Player editing added to NBA Live 18

Posted December 7th, 2017 at 7:45 am

The NBA Live series has lacked the ability to edit players going all the way back to the reboot that was NBA Live 14. Despite being one of the most requested features by the basketball gaming community EA Sports failed to provide player editing abilities in the titles that have since followed including this year’s NBA Live 18. Now though, with a post-release patch that released today, player editing has returned to the Live franchise. 

Editing options include ratings, physical characteristics, development traits, gear and accessories.

Roster updates have surprisingly lagged behind reasonable expectations for NBA Live 18 so far, with ratings not being adjusted at anywhere near the rate that they should – if they even have been touched at all so far. At least with roster editing fans can try and make the fixes they deem necessary to either better replicate the NBA or make their own personal experience more fun.

  • MoneyMayweather

    99 Giannis on everything HO HO HO

  • Skopin

    Hallelujah! Surprising that it took them so long to implement this, especially since they were actually able to do it via patch. In any case, it should breath some new life into the game.

  • Ken Mooney

    but can you reduce L. Ball’s shooting attributes into the negative? That’s what the update is for, right?

  • Just a guy

    Nice. Can’t wait to try the full game out when it hits EA Access for free.

  • Hoops

    So now a 25% 3pt shooter has a 74 3pt rating? And a 50% free throw shooter has a 69 rating in the game? EA is definitely not acquainted to NBA stats. Lonzo Ball is one of the worst shooters to ever play the game, come on…

    • Part of why I used him as the example. They haven’t adjusted ratings this season (explaining why he’s still so high up) and having the ability to do that ourselves is welcome

      • ClubSteve

        any chance of EA implementing updated ratings when they do the roster updates?

      • Hoops

        It is welcome indeed.

  • Guest2015.

    Can’t edit WNBA rosters. Boo.