Madden NFL 18 gets gameplay-heavy patch

Posted November 20th, 2017 at 12:30 pm

The fifth patch of substance arrived today for Madden NFL 18 and will likely be welcomed by those who have been waiting for more in the way of improvements to the core of the game given it has primarily been focused on gameplay. Other areas such as  Franchise and Ultimate Team have also been affected by the update but undoubtedly the approach taken for this one was to deliver considerable improvements and fixes to gameplay. 

The Key Changes

♦Added logic on all Game Styles so kick blocks no longer occur on “Perfect Kicks”
♦Adjusted pass blockers being hurdled too frequently by defenders
♦Fixed an issue that removed the VICIS helmets from offline CFM
♦Moved Pump Fake from Right Stick Up to Left Stick Click
♦Adjusted logic around QB Contain defensive assignment
♦Tuned to decrease block shedding in run blocking on All-Madden Simulation Game style
♦Tuned to improve tackling ball carriers during broken tackle animations


♦Tuned to improve play of AI QB’s, specifically around scrambling and recognizing pressure

♦Added logic on all game styles so kick blocks no longer occur on “Perfect Kicks” – to get a perfect kick, Kick Power must be at 100% and the Accuracy Meter must be stopped within the kicker’s accuracy window, and perfect text appears on screen when you get 100% Kick Power and there will be a blue flicker that will trigger on the kicker’s player icon after the kick that indicates you met the “Perfect” criteria

♦Removed Pump Fake functionality from Right Stick so users don’t accidently execute a Pump Fake when trying to throw the ball away – users can still Pump Fake while in the pocket by clicking Left Stick

♦Adjusted some logic around the QB Contain assignment: Tuning to QB Contain so that wider slot corners will not become Contain players when rushing, and dded functionality to pass blocking to better handle target switching for QB Contain defenders

♦Cut block fixes that reduce both cut block attempts and defensive hurdles over blockers in Competitive Game Style

♦Addressed an animation issue that was resulting in pass blockers being hurdled too frequently by defenders

♦Addressed an issue where defenders didn’t react to scramblers on fake kick plays when in a non-kick block type defense

♦Addressed some instances where TE’s would sometimes freeze at the snap in the Singleback Deuce Close formation

♦Addressed clock issues with Overtime periods

♦Addressed an issue where the QB would turn around backwardsto throw when using the Target Passing mechanic

♦Addressed issues around def users intentionally tripping receivers in Competitive Game Style

♦Addressed issue where offensive linemen would occasionally drop back deeper than the QB on play-action passing plays

♦Addressed an issue with the Toss animation on the Weak I Flex HB Toss Wk play in the Run ‘n Gun playbook

♦Addressed a rare issue where possession would be given to the incorrect team when kicking an onside kick out of bounds

♦Addressed a ball spotting issue around blocked punts going out of the back of the end zone

♦Addressed ball-spotting issues around turnovers that have been challenged or booth-reviewed

♦Added additional thresholds for QB Accuracy on Competitive Game style so that short, medium, and deep passes each have separate thresholds, with short pass having the lowest threshold to achieve accurate passes

♦Tuned to improve tackling ball-carriers during broken tackle animations

♦Tuned to decrease defensive coverage ‘break-on-ball’ reactions in All-Madden Sim Game style

♦Tuned to decrease block shedding in run blocking in All-Madden Sim Game Style

♦Tuned to decrease “nearby player penalty” for def players attempting to catch interceptions


♦Made stability fixes
♦Fixed an issue that removed the VICIS helmets from offline CFM
♦Fixed multiple issues with depth chart logic with injured players
♦Improved stability in the Weekly Training drills in Franchise mode
♦The team is aware of an issue in Franchise mode where users may experience lag during play call on PS4. We want our PS4 franchise players to know this issue is a top priority for our team, and we will do our best to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued patience.

Madden Ultimate Team

♦Set Repeatable Limits – We can now set the amount of times you can complete a set
♦Set Timers – Timer displays on the Set that will tell you how much longer it will be available
♦Improved the look and feel of chemistry in the lineup screen and back of items

  • Eric Boles

    I just want the zone reads fixed lol

  • Atown88

    I have not had the ability to challenge a single play, whether it’s a sideline catch, potential fumble, or ball spot. Anyone else having this issue? (X1)

  • MoneyMayweather

    lip stick on a pig. SMDH

  • Noel Christian Rueb

    Formation subs with a custom playbook in CFM STILL don’t work despite being an issue last year as well.

  • The best gets better.

  • Nic

    Franchise mode gave win to 1st possession team after only a fg in overtime…

  • Ben Davis

    All that and still haven’t fixed the player game logs and career stats in Franchise. Wow. Talk about incompetence or just flat out lazy development.

    • jbstoner44

      Hey, its EA , i hope you didn’t have high expections from them. Their best effort is and will always be subpar compared to other developers.

  • MoneyMayweather

    Pasta now that NBA live is doing 3 on 3 NBA street style games. Has EA at Tibroun thought of making an offline or online 7 on 7 mode NFL street style you know like 3/2 lineman 4 receivers 1 QB and 1 Running back. online or offline mode EA seriously needs to spice up the modes or put some work into franchise with Tony Bruno show I’m honestly sick of the game being focused on either Online head to head and MUT.

    There needs to be major changes for me to even think of playing this game again and actually have fun since all the player models look the same it isn’t even fun anymore I force myself to play for the NFL . i mean they did 3s for the NHL. Hoping that’ll be added for madden 19 pasta 🙁

  • Michael

    They need to fix the simulation bug in franchise. I play superstar or whatever it called now but every time during simulation a quarter ends. The play is going from wherever on the field to my own 20 and making it where the AI isn’t having to drive down the field correctly

  • WilsonRamos

    Big patch for NBA Live 3 on 3 is in

  • Kenson

    Why I can’t make any challenges please fix I can’t never challenge a play since I got the game please fix this I’m hot

  • Kenson

    Why I can’t challenge any plays since I got the game why please fix this it’s stupid too pay for game when I can’t challenge a play like the pros do an it’s crazy how I can’t check who made the pro bowl

  • MCJedi1

    I just wish EA would activate the inactive players in H2H. Cuts and trades I get it. I can play with inactives offline H2H!?! Pasta, is this some contractual (with the NFL) deal, or is this just EA being EA? (Extra Anal)