

    • Casor_Greener

      Im with you

  • WilsonRamos

    I wish they would put the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Unis in the game

    • Keith Rakestraw

      They did

      • WilsonRamos

        No they haven’t

  • Smsixx

    I noticed there was a problem when my pitching difficulty had hit “Hall of Fame” level and my hitting was still sitting at “veteran +”

    I love dynamic difficulty…but it has even exposed this flaw.

    • this X 1,000,000. well said, sir.

  • ClubSteve

    glad i still have 16….maybe by the time i get 17, all the issues will be resolved.

  • Ant McLeod

    I figured something was up. I’ve been playing The Show since 13. But it is still the best sports game going.

  • Rebel

    I’ve noticed it’s now harder to hit home runs, although as easy as it was when the game first released, that’s probably a good thing. My average has actually gone up, but it does seem like there have been more infield pop-ups lately. Nothing has affected my enjoyment of the game.

    • BravesFan24

      Yeah, IMO it was too easy to hit home runs when the game first released.

  • Brian

    I’m having no issues on offense, and I’m using the Braves. I just won 8-4 over the Pirates at home. Had 12 hits, 4 walks, and a Freeman home run. I am not seeing any of these issues on hall of fame difficulty. I honestly hope they don’t change it. I feel like certain players just get up there and hack. And that just doesn’t work in this game. One thing I noticed is when a pitcher throws a pitcher’s pitch on the corner your cursor does get smaller, and I think it should. That’s a very hard pitch to hit in real life. And I think that’s also where a majority of the squared up pop ups are. You have very little margin of error for that pitch. What I do, and had tremendous success with it, is be patient. Timing means so much in this iteration. Take a pitch. Get your batters stride and the pitcher’s motion down. Then wait for something to bash in the zone. Layoff early anything borderline. I typically concentrate on the lower half of the zone and layoff anything on the corners or high.

  • SuperSportBilly

    Has the recent patch adjusted hitting to make it a touch more realistic ?
    I understand that people were bumping Contact and Solid Hits up 1 each but that’s not needed now ?