Top excuses for a Madden loss

Posted March 29th, 2007 at 5:28 am

Many hardcore Madden players are legends in their own minds. They have never really lost a game. They may not have won certain games, but if things happened like they should’ve they would certainly have.

Here are the top reasons I’ve seen that people justify their losses with.

8 ) “That team sucks, I’m never playing with them again”

Pick a lowly team against one that is better and you set yourself up to be a hero if you win, but you take the risk out of losing because you can always pull out this line. Its like picking the Arizona Cardinals as your sleeper team because everyone else is labeling them as such. If you’re right you can brag about it, if you’re wrong no one will notice because so many people were wrong. No risk involved.

7) “I wasn’t really trying”

This offers an easy way for someone to let themselves off the hook for a loss. By stating they weren’t really trying, they’re dismissing that the other player actually beat them. Nice try, but it just makes you look like you scrambled for this easy and tired excuse.

6) “I was rusty”

Pretty often the excuse that the person hadn’t played a game in x amount of days or that their opponent had been playing more than them over a certain time period will come up. This may be the case (and a legit factor) but if you aren’t ready to live up to a loss then you shouldn’t have played a game that you felt mattered enough to explain why the outcome went the other way.

5) “I was distracted”

The trusty “my girlfriend/kids/phone interrupted me” line. Many people are pretty superstitious when it comes to gaming. They feel if something out of the ordinary happens it throws them off for the rest of the game. Of course you don’t hear about it when they win.

4) “He’s a bum”

This one puzzles me. A person will lose, and then go on to insult the person who beat them, making them out to be inferior. Great job lowering the level of your competition, now you just got beat by someone who supposedly isn’t in your league and you look like an ass.

3) “Bad luck” aka “CPU was against me”

I think everyone has come across the games where nothing goes your way. Its hard to ignore that feeling. However if you make it a habit to point out after every loss how you would have one if “this didn’t happen” then you’re ignoring the bad breaks that went against your opponents which count just the same. You don’t see many people admitting that they win because the other person had bad luck.

2) “I was using a new playbook”

This is a variation on the “I wasn’t trying” excuse. The person can shield themselves from potential losses by using a new or unfamiliar playbook. There is nothing to lose in those games because that is the easy way to explain their downfall.

1) “I got cheesed”

Of course the phenomenon of whiners and complainers regarding cheese has taken over online gaming. Get over it already people. Go for it on 4th down or fake punt and you’re chastised. These things happen in real life and the same sense of risk/reward exists in the game. Don’t complain about someone going for it on 4th down in their own territory when you can stop them and have a huge advantage scoring. They only get upset because it worked for the other side. Unless its cheating, its a coaching call. Deal with it.