How to improve Superstar mode in Madden

Posted March 29th, 2007 at 5:55 am

madden pic

I love the idea of the mode but certain aspects have made it tough for me to enjoy. So to make SS mode better next year:

  • Offer (at least) the option to play it with the default normal game camera while still being locked into your player.The position specific cameras are horrible, almost makes it unplayable for me overall and actually does make it unplayable for certain positions such as CB and only a few are even tolerable. The frustration with the cameras was overwhelming, and it forced me to quit playing the mode altogther. So take the two years of SS/Race for the Heisman modes and mix whats good about them together. Locking you into your player (SS mode) but being able to play with the normal game camera (Race for the Heisman).
  • Allow for controls to be customizable. Being stuck with the ball cover as the RB and stiff arm as Y is no good as a running back
  • Offer the option to completely skip the other side of the team’s turn on the field. I like the FF of CPU control but I still get bored waiting around. Let me skip right back to being on the field with a short recap of what happened that I didnt see (for example if Im on defense I would see “8 play TD drive” or “3 and out” for what the offense did or even offer a graphical “drive chart”).This isnt my job, Im not getting paid while I wait on the sidelines. I just want to play the game.
  • Get rid of the whole influence/up points at the start of every drive. I hate going through those screens on EVERY drive. Maybe once a half is OK or something, but having to go through that so many times is annoying to say the least.
  • The simulation side of the gameplay has to improve. Seeing a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady throw an interception on every other drive and having no ability to do anything about it is frustrating.

There are more things that I think could be improved but those are the ones which really bother me off the top of my head and would be important to get done. There is a ton of potential to the mode, which is why it was such a disappointment for me in 07.