April Fools Joke, or unfunny lame attempt at an April Fools Joke?

Posted March 28th, 2007 at 4:59 am


Well the April editions of gaming magazines are making their way out, and that means its time for the classic move of posting false info instead of real news. Surprise, they gotcha again! Gameinformer magazine has avoided bucking this annoying trend. This time around they’ve taken a shot at Madden.

Downloadable content is on the rise, and after successful implementation in the series like Tiger Woods and Need for Speed, EA is counting on Madden 08 to push the boundaries of what gamers will tolerate. The new football title will have players spending real money to obtain a variety of in-game items; helmets, mascots and air for the ball must all be unlocked via credit card purchase.

Electronic Arts claims all these items will be totally optional. �We�re not forcing anyone to buy anything,� asserts a representative for EA Sports. �Players who elect to not purchase air for the ball still have a shot at the Super Bowl. They may just have to focus more on their running game.� This means that a significant financial investment will lead to a much better team, just like in real football�unless you�re the Redskins, of course.

If trends like these continue, video games will evolve into nothing more than interactive catalogues � mere conduits for digital transactions. When faced with this issue, the EA rep�s eyes lit up. �I�m gonna be so rich.�

Now it would be one thing if there was any semblance of comedy within that piece, however it just ended up coming across as a desperate attempt to take advantage of the disdain some online show against both EA and the concept of downloadable content. Lets leave it to sites like thebrushback, theonion, and sportspickle for the comedy alright fellas?

What may be the amusing part about all of this is how some people are either so gullible as to believe the news, or they jump at the chance to bitch and moan as if this was a legit piece of news. It just goes to show once again the motivation of some people who have nothing better to do than to hope that negative news is released. Those people may claim they just want something better, but all they really want is drama.