Official site for Madden 08 launches

Posted March 28th, 2007 at 5:42 am

EA Sports has launched the official website for Madden NFL 08. At this time it is in the early stages and only offers a new team specific wallpaper each day leading up to the NFL Draft. There is also the opportunity to pre-order the game as well as sign up for a newsletter that will be offering content down the line.

With the NCAA Football promotion expected to start heating up, its unlikely any big news on the upcoming Madden will be released prior to the draft. However there are likely to be additions to the website over the coming period.

It may be somewhat of an empty shell for now, but as far as I can think of you won’t find other websites for upcoming sports titles existing let alone having things to offer the fans 5-6 months in advance like NCAA Football and Madden do.

You can reach the Madden 08 website by clicking here.