First patch for Madden NFL 18 adds HDR, improves zone coverage and pass rush

Posted September 6th, 2017 at 7:30 am

Two big areas of gameplay scrutinized through community feedback have been addressed in the first patch for Madden NFL 18 which went out earlier this morning. The awareness of players in zone coverage and the effectiveness of the pass rush have been worked on following concerns expressed out of early gameplay videos and the first few days of release. Additionally HDR support has been added. The update weighs in at a relatively light 636MB. 


♦Zone Coverage tuning to increase ‘Break-on-Throw’ times
♦Tuning to decrease effectiveness of Ball Carrier special moves
♦Fixed issue of coaches standing in middle of field when restarting MUT Challenges
♦Tuning to increase blocksheds in run defense vs. Gun Inside Zone plays
♦Tuning to slightly increase pass rush when QB holds onto the ball for longer times in pocket
♦Fixed an issue with sideline characters not reacting appropriately to big plays


♦Fixed incorrect Chargers/Giants week 5 game on the schedule
♦Fixed issue of schedules recording incorrectly when using Play Now Live for preseason


♦HDR Support
♦General Stability fixing various crashes and softlocks
♦Fixed issue with Steelers; crowd ‘Terrible Towels’ appearing black or grey
♦Online Head-to-Head Quarter Length changed from 4 minutes to 5 minutes
♦Improved a small framerate drop when the ball is snapped on PS4
♦Tuned scaling of the football to be slightly smaller
♦Fixed an issue where Points were purchasable in Trial
♦Fixed an issue around MUT Squads players receiving the incorrect rewards when teammates leave the session early
♦Fixed Button functionality to be correct: [CROSS] button does not function when attempting to load a MADDEN PROFILE

  • Since2005

    Doesn’t seem they have fixed the bug causing the game lock up when using any play in the Gun Trio formation.

  • MoneyMayweather

    The best get better thanks Bryan.

  • Iown You

    Played a game on the patch and still saw plenty of zone problems. Also, the cameras are still fucked up. How many times can the head coach be shown in one game? How many ground-to-crotch shots do we need (I saw zero)?

    Glad I didn’t have to pay for this shit.

  • Yun9tru

    Pasta when will we get the 53 man cut update?

    • I’ve seen Friday mentioned for that, but I’d imagine they’d push to try and get it out earlier if at all possible.

  • jayphilly

    Strategy need to be fixed. The defense strategy does not work and the offense strategy barely work. When you rate the plays by how many stars system is broke two. This didn’t work last year and its still broke.

  • MoneyMayweather

    Is something going on with EA with hurricane Irma?

    I’ve noticed they are especially quiet today.

    • They’re probably trying to get as much done as possible before everyone leaves the studio on Thurs night. Content for the weekend and all that they’ll need out early. Could also explain radio silence on EA Access for NBA Live. Servers for Madden and Live could go down once the hurricane arrives.

      • Kiba

        Are they gonna fix the little things like Jason piarre Paul’s missing fingers or rico gathers hight?

        • Zach

          Not that I will buy Madden this year, but how do they not get JPP’s huge mitt on his right hand caused by his 4th of July antics?

  • Gk41

    Now I get A personal foul when I sack the qb nice job with the patch

  • Thats crazy to me that HDR for Frostbite 3 made it into a sports game before it makes it into Battlefield.

  • Aaron Jones

    Are they going to patch the excessive injuries. Only 3 weeks in a connected franchise with about 9 people and each time has a scrolling list of injuries. I had 4 consecutive plays in which an injury timeout was called.

    • buckeyeboi

      According to Rex at EA, he says that the injuries being a 50 is for 5 minute quarters. He recommends that you should turn down the injuries to 40 or less in the sliders if you’re playing more minutes in your CFM.

  • Kevna

    I don’t get what it means for online head to head quarter length changed from 4 to 5 mins? The quarter length already was 5 mins before this patch

  • Brian Anderson

    Last night I saved game #1 in my cloud Franchise just after half-time. I tried to load it this morning but was told that there was an error with Connected Franchise. Tried a few times but no luck.

    It’s not a huge loss as I can likely just delete that game and return to the same Franchise prior to the game, but I sure hope this isn’t a trend. With two kids, saving games in progress will happen a lot in my future…

  • Jason Dane

    This game sucks. Bring back Ncaa football.

  • jbstoner44

    I finally played it @ my buddies house and its the same as madden 17. Shame on you for sticking it to your customer straight up the rear.

  • NELL86

    This Has to be the worst football game ever created smh