Details on the latest patch for NBA 2K18

Posted November 28th, 2017 at 11:15 am

The fourth patch of substance released early this week for NBA 2K18, with the fixes provided relatively minor in comparison to previous updates for the game. Those earlier patches had a number of critical fixes and heavily affected gameplay and various modes while this latest one has just a few miscellaneous areas touched upon.

One of the changes relates to Michael Jordan’s tongue, which unfortunately has ended up like this despite being said to have been made more “Mike-like.”

♦Users will no longer experience hang when reading texts from Bryan in MyCAREER.

♦Fixed an issue where Bryan would stop sending users texts to pick up their endorsement VC checks in MyCAREER.

♦Michael Jordan’s tongue should now look a little more Mike-like

♦Addressed hang that could occur in Gatorade Training Facility right before starting activity.

♦Addressed a case where some users were seeing their custom created shoes appearing differently in-game than how they looked in the editor.

♦The camera will no longer focus on the crowd when play resumes when called right before a free throw in Pro-Am and Play Now Online games.

♦Fixed case where playoffs would fail to advance after completing round in offline MyCAREER.

♦Squads will remain intact when choosing to Play Game after a Ruffles Tournament game.

♦Trivia will be re-enabled in the 2K Zone in MyCAREER once all consoles have received this update. 2K Zone Trivia provides 25 VC for every question you answer correctly.

  • agoluth

    lol at MJ’s tongue. 2k has become a joke

  • jbstoner44

    2k isn’t playing the same after the last patch update.. the computer is more aggressive on offense and they rarely miss shots.

  • Hoops

    These patches they only mess up with the gameplay. How about releasing a product that plays well out of the box, 2k?

    • MoneyMayweather

      Search @beluba he gets thousands of complaints about the game play everyday People can’t stop bitching or complaining about the game instead of actually putting in time to learn the nuances of how the game plays they expect Mike wang to Tailor the game exactly how these whinning fanboys want it.

      it sucks but what can you do? everyone is free to @beluba on twitter to voice their bitching.

  • NELL86

    I have watch 2k transition into EA its sad honestly